Ask a Non-Rider: Spur Straps, Part 1

Ask a Non-Rider: Spur Straps, Part 1

SARAH: At SmartPak, we have riders in every
department of the company. (SOUND EFFECTS) We also have a few non-riders in the mix,
and that makes things interesting. JARED: Don’t they hate this when it’s in their
mouth? KRISTINA: Ummm. Not really. SARAH: So we decided with this new video series
to see what happens when non-riders and horse products mix. EVAN: These are… …very pretty. MATT: They’re pretty. KRISTEN: Ahhh, it’s pretty. KENT: They’re so cute! TY: Kinda small. EVAN: Definitely a hot Christmas item this
year. BRAD: Ohhhh, little jeweled cat collars. KRISTEN: Does it connect…? No. BRAD: Because 83% of horse owners have cats. DINA: Straps, so you don’t lose your stirrups
or something like that? SARAH: Why would they come in pairs if they’re
cat collars? BRAD: Well because they have two cats! KENT: They feel light enough they should go
on the rider, but I guess they go on the horse, because I’ve been wrong about everything so
far. BRAD: I’m thinking that you’re not liking
that answer? SARAH: I like it. It’s just not right. KRISTEN: Is this somehow related to this part
of their face? EVAN: It’s to tie something on the bridle
with. BRAD: These darling little blingy things go
on the forelegs of a horse… KENT: Two and three year olds would love these, and they would find endless uses for them. BRAD: …to dress it up a little bit for those
special events… EVAN: I’ve tied one of these before. BRAD: …like New Year’s Eve. TY: Definitely not going around a horse’s
mouth. SARAH: These go on the rider.
EVAN: They go on the rider!? TY: On the rider? EVAN: I have no idea what these are then. MATT: No, it’s for humans? It’s not a choker? TY: No one’s going to wear this around their
neck. That seems weird. But where would they wear it? Too small for
a waist. KRISTEN: A very small belt. EVAN: Infant-sized Western bling belt. SARAH: Too small for your waist. MATT: This is, uh, not a bracelet. KRISTEN: It’s not a bracelet. BRAD: These special little blingy things go
on the wrists of the rider… EVAN: They keep your heels raised – no! Your
heels down. BRAD: …to dress up their outfit… KENT: Obviously there’s two, so I would assume
they go on an appendage. BRAD: …for special events like New Year’s
Eve. KENT: Do they hold up something? “Sort of.” That’s helpful. SARAH: It holds something on to your boots. MATT: The stirrups. KRISTEN: Holds…the stirrups on? SARAH: Strapping you into the stirrups would
be very dangerous. KRISTEN: No that would be bad. That would
be dangerous. EVAN: Do they have to do with your stirrups
or boots? MATT: Is it for your boots? KRISTEN: Holds their boot? BRAD: They could go around my boots or ankles… TY: I’m actually stumped on this one. BRAD: …to make it possible for a trainer
to see whether or not I am putting my feet in the right position. EVAN: They hold your boots to your pants. SARAH: Oh, I like that. That’s not what they’re
for. BRAD: Not what they’re for. SARAH: Is that a problem for you? KRISTEN: Holds the reins on their hands?
SARAH: Also pretty dangerous. BRAD: But I’m getting closer right? KRISTEN: Chin strap! Is it a chin strap!? EVAN: It keeps your pants in your boots? SARAH: The helmet has a chin strap…
KRISTEN: But this is not it? DINA: Not stirrup…um, spurs. Sorry, spur
straps. That’s what I meant to say. SARAH: This might be an item you’re familiar
with cowboys wearing. MATT: Cause I’m familiar with so many cowboys. TY: Oh, the little…channel thingy’s at the
end? I always thought they were just a fashion
statement. I didn’t really think they had a real meaning
for them. KENT: Spur straps, ah!
SARAH: They hold spurs on. KENT: Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha.
SARAH: So, not necessarily ‘up.’ KENT: So, ‘sort of’ was kinda close. BRAD: I mean, are these real amethysts in
here? SARAH: Amethysts are purple. KENT: Look at the little bedazzling. TY: They’re a little shiny. KRISTEN: I think it’s not over the top. I
like it. TY: I don’t know if I, personally, would wear
it. BRAD: I love the bling. TY: Not my type of bling. BRAD: Boy, I would feel very lucky if I had
spurs that were attached with spur attachers this pretty. SARAH: Spur straps.
BRAD: Spur straps. There you go. EVAN: They don’t make boots with spurs on
them anymore. SARAH: That used to be a thing?
EVAN: Back in the cowboy ages. SARAH: Built-in spurs?
EVAN: That’s how I always envisioned them (laughing) SARAH: No. That is not accurate. What do cowboys wear on their boots? MATT: Oh! The… spikes! (laughing) SARAH: Spurs.
MATT: Spurs! SARAH: These are spur straps. MATT: There’s nothing spiky about them. Oh, this holds them in! I thought they were spiking them with those
flowers. That’s pleasant!

10 thoughts on “Ask a Non-Rider: Spur Straps, Part 1

  1. Wonderful! I never thought of bling on spur straps, but then I never thought of glitter on the hooves either so…. I guess people will sparkle up anything they can these days.
    Of course if you don't have a proper leg you may not want to draw attention to that….

  2. That is so funny XD Some people were on the right track but then that one guy who kept guessing cat collars ๐Ÿ˜›

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