Ask the Vet – Can I ride with a quarter sheet on my horse?

Ask the Vet – Can I ride with a quarter sheet on my horse?

SARAH: Okay, this is
Christie from California. And she mentioned that
she rode in a quarter sheet for the first
time this winter today, and where she lives is
usually 40 to 50 degrees. She usually warms up
with it on and then takes it off, but she’s
wondering if she should keep it on for the
entire ride sometimes? And she did mention her
horse has a full body clip. DR LYDIA GRAY: Oh
that’s helpful. So, as you’re reading that,
the first thing I’m thinking is “I wish it was 40 to 50
degrees when I ride.” That would be a heat wave. The short answer is
no, or…no, I think. Maybe yes? SARAH: Should she keep
it on for the full ride? DR LYDIA GRAY: No. The answer is no. Ok. Because, if you think about
a quarter sheet as your, helpful in your warm up, and
your warm up is 10,15, maybe 20 minutes, and then when
the horse is warmed up, take the quarter
sheet off, work, do whatever, and then when
your horse is cooled down again and the temperature
has gone back to normal and the heart rate
and the breathing and all that, put the quarter sheet back on. So, the horse is clipped… SARAH: Yep. Full body clip. DR LYDIA GRAY: Probably
wearing a blanket. SARAH: You would hope. DR LYDIA GRAY: Yeah. And the other things
that I would want to know are where does this horse live? Is he in a stall or is he turned
out, and what kind of work she’s doing? So it matters if
you’re just walking or you’re doing a
really hard workout. But basically, I would
use my quarter sheet, I would stick with the
warm up philosophy. The quarter sheet helps
your horse get warm while you’re warming up. SARAH: And you can
kind of think of it the same way as people feel. Like if you get to the barn in
the morning, it’s really cold, you have a big jacket on,
you start mucking stalls… DR LYDIA GRAY:
That’s right, yep. SARAH: By that third stall,
you want that jacket gone. DR LYDIA GRAY: And
so does your horse. SARAH: And then as soon as
you’re done, pretty cold, you want it back. DR LYDIA GRAY: That’s right. SARAH: And so, while
you’re working, don’t need the extra layer. DR LYDIA GRAY: Yeah. SARAH: Cool. DR LYDIA GRAY: Yeah.

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  1. how do i care for my horses legs after a competition? how do i use poultice? how do i use ice boots and when should i?

  2. I am from Canada, we don’t ride when under -30C (-20F or so). But when it is below freezing and we are riding inside, with a horse that partially clipped, is it ok to wear a quarter sheet the whole ride?

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