Assistant Rides Her Horse to McDonalds Drive thru and gets it Taken

Assistant Rides Her Horse to McDonalds Drive thru and gets it Taken

– [Assistant] Family Fun for everyone. Boy me and my pet zebra,
Cupcake, sure are hungry. – [Engineer] Oh really? Where are you gonna go Assistant? – McDonald’s! – [Engineer] Oh you’re gonna go through the drive-thru at McDonald’s? – Yeah! – [Engineer] Okay. So here’s the Assistant,
she’s riding her zebra. – Yup, I love it! – [Engineer] There she is,
she’s riding her zebra. – Hello? – [McDonald’s Employee]
Welcome to McDonald’s! May I take your order? – Yeah, I would like hamburger and fries and some carrots. – [McDonald’s Employee] Carrots? Will do. See you around the corner! – [Engineer] Hey Assistant,
why did you order carrots? – For my zebra! – [Engineer] Oh good idea, alright. Let’s go and pick up your order. – [Assistant] Up. – [Engineer] Here goes the Assistant around the drive through. – Around the corner Here’s my lunch. Thank you! Here’s my lunch. – [Engineer] You got your
lunch and you got Cupcake’s. Alright. Hey we need to have you go eat ’em. Let’s go okay? – Okay, let’s go. – [Engineer] Alright, I’ll
follow you on your Zebra. – Okay! Boy it sure is windy. – [Engineer] It is windy out here. You and Cupcake are doing
a great job Assistant. – Thanks. – [Engineer] And wait a minute, you got, did you get carrots for Cupcake? – Yeah! – [Engineer] Oh, maybe
you should feed him some. – Okay, I’m gonna take my hat off. – [Engineer] Okay. – I’m gonna put it right here. – [Engineer] Okay. There’s your hat, you gotta feed Cupcake. You’re gonna feed him a carrot? – Yeah. – [Engineer] So Assistant,
are you feeding? You got another carrot for Cupcake right? – Right! – [Engineer] You know what, I
just put the hat on Cupcake. – Yeah.
– Isn’t that silly! (laughs) You dropped your carrot. Right down there it is. – You’re silly. – [Engineer] Wait a minute. Assistant, the wind blew the hat. Hurry go get it. Hurry! – [Assistant] Where is it? – [Engineer] Assistant, the hat! You gotta get the hat!
– Where is it? (evil laughing) – While the Assistant
was feeding this horse all these carrots I think
I’ll grab them for myself. (evil laughing) Gotta grab them all. These are gonna be so good. Perfect. Okay, I have them all. Now I gotta go. Let’s go horsey. Let’s go, yee-haw. Woo! We’ve got the food. (evil laughing) – Oh here’s my hat. – [Engineer] Oh Assistant,
you found your hat. Good job. – Now I better go back. – [Engineer] You gotta
get back to Cupcake. – Yeah so I can feed him his carrots. Cecilia stole my carrots and food. – [Engineer] Cecilia stole
your carrots and food? You better go get her Assistant. (evil laughing) – I’ve got your carrots. Come on horsey, come on. – [Engineer] Who’s gonna be faster, is it gonna be the zebra or the horsey? Oh boy, it’s a big race. – Me and my magic horse have got it. (evil laughing) – [Engineer] Assistant,
you’ll have to use your lasso! – Okay! (evil laughing) – Come on horsey! – [Engineer] She got it! Good job Assistant, you lassoed the food! – [Cecilia] No. – [Engineer] Good job, you got it! Now you can feed. – I can feed Cupcake. – [Engineer] You can feed Cupcake. – Here’s a carrot. – [Engineer] Oh, you know what Assistant? I think Cecilia really wanted a carrot. Don’t you? – Can I please have carrot?
– Here you go. – Why thank you Assistant. Look it matches my dress. That’s why I wanted it. – [Engineer] See Cecilia,
you shouldn’t have tried to take ’em all. You should have only asked for one. The Assistant would have
given you one, right? – Right. – [Engineer] Oh boy, live and learn. – Yeah. – [Engineer] Hey Assistant, we
gotta go find the hat again. It flew back off. Let’s turn around and go get it. Hurry. – Okay!
– Oh no! – [Engineer] Cecilia, will
you help us find the hat too? – Sure! – [Engineer] Let’s go,
let’s find that hat. – Okay! Oh there it is! – [Cecilia] I see it Assistant. – We gotta get it. – We gotta get it Come on. There it is Assistant. Grab it. – [Engineer] Grab that zebra. Oh good job. Alright, good job. Oh no, Cecilia’s hat! Where did it go? – [Cecilia] I can’t
have my, I need my hat. (yelling) I saw it, it’s over there. (Cecilia exclaims) – [Engineer] Oh no Cecilia
you fell, are you okay? – I’m all good. – [Engineer] Oh boy. Hey I’d really liked how
you guys helped each other out with your hats. – Me too. Hat five. – [Engineer] Hat five. (cheering) – [Engineer] It is much better
being friends than it is trying to take things from
people without asking. – I think so too. (laughing) – [Engineer] Good job. So next time you’re gonna ask and the Assistant will
always help her friends. Right Assistant? – Right. – Great. – Good job guys. Hey let’s go back to our ponies. – Let’s go.
– They might get away. (Cecilia cheering) – Okay everyone.
– Wanna ride together? – I don’t know, let’s ride side by side. – [Engineer] You’re gonna ride into the sunset together, right? – Ready, let’s go! (cheering) – [Engineer] There they go everybody. – [Assistant] Yee-Haw. – [Engineer] Thanks for
watching remember to subscribe! Hey Assistant why are you standing there? – [Assistant] I don’t know. I don’t know. (bright music) I don’t know – [Engineer] Now we know! – Hey people, do you
think we’re gonna have more fun on the Disney
Cruise or Castaway Cay. – That’s right. Right now we’re on the Disney Cruise. But today we are gonna go on Castaway Cay. – Tell them which was more fun okay? – Okay! While we’re on the ship
let’s play on the splash pad. – [Engineer] The splashpad! That looks a lot of fun. Let’s go! Okay everyone. Now we are at the splash pool
and here comes the Assistant! Whoa. Big splash. After working on the splash pad, the Assistant and I are
gonna ride this waterslide. They call it the Aqueduct. Are you ready to go down it
with the Assistant and I? Get ready! Cause here we go! Down the waterslide. This is gonna be so much fun. Let’s take a ride. (screaming) Whoa! – [Assistant] Hi, hi! – [Engineer] Assistant whoa! We’re getting really wet. – [Assistant] Show the cameras. – [Engineer] Whoa hill, there’s a hill! Oh look at that, we must
be done, we’re done. No more, no more, we’re done. – [Assistant] How come
they’re showing us skies? – [Engineer] Hi people down there. Hi people!
– Hi. – Hi ocean!
– Hi. – [Engineer] Assistant
should we try to stop? – Yeah.
– Should we get off? – Yeah.
– Should we get off? – Yeah.
– No we shouldn’t! We’re gonna keep going! Whoa. Oh boy it’s over. It was fun. The Assistant didn’t
just play in the water she also had special Jedi
training on the ship. That’s right. She went to Jedi School to
learn how to use a light saber and to fight evil Sith lords. Like this one right here. Okay Assistant here we go. – [Instructor] Touch the left shoulder. Now to the right. And duck. Stand and cut to the head. Well done young ones, well done. (audience applauding) – [Engineer] She also
went to a fun pirate party where she got to play
lot’s of fun pirate games. Oh look at the assistant,
she’s dressed like a pirate. She’s gotta shoot the
ball into the pirate ship. Whoa, good job Assistant. Wow that looks like a fun game. The Assistant likes to play basketball and it’s a little bit
like playing basketball. Oh, she just missed. This is the pirate night. So she did Jedi training and
she dressed up like a pirate. To do a pirate. What’s gonna be next? Let’s check it out. – Hey everybody let’s
have fun on Castaway Cay. – [Engineer] That’s right,
let’s have some fun. Hey Assistant why are you standing there? – I don’t know. – [Engineer] Now we know. (laughing) Alright let’s go. Now we’re gonna ride a
waterslide on Castaway Cay. Here we go. Whoa. Whoa. Where’s the Assistant at? We’ve got to find the Assistant. Where did she go? Assistant? Where are you? Assistant? Oh no water! (water gurgling) That was fun, but where is the Assistant? Hmm, she’s gotta be coming out soon. Doesn’t she? Whoa there she goes! Good job! Good job Assistant. – Thanks. – Alright. Next she’s gonna play
on a special jungle gym out in the middle of the
ocean on Castaway Cay. Let’s go. Another bridge. Where could they be? – I don’t know. – [Engineer] Hmm. They’ve got to be around here someplace. Do you have any idea? – Hmm, I don’t know. – [Engineer] You don’t know huh. – Nuh uh. – [Engineer] I think you’re gonna have to go across a rope bridge. What do you think? Okay here goes the Assistant. Trying to go across this ladder across some really deep water, right? – Well not deep, as high as right there. – [Engineer] It’s really deep. – Oh yeah it is. – [Engineer] So hopefully
she can make it across. Uh, Assistant. You made it up the first one. (laughing) You made it up the first one. Let’s try again okay? Now the Assistant’s gotta
go across this rope. Here we go. Let’s see if she can do it. Assistant you fell. – [Boy] I wanna try this. – [Engineer] Alright here’s the Assistant, she’s gotta go across this now. Alright. She’s got the first one. Oh no, she fell. – Film me. Flip me. – [Engineer] Alright Assistant. Here she goes! Where’d she go? – I’m right here. – [Engineer] Why are you on a big donut? Can you eat this donut? – No. – [Engineer] I see you. – It’s rubber. – [Engineer] Oh, it probably wouldn’t taste too good would it. Not even with chocolate. – Hey people at home. Which one do you think looked the best tell us in the comments and let us know. – [Engineer] Yeah was it the Castaway Cay, with the waterslide and all the fun stuff, or was it in the Disney Cruise. Let us know. And Assistant what does
it say above your head? – Subscribe here to
The Engineering Family! And I hoped you liked this video, just like the other ones. – [Engineer] That’s right,
remember to subscribe. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And check out TEF Kids, right? – Right! – [Engineer] Okay Assistant, let’s have us a little bit more fun okay? Hey that’s Dory. No, who’s that? – Dory. – Oh, that’s not Nemo? – No, Nemo’s over there. – [Engineer] Dory. Dory.
(splashing) She spit on me, Assistant. Assistant she spit on me. – I can’t move it. – [Engineer] Okay everyone, bye! – Bye! – [Engineer] Hey there everyone. Thanks for watching our video. Now make sure that you subscribe
to The Engineering Family so you can see lots of cool videos. In fact there’s another
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Patrol, Surprise Eggs, Frozen, Blade, Masha. There are so many videos to watch! Bye!

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