Hiking in Oslo: Hammeren to Ullevålseter

Hi, this is Jonas from OsloPro! In this video we’re gonna go hiking in the woods. I am now at Maridalen, which is a valley to the North of Oslo. And you can get here by taking bus number 51 to Hammeren. And, the bus stop and the parking lot Continue Reading

The Best Hike In Oahu Hawaii! The Ka’au Crater Hike (3 Waterfalls and a Ridge)

Welcome to Hawaii’s best Hike the Ka’au crater Hike. This hike Has it all! I am talking about 3 different waterfalls. One to take a dip in. Another that is excellent for taking pictures at. Then a third waterfall you literally hike on top of it. Then at the top Continue Reading

Tips and tricks for skiing while it is snowing | Sloperunner.com

Hi, this is Jan here from SlopeRunner.com Today I want to talk to you about some tips and tricks for skiing while it is snowing. We all love Bluebird days But let’s face it… that’s just not always the case. Sometimes it’s snowing. And, of course, without the snow we Continue Reading

Misty Progressions On Skis

This tutorial will get you comfortable with the Misty axis by breaking down the Barrel Roll into the Misty Progression. Begin by doing a side roll on flat ground. Start with your chest down, keeping your vision on the ground. Rock off one foot and roll sideways so your back Continue Reading

Трюки на роликах для начинающих – топ 5 стильных трюков

Almost Tricks should be stylish! That’s why we will start from easiest and most stylish trick – 540 Good thing about 540 – you don’t need to learn it. It’s enough to do it without skates. Pay attention to your bearings. They should spinning well to make it easier to Continue Reading

Pinypon’s Ski Lodge with ice skating rinks and ski slopes

(You can hear space sounds) (You can hear a siren) (You can hear space sounds) Robotoy: Hi boys and girls and welcome to TOYS on the go! Robotoy: If you like this video, don’t forget to give it the thumbs up and share it with all your friends Robotoy: Ah! Continue Reading