Backstroke Swimming Lessons : Backstroke Arm Movements: On-Deck Demonstration

Hi, I’m Olga and I’m Rotem. We’re former professional
swimmers and we’re here on behalf of Expert Village. Alright, so we’re going to show this
stroke outside the water, the pulling portion and then we’re going to go inside the water
and show you how it works in the water. So the first thing you do is you take your arm
out of the water so you come up. Okay, you bring your hand up to the shoulder line, make
sure it doesn’t go inside or outside, it stays in the shoulder line. It goes up close to
your ear and enters the water really close to you up on top and then you circle the hand
inside the water and bring it back close to your body. You can also see the same stroke,
but from a different position. So you take your hand out of the water with your thumb
up, you bring it up the head is steady, it doesn’t move, it doesn’t go back and it doesn’t
go forward. You bring the hand up close to your ear, rotate under the water and you bring
it back. The same thing on the side, okay one more time, bring your hand up straight
up close to your ear, rotate inside the water, finish the stroke, close to your body.

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