Backstroke workout #5 improve your swimming technique

Welcome back to our workout videos! As always, remember that you can download
the PDF version of this backstroke workout on the link in the description. This workout is 1950 meters or yards long. For warm up we will start with 5 x 50s Freestyle. Remember that this is warm up, so start slowly. Now let’s begin doing backstroke. We will do the same 5 x 50s at a controlled
pace backstroke. To improve our technique we will do a short
set that consists of Kick and Drills. First let’s do 5 x 50s Kick. Without a kick board. On our backs and with our arms up. Try to maintain a horizontal position the
whole way. Try to rest for short periods of about 20
to 30 seconds. Now Let’s do 10 x 25s backstroke drill. We will focus on two drills. The first is this. Do a normal backstroke stroke but pause when
the hand is straight up. Then touch your face and continue the stroke. Do this for the whole 25. This will force you to have more control on
your floating skills and to have a more relaxed recovery of the arms. The second drill will be sculling. This type of sculling will help you with the
last part of your pull in backstroke. Keep you head in place and kick constantly. Focus on pushing water backwards in order
to move forward. Alternate those two drills for the 10 x 25s. For the main set we will do a pyramid. Starting with 25, then 50 and so on until
you do 125. Then do another 125 and come back all the
way to 25. To make it more interesting, we will alternate
freestyle and backstroke. So you will start the 25 doing freestyle and
then continue with a 50 backstroke, and so on until you finish with the 25 backstroke. Try to do the shorter distances at a faster
pace and the 125 focusing on good technique. So to recap you will go fast at first then
a little slower and then you will gradually increase the speed to finish with a 25 fast
backstroke. To finish the workout let’s relax those
muscles by gradually reducing the blood flow. Do 4 x 50s easy. do The first two freestyle and the second
two your choice. Could be kick, backstroke, breaststroke, whatever
you wish. Remember that you can download the pdf of
this workout through the link in the description. And while you are there, check out our different
swim cap designs. We will announce the winners of last week’s
giveaway on the comment section of this video, as well as on our instagram and facebook pages! We will have another giveaway next week, so
make sure you are subscribed to this channel. Thanks for watching! See you next time! Swim fast!

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