BACKWARD CROSSOVERS – Figure Skating Tutorial

BACKWARD CROSSOVERS – Figure Skating Tutorial

hey guys welcome back to my channel
today we are going to master backwards crossovers hope you guys are ready for
this one for backwards crossovers our right arm is going to be slightly lower
back arms slightly higher bend and look backwards over the shoulders so we don’t
take up any other skaters make sure your arms perfectly trace the circle
be sure to relax and keep your eyes backwards do not look down at your feet
and always always backs we are going to be slightly leaning towards a circle our
weight is going to be on the inside leg just like our forward crossovers we can
warm up with this exercise when clockwise our left arm is going to be back and counterclockwise our right arm is going to be back keeping our arms and upper body nice and
stable work on the back swizzle pumps a great foundation for our crossovers our
knees are bent I’m leaning inside that circle and I am bending to push making
small Us to get around this note that my left arm is in front right
arm is in back because I am going counterclockwise now we are going clockwise our right arm in front left arm in back easy way to member I’m pumping with the right arm
so my right arm will be in front good job everyone now let’s step it up a notch we
are going to add a little step with our half with a pump we are going to combine
the first two exercises make sure your feet are side by side next to each other
before crossing remember to lift the leg high enough so it doesn’t fly with the
other foot and avoid stick with the legs in skating we like to be speedy so take some
time to focus on pushing we are going to push with the pump the back foot is
gonna push out onto each strong outside in no time you’ll be zooming down that
ice rink or the hockey rink with some powerful crossoves whoo-hoo now
practice makes perfect always remember to practice your weaker
side twice as much as you practice your stronger up side remember to keep those
arms steady it’s going to be really tempting to move the arms with the legs
but this will throw you off bounds and off of your circle this will come with
time but watch the timing of both legs often times if they’re not working
together you will click the blades also don’t lift your leg up too high because
you will possibly face it finally focus on nice stop thanks so much for watching guys
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for more skating tutorials you are the best and see you guys next time

9 thoughts on “BACKWARD CROSSOVERS – Figure Skating Tutorial

  1. Thanks so much! I was having trouble with my counter clockwise way and these little tricks helped!

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