BAD BITE! – K9 Attack

BAD BITE! – K9 Attack

– I’m Coyote Peterson,
and I’m about to enter the maul
zone with a canine. Ow, it hurts! (screaming in pain) (exotic music) What’s going on, guys? Today we are on location
in West Virginia, and I’m here with
J, from Makor K9. And we’re gonna do something
a little bit different today, aren’t we? – Yep. – Normally, I’m bitten
and stung by all sorts of wild animals, but
today, I’m going to be bitten by what? – A Malinois. A Belgian Malinois. – And this is like
something between a German Shepherd,
a wolf, a coyote, and maybe your worst nightmare
if you’re afraid of dogs. But Mya, who is the
dog that we’re gonna be working with today, is
actually really friendly, as long as they don’t have
on this specialized suit, which we use to
train her to what? Take down criminals? – Correct. She worked law enforcement
for four years, and now she’s kind of
a demo for our company. – So today I’m gonna be
part of her exercise. And I guess I’m gonna be
a product of the demo, to show exactly the
capabilities of this dog. – You’re gonna be the victim. This dog will not
break skin on you. You’re gonna be wearing
a Kevlar bite suit. – Okay.
– From Schweikert K9 out of Germany. – Yeah I see Joe has
it right over here. Why don’t we bring that,
that jacket in here? Man that is, that is durable. But I’m still gonna feel some
pressure inside there, right? Here I’m gonna try
this on real quick. – You will feel every
bit of the pressure from the bite of the dog, just no puncture.
– Oh yeah. That’s legit right there. Go ahead, put your
arm out there. – [Cameraman] Fancy, feel that? – I can feel that. – Oh, no.
– You’re don’t have a very strong grip.
– That’s my left hand. – Still, not very
strong as compared to what the bite force
of a dog is gonna be. (imitating growling) Now that’s even weaker, man. You gotta get to the gym.
(laughing) So J, when Mya hits me,
I’m gonna try to run. Is that okay? Is she just gonna like latch
onto me and pull me down? – Absolutely, absolutely.
– Now, what’s gonna prevent her from biting
my legs, or my fingers, or my face? She’s gonna go for my arm,
you’re pretty certain? – Mya’s trained
to go for the arm. She is what’s
called a sport dog, which means Mya’s not trained
to bite a human for real. She was strictly a drug dog. But she’s been trained in sport to go after the equipment,
so that’s what she’ll do. But now you have
a one to 2% chance she may grab the leg. – You know what
this reminds me of? When I wore the bee
beard, and Chris said, oh you might get
one or two stings, and then I got 32 stings. So in my mind, I’m hoping
that it’s just bite pressure, but I’m fully expecting
to maybe take a full on bite today. So I think I’m ready for this. And if I can pass
the jacket test, we’ve got one step up
in the world of bravery. And that’s just the sleeve.
(dramatic music) And this just kind of goes
on your arm, like this. And so if I work my way
up, I’m gonna take a bite just like that.
(growling) Now do I have to worry
about her pulling my arm out of the socket? – She’s not gonna pull your
arm out of socket, hopefully. – Okay, okay.
– But she will jerk on you a lot, and swing
you around a little bit. – Okay.
– So to be clear, tackling Coyote is
actually fun for her? – It is a game. Absolutely fun. It’s what she lives for. – And this is exercise. So she can do this
over and over again, all day long, just like a
dog playing ball pretty much. – Absolutely. – Only I’m gonna
be the ball today. – I like this dog already.
– Yeah, right? If you’re ready, let’s
get Mya out of her kennel, and get up close with
this incredible dog. (marching drums) – [Cameraman] All right, Coyote. I think it’s about that time. Gettin’ nervous? – A little bit. We’re getting Mya out
of her kennel right now. And you may be
thinking to yourself, she’s only 55 pounds. That’s not that big. Yeah, until it’s running
at you full speed, with an open mouth
full of teeth, getting ready to
latch onto your arm. I’m still thinking I’m
gonna get pretty far before she takes me down. And I guess what I’m
trying to determine now, is when she grabs me, is
she gonna actually take me down to the ground, or am I
gonna be able to take that hit like this, stumble and
have her latching onto me. So it’s gonna be really
interesting to see how this all goes down. (Velcro scraping) Okay.
– Good to go. – Oh man. So I wanna keep my, can
I hold onto the edge, or do I wanna keep my hand
just all the way inside? – [Jason] You can hold onto the
edge if you want, or inside. She’s gonna center here. So when you hear
her getting close, just try not to go that way. Because then you’re
gonna pull it where it cuts you there.
– Gotcha. This is what you have
to wear if you wanna get taken down by a K9. All right J, are we ready? – [Jason] I think we’re ready. You ready, Mario? (Mario speaking off microphone) And we’re rolling. (dog panting) – Hi Mya, hi Mya. Oh boy. This arm, this arm, Mya. Right here. This is the one that
you want, right here. Right there, that one. I’m Coyote Peterson,
and I’m about to enter the maul zone with a K9. You ready?
– Go for it. – One, two, I’m running
to the telephone pole. Three.
(dog whining) (Coyote groaning) You coming out here? (Coyote yelling) – [Cameraman] What
does it feel like? – Ow, it hurts! (painful yelling) Man she is a lot stronger
than you would think! Spinning me around in circles. I can see how this would
easily take down a criminal. (yelling) – [Cameraman] Tap out, tap out. (trainer giving
foreign commands) You all right, buddy? (groaning) – She started low on my arm. Moved her way up near my elbow. That hurt the worst. When you can feel the K9 teeth
actually hitting the bone. (groaning) J, you weren’t kiddin’, man. (trainer giving
foreign commands) Ow, ow, my butt! She bit me in the butt! It’s a bad bite! It’s a bad bite! Mya. Oh man. Well, I got this camera. I don’t know, do you
think I’m ready to move up to just the sleeve? – [Cameraman] I think
you’re ready to graduate. You look like you’re
handling it pretty well. I’m impressed. – All right, let’s
go to the sleeve. (Velcro scraping) Definitely feel my
arm is gonna swell up. You can see, there’s a little
blood coming out there. All these puncture marks. Definitely hurts. – [Cameraman] Take
a look at champ. You coming, (yells),
you coming out here? Ow, it hurts! (painful yelling) – That’s definitely intense. All right, I think
I’ve graduated past
the Kevlar jacket. Thank you, Joe. And now… I’m going to the sleeve. You guys ready for this? – Let’s go left arm.
– Left arm, okay. Beating up both
arms today, I guess. All right. First bite is actually
not the most painful. She bites, she lets
go, and then she goes for another bite,
and a better grip. Now, the Kevlar suit was
slightly loose on my skin. This is a little tighter. So I may feel slightly
more increased impact. – Try to bend your arm. Perfect. – Keep your arm
moving side to side. Try not to go up and down. Try to make it this way.
– Side to side. Okay.
– Now lift it down. – [ Jason] Regardless
of how trained she is, she’s still an animal.
– Yeah, I understand. – [Jason] Girl, here. All right, you ready for this? – Okay, I’m ready. Let’s do this. Mya right here. This arm right here. Come on! (yelling) – You feel it?
– Oh, yeah! I can definitely feel that. Oh man, she’s got a
good hold on the sleeve. You can feel all the pressure
(yells), of the teeth, going into my arm. Okay let’s bring her off! (heavy breathing)
– How was that? – That was about as
intense as it gets. Much scarier to have
the dog on your arm with no other
protective body cover. Honestly, the bite
did not feel as bad as the Kevlar jacket, but
I was way more nervous with my fingers being exposed. She got about to
here on my wrist, and that’s when I said
okay, call her off. I was afraid she slipped
a little bit further, I may lose a finger. Wow, that was
incredibly intense. I cannot believe that. Dude. Okay, I think I’m good. That was absolutely an
experience with an animal that I’m never gonna forget. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave, stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next location. Woo! I think you guys
need to try this. – I don’t know Mario,
what do you think? – [Mario] Are you next? – Rock, paper, scissors for it? – Yeah.
– Ready? One shoot, ready?
– Yeah. – One, two, three, shoot. One, two, three, shoot. Oh! Looks like you’re next, buddy. – Oh man, there she is. Dude, I’m actually
pretty nervous. – [Cameraman] Starting
to rain a little bit. I might get rained out. (dramatic music) All right, you ready? – Yeah. – All right Mario. – Are you ready? – Yep, let her go! Right here, Mya, right here! Oh my gosh! – Hold on! – Oh man! – [Coyote] Oh, you’re ripping! Oh, you did it buddy! – Woo! Oh, boy! – How’d that feel? Let me see your arm. – That hurt. Oh man, you can
feel the punctures. The pressure. – All right. So I wanna give her this? – When you do this, you
wanna kind of stretch out, and then bend it. – Okay. Stretch out, and bend it. All right, Mya. Right here, Mya. Oh boy, oh boy. (groaning) Got me on that one! All right, I’m good, I’m good. – Let her down some. Slip it. Unvelcro it. – Woo! Oh man, oh man!
– That hurt, right? – Ooh man, that send
shivers up your spine. – [Mario] That was
some pressure man. – Oh my goodness. – Oh yeah.
– Oh yeah, that’s gonna bruise.
– Oh yeah. She got me. – You gotta good bite. It’s a bad bite!
– That’s a bad bite! – It’s important to
remind everyone that while getting taken down by
Mya looked incredibly aggressive and violent,
this is all a part of her daily training routine. Behind the scenes, Mya and
I were the best of friends. And I can truly say that
I have an incredible love and respect for this
brilliant and beautiful animal. Makor K9 of West
Virginia, continues to set the standards that
others aspire toward in the field of K9
training, and related technical innovations. The love and care
of their animals, has brought them
international recognition. And the reputation is
widely coveted as having no equal in the
profession of K9 training. If you thought getting taken
down by a K9 was intense, make sure to go back
and see what happens when I get pounced
by a wild feline, the one and only ocelot. And don’t forget, subscribe. So you can join me and the
crew on our next location. These cats are lethal
once fully grown. (wild animals calling)

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