Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse Review | EpicReviewGuys in 4k CC

Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse Review | EpicReviewGuys in 4k CC

– Hi, we’re Epic Review Guys. – And it’s time for another
Santa’s Pick Saturday. (bells jingling) Today we’re gonna be trying out the Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride. (guitar music) ♫ Epic Review Guys ♫ – [Parris] The Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse promises to be a top
toy for Christmas 2015. Barbie, you set her up next to the horse, push a button, she actually
climbs on the horse, and the horse walks away. We’ve gotta see this. We paid about $45 for this. If you’d like to find out more about it, there’s a link to it
down below this video. You’ve always liked Barbies, haven’t you? – Yeah. – Long time, we’ve got a big
box of Barbies here somewhere, but I don’t think you’ve
ever had one with horses. – No. – Want to look over this? (coughs) And I’ll start unraveling this. Finally got the horse and the
Barbie out of the packaging. Something about this, the horse obviously stands up on his own and can walk. The Barbie, however, is made to fit on the horse, of course, to sit on the saddle so her legs don’t quite go in a way that
she can stand up on her own. So this is not a stand-alone Barbie. It even says that in the instructions. By the way, it also
says in the instructions you need four triple A batteries, right? – Yup. – Doesn’t say that on
the outside of the box that we could find so
kind of disappointing if you have this wrapped
up for Christmas morning and then you don’t have the
batteries, four triple A. Let me show you these up close. Here’s Barbie with her riding helmet and currently on her
hand she has the brush for brushing the tail,
and you can take that off of the hand and then this part that’s sticking out of her hand
here actually fits like a key into the horse’s neck so that she can climb up onto the horse. Also, to point out, she’s
wearing very nice riding boots. Here’s the horse. Do we know the horse’s name? Did they mention? – [Roxanna] Um, I don’t know. – [Parris] Maybe you get
to name the horse yourself. The mane here is plastic but the tail is just like Barbie hair, right? – [Roxanna] Yeah. – [Parris] So that’s
nice, you can brush that, and this horse will walk. It has the reins here you see
that Barbie can hold on to. On this side of the neck
is the place where that little device she’s
holding fits in like a key, and then on the other side,
there’s the button here to get her to climb up on the horse and start the horse walking. All right, Roxanna, you’ve
read through the instructions, how do we get Barbie to do her thing here? – First, you take the key arm. – Key arm, yes. – And stick it in that thing. – So this is right here on the neck. – Uh huh. – Okay. – Eh. (laughs) – We sorta skipped a step there. How do I…? – I think you can move
it out where it’s… Um. (laughs) (coughs) – Oh. – It’s the magic levitating Barbie. She’s strong to be able to do that with one arm and lift her
whole body up like that. – Yeah, I know, right? I got this. – Okay. – Stick her on the horse. – So she starts out on the horse, okay. Yes. – And then, push the button. – This button. Oh. I found “walk.” Come back. That’s pretty cool. – That is very cool. – Okay, “walk” is the head. Maybe that isn’t the button
to get her to climb up then. Maybe there are other buttons. – No, it… – Hey, look, this does something. – Oh, no, there’s a button on her back. – On her back? – Maybe? – The Barbie’s back? – I don’t know clue, bro. I think that’s it, you gotta pull it all the way so that it clicks. – Oh, like out here. This is spring-loaded
so we start Barbie here. She’s gonna go flying. Get your arm up girl
’cause you’re going flying. Woo hoo. (laughs) She did fly, but
she flew up onto the horse. Look at her, woo! (coughs) This is a more highly
evolved gymnastics Barbie. (laughs) Okay, really, that’s how you do it? – No. You gotta pull it. – Go flying again, girl. Oh, it clicks into place. – Yup. – Okay. Ugh, and it won’t come out now. – Well yeah, you’re spring-loaded. – Okay, so this is how it should start? – No. – Well how? – It starts sitting on the horse then you gotta pull her like this. – So you do have to start with
Barbie sitting on the horse. With the key plugged in, you pull it over, pull it down, it locks into place. Now it would appear, Barbie
is standing next to the horse. – Uh huh. – And then how do I disengage it or get her flying here? – You can push that or
it says you can push the “walk” button to make her, I think, then swing up and start walking. – Oh, I gotta see that, I gotta see that. Okay, so, we’ll start over here. Gonna push the “walk” button on the horse. (horse stomping) Pretty good. Gonna run over Mini Me. I like the way the horse walks. – Yeah, it’s really realistic. – That’s cooler than Barbie
flying up onto the horse, I think, the way the horse walks. When Barbie needs a break
from horse-back riding, you press and hold that button, and that’s supposed to release the key. Oh, maybe it’s this button. There we go, I’ve released the key. Now Barbie can get off the horse. Now, as I mentioned with this Barbie, the legs are set up to fit
over the saddle and the horse. Also, that you can’t bend the body. The head tips, and the arms move but you can’t do anything with the torso. I guess you can’t on
other Barbies, can you? No, you can, ’cause see the
legs don’t bend front and back. – Oh. – That’s what I’m thinking. So this is not like other Barbies, not really interchangeable,
though you could take your other Barbies, put them on the horse, and get the horse to
walk, which is kinda cool. They probably won’t fit real well because their legs are together like that so you’re gonna have a
hard time getting them to– They could sit side-saddle. – Oh, yeah. – The Barbie’s could be
side-saddle with the hand over here and then have the horse
so I bet that would work. One more time, let’s set it in motion. Here we go. (horse stomping) Nicely done. (horse stomping) – I really love how it walks. – I know that that’s really neat, what the horse does anyway. As for the whole thing with the Barbie and the horse combination, this whole set, what do you think? Yay or neigh? So, Christmas morning,
you find this as a present for yourself under the
tree, what would you think? – I think it would be pretty cool. – Okay, for parents, goes for around $45 but I think it’s well-built
and will last a while. If your kids like Barbies
I do think this would be a pretty good Christmas present. If you’d like to find out more about the Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse
I’ll have a link to it down below this video. We’ll be back next Saturday
with another episode of Santa’s Pick Saturday. You can keep checking back for that video or you can click that
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  1. I have one of these and I know how it works. It was very painful to see them try to figure out what to do. Excellent toy though.

  2. I wonder where they keep all these toys!? It must be hard to decide what they want for Christmas…they have most of everything.

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