100 thoughts on “BARCELONA SKATE LIFE

  1. this is so good Luis i really love your content it really inspires me to travel and just skate but idk if i can do that cause im still in high school

  2. Bruh that hoodie looks insane. With winter coming up I might have to get me one. Ill be my first clothing that I didn't get from Goodwill 😂

  3. hey awesome! I was hoping for more Europe skateboarding videos. And what a choice, Barcelona. That's perfect. I might move there next year so it's great seeing the skateboarding scene over there. Great video, Luis

  4. ya'll have came so far and the family has grown so much, i just wanna say that never stop in life keep on doing what you can and what make you going!
    you're never really alone

  5. finally at Spain yesss. Hope you enjoy bcn, but I think rn is one of the worst moments to go there, they are almost in a civil war 😥.

  6. hey bro, love this video. just thought id recommend some free music u could use. He's called zuez makes music and he makes low fi hip hop remix's of songs. and they are free so i thought id recommend 😉

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