Basic Hiking Tips & Techniques : How to Prepare for a Hiking Trip

Basic Hiking Tips & Techniques : How to Prepare for a Hiking Trip

Hi, now I’m going to talk about preparation
for your first hike. Let’s check out some of the things you’re going to need. You’re
going to need a good water bottle. I like to use these because they’re really sturdy
and they hold a lot of water. Also, you could just, you can really have any water bottle,
it doesn’t matter. You can get one at a grocery store. Another important thing to have is
a medical kit. This one’s a little big, you don’t have to have one quite so extensive.
All you really need is a few bandaids and maybe a little bit of bacitracin if you get
a cut. I like this cause it’s got a little manual in case something bad happens that
I don’t know how to treat. It will at least give me an idea of what I can do, like CPR
or anything like that. It’s also got some large bandages, some tongue depressors for
if I need to make a make shift splint, a few bandaids and mole skin, in case I get a blister.
Also, you want to have a, just a small survival kit, a simple one like this works great. You
can see, I’ve got some matches, a compass, just a head lamp in case I have to go out
in the dark, a whistle if I need to call for help, I also have a lighter. but I always
bring matches because if the lighter gets wet it might now work. I also have twine in
case I need to tie some sticks together or something to make a shelter. And the most
important part, is you need a backpack to carry it all in. I like this one, it works
pretty good for just short, few hour hikes. I like it cause the padding is real nice on
the shoulders, it’s comfortable to wear, it’s got this chest strap here to take some of
the weight off your shoulders and put a little more on your chest. But, lastly, you’re gonna
want to have a note. You want to leave a note with a family member or a friend, just someone
so they know where you are in case something goes wrong. Give them a time when you left
and a time when you’re coming back. You might also want a cell phone to bring. It might
not work but it could save your life.

25 thoughts on “Basic Hiking Tips & Techniques : How to Prepare for a Hiking Trip

  1. You should not put your survival kit in you back pack if you loose it down river or a bear gets it.Have it in a fanny pack then you have it all times never take it off cause even you go looking for fire wood you could get lost or night could come fast on you not find way back

  2. Cardio Polmunary resuscitation…. CPR: Few things: CPR IS NOT WHAT THEY SHOW ON BAYWATCH! I am certified in First Aid and CPR and it is completely different from what tv shows. So do not do it unless you know what you're doing or you might actually end up harming the victim. It is always a good thing to know, if u're in college they probably offer classes that teach you that. So go on and take it, it can only help in the future.

  3. You are very right in reference to the cell phone so individuals were just saved from Great falls, Maryland using a cell phone, if not for the cell phone, even though there were two of them they probably would be in some tough kinchy. So always bring a cell phone and possibly walkie talkies and keep it on the basic channel (1) so other hikers, if they are carrying one can hear your calls of desperation. "And Thats My Two (2) Cents "

  4. "Expert village" lol 😛 you keep matches in the same bag you keep your lighter because the lighter may not work when it gets wet :-P, and the matches will??? If you worry about these things, take a magnesium fire starter with you! there cheap and work when wet 😉

  5. Everyone needs to calm down with these vids. He isn't Les Stroud. He is giving some basic tips for non-hikers; not for experts.

  6. wow, noob village always suck

    well here is my list:

    contrary to what he is saying, you have to carry as little as possible because you dont want to be dragging a lot of weight uphill

    -water backpack and some bottles. you need at least 10L of water with you. some TP and first aid stuff. you should also wear a good pair of broken in Hiking boots <break them in prior to the hike or suffer excess blisters afterwards)

  7. @SoldierCyfix 10L of water? what do you carry it in? all i have is a cheapy little knock off camel pack that holds 1.5 and that thing runs dry on my quick and i never have enough bottles to carry more than one refil.

  8. @minipancho94 i use a hydropack, its a backpack with a sack of water inside. i also carry two 16oz bottles of water strapped to my waist.

    of course its going a bit overboard, but i usually hike in 80F-100F+ degree heat. and running low on water really means you have to turn tails

  9. what is he gonna strike them on? how can a cell phone save your life if it doesnt work?he doesnt need to hike outside of his back yard…

  10. @frizzzzzzal you so much d-ck? or kisses ass?…if you are going to insult someone,who is at least making an effort to pass and advance knowledge(or his experiences`)please learn to be gramatically acuarate,instead of showing yourself up!..

  11. @andysm1964 Ive got nothing against this guy. I actually think he did a very good video. But expertvillage does suck ass just as much as eHow… The only good thing about expertvillage is helps small "youtubers" get their videos to a larger audience.

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