Basic Rope Work With Horses // Versatile Horsemanship

Basic Rope Work With Horses // Versatile Horsemanship

no with our free we want to teach our verses to lead by a
foot okay so now at first a lot of them when they feel that growth on their foot
they want to turn away anywhere but and that’s going to be something that I have
you guys to do someday it’s okay take your ropes going past your kitchen
verses lead them in by the feet you know so should I go for it
you should put because I’m petite you would lean in perfectly because how good
you do the other day but you’re getting in the back and everything for you so
make sure if you’re follows me this is one of course that you know isn’t so too
but so that’s step one so I’m going to make sure to do all four feet even
though he’s fine with this I’m going to do all of them it’s just one more thing that you can
take her with you know people will say oh I don’t do anything with my horses on
Twitter because they don’t have a hamburger I can do this in this stall
you know and I guarantee that it will make it so they’re easier for the
farrier they’re easier for and you can just be doing something with there’s nothing a little bit of pressure because
when I got him you know he was pretty terrible with the speech so getting the
CNE always makes that sideways step Oh it and now this if needed Run For Your
Lives you know what to do right get the heck out of the way he’s been really
good with this but doesn’t yes Wendy stop it so this meat drink trim explodes and him
jerking it out my hand so on it’s the biggest thing that I really dive into
this stuff if my daughter is going to start doing things with him by herself
or this year I need to make sure that this pony is gonna tolerate everything
so I need to make sure that she can pick on the seat without getting their toes
broken my responsibility and he’ll be much
happier ponies you’ll be getting from all-time fruits thanks
and that time you picked it up again so Dewey into this yesterday to this
floor and this is a good spot to be too because lucky if you want to stick his
nose in beers but no matter I got ahold of his leg now here okay now bring it back this is where we
cover and here in America
there you relax I put it down now I want you to think if we’re going around if
you’re a trail random horse and they get their hind leg taught before tree branch
and they start doing that business surfing there’s like all right you gonna
feel safe so imagine yourself on him right now but imagine yourself on a
works and then getting stuck how would you feel do you feel safe who would you
feel like oh this could go really bad so I want to make sure is this Pony you get
stuck in something he is going to just stop and maybe turn around and look I would much rather do that okay then to
be struggling and panicking so I’m just training help them find the answers here
now when I was I don’t know late teens early 20s I was in that situation okay I
was on Coco who else you guys you know if you met them was the most amazing
horse pretty much I never lived with my eyes I was on a trail ride and as you
wish take Stephanie got his 9 foot pocket reach I thought I was going to
die okay luckily in his struggle and kicking it did come off thank goodness
but if it didn’t come off I dare to you I mean I was looking for a place to dive
off we were not in a good spot so we’re at a really narrow trail in the
la you let on there you see the concern on his face so I’m walking with it and time he like
everything so I’m not telling you guys to go home and
do this but I feel like this is something good that people should see
and understand why we’re doing these things okay yeah I needed to put it down these steps you know yes it didn’t take this month
there but that’s alright he’s been stuck in a solid neck he’s kind of over the
whole being away from his hurt her thing there I want to be able to pick up this
flight and hold it as long as I need to to trim him and I want everybody to be able to pick
up his feet in the state I mean I have like four or five your kids clean his
feet now that I’ve got the time to do this
stuff I feel like it’s extremely important it relaxes he gets it back there that’s
a lot better oh they’re really interested in so to
that for everything every single day yes so mentioned tomorrow to be better on
that site this is what I want so this what the threat two feet tall there’s a
little bit of side the front to be in this what to meet are dark so eat done
this with the other foot I will probably do that’s really nice big different take
like okay here’s how I get rid of this I resent the rodeo a few years ago there’s
wrangling on tonight I can hear this struggling woods and so first thing to
check out and there’s a guy up horse so he’s in the woods like yelling at horse
good his first had walked through they went there just total chair and he
walked through like this brush and there was a lynching link fence down Indian
and those burns and seconds and he got the horse got its shoe chocolate and so
the worst of Lent starts the ground in a blink panic sure a couple minutes but it
was roping horse and probably used to it I mean they do brokers do a lot of the
reversal blacks to make sure that they’re finding that if they should get
stuck so anyway the horse stood there and I went active we’re fighters money
in my glove box and I cut the horses around
but think how bad that could have been exactly so that could fit so I mean I
see these things happen all the time and I see horses that are not prepared I’ve
been unconscious that I felt unsafe on with Boko after that happened to me I
was like wait to do this without everybody you know somebody that can be
there with you to teach you how to do this but I want you to understand some
people don’t understand it and so this is you know and like even even days you
love it Mellie you don’t know days you know
she’s a little bitty that I kind of cheese about she didn’t her she’s a
stinker and that’s why I have her because the way that paraffin treatments
survivor and issues that not equal but why she is
she was talk to you that way but you should get a lotta shoes and there’s a
lot of good things about but that is true
so I want to know the tale of running on top very importantly soudanese the
little ear lawanda is underneath that’s important because you can immediately
release the pressure that’s why it’s like that okay so if there’s been a
little bit stingy in a bitch is that odd isn’t it strange so I’ve been working on this with him to
try to get him over that he’s fine with the front and you know my shoulders were
injured about six months and I can they do out man we need to hold our new boss
he just went around I could just apply pressure
yeah you know there’s a little there’s that little bobble strap that connects
front stitch through your cinch that is the most worst work piece of equipment
you have to ever tension runs out of the chute and it breaks and
that spear sensuous fact and I’m rubbing horses that numerous inches up
relatively tight because that persists you to pull down back in the saddle as
they’re broken so excited mom versus mother nature than they are up there so
it naturally will if you see how he was cooked I’m lucky right there so that’s
why I benefit so your system naturally to fall backwards if that comes on that
well that part started fucking at a full speed run and the latest data are
choosing amazing writer but anyway this is what I’m doing to
help prevent that kind of an issue for matter fact okay and there with kids
will like lay on him wrap their arms rubs neck maybe put their feet back a
little bit plank Wolfie please hold people up he’s
done that time to and just doesn’t like it so I need to give him possible the
same specimens so now day one when I get this he bucka
bucka bucka 20 bucks so I would say that is fantastic progress I’m going to speed
him up and he tried a little bug but it’s not I relief so picture Toba
picture toka ran around and she wants her brother feet on the back and he
squeezes his feet around here I am NOT pressure that he does not like
because that’s a sensitive area of course but and I respect that but we
need to be thankful working with them and I want you to understand this is not
going to hurt you you don’t need to worry about it
yeah what does he look stressed no he’s just like like that it’s gonna take
awhile to get over that now I’m going to move back a little bit they don’t like it when effect ceiling
five every to get lucky luck with the yesterday that’s really nice of us so I
would really think not mean is having having them back now yes this does touch
his sheep which is very sensitive area to hurt him it hops around here yeah that was nice
that was very nice the first day there’s a lot of money and there’s a lot of
stress he was just worried about it why why him
or why I love them – both of his life being worried about everything let’s
show them that it’s okay you don’t have anything to be worried about I did not you’re gonna do what because I
see there are many times that usually call monthly an entire therapy attire
hanging from a post and you can it to somebody would be dangling in the tire
and you may have run down in your horse and that person you drop out of the tire
on the back your horse okay in it that’s we difficult so there’s that and then
there’s one helping you pick up which somebody goes down and stand on a barrel
and little Forks NATO right now turn the
barrel and well the person jumps on the back of course and they finish the event
well he jumps on and on the way back they every a little faster Diego’s not
comfortable with having anything around slang and he swap so so the only horse
related concussions that any of my students have ended up with prevented
and recommend it so try to do it you know it just wasn’t safe when that’s a
spell and so she started leasing Diego long after her hurried back were both
Don Diego this is the Christmas party – yeah and I immediately have my girl it’s genuine concern is awesome I’m so
proud of him okay there use a champ today so hey you
know see is your day you know progress of him and just but he’s a fool whatever
but with beer I already vote aye on say Arriba ulcers with him because of his
such a great concern for Indiana versus leaving him and just he gets real
worried about stuff so my creating that worries them and teach them that you
don’t have a reason to be free then maybe I could help him you know little
more console likely because you know what already proved a halt or anything
like that okay so that’s okay any questions
okay Danny you’re gonna have fun follow your hands okay driving the most
dangerous thing you can do it worse imagine something breaks on your furnace
whatever ends up in an area that you don’t want it to be it because of how
the horses get harassed you do all this stuff with your driving or just before
you do any of that you got a lot better chance not even right
so one where they they not going with him that I’m going to do with you guys
here is a reportable undertail if I ever so in a car is just
a little loop that goes underneath their tail that holds the furnace in place I
do not know how he’s going to react to this you guys you ready to run for the
fence if you should need to okay some versus what they’ll do is they’ll
actually clamp their tail down and then it gets stuck and they will just tell if
I can run and front your wrench but this tail is nice and loose I’m going to
bring it up high okay bring it up this time that’s fantastic so yeah I think how
much trouble they’ve had I mean they just had to put some on earlier because
she was so big tail is loose as perfect so there is a friend of mine just found
me about an event called starting event and however one of the people that
started cold they couldn’t get the parcel boom you know because of course
they don’t understand the pressure to go forward I think that so the cowboy just
takes its rope it runs it up underneath the horse’s tail and the horse just you
know that’s care who scooted up but he got first to go forward which is what he
heated it maybe wasn’t a good example for others just because you know what
you know it’s not a safe thing to do but he was capable so it was different but
that’s how he got his first to go so interesting okay
any questions no he you’re doing lucky was awesome he was great with all his
back feet he was a little bit of time with one foot he kind of kind of kicked
quite a bit I’m never concerned about how that was I’ll probably do them again
I’ll revisit it but I’m not going to do it every day like I am with Barrett so
when I got zero bucks 0 KX 0 anything then I consider that done and then I may
be revisited later ok no questions and he’s not very offended so that’s
good if anything he’s in a better frame of mind

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  1. I love your videos!! It is so cool how you do all of that! I want a lesson with you but I live in Canada. Where are you located?? Can you do a video on the Important that to caution with mini’s or something else about mini’s?? Love this!!

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