Basu eAlarm+ Alternative to Bear Spray While Hiking Product Review

Basu eAlarm+ Alternative to Bear Spray While Hiking Product Review

hey are you looking for a non-lethal sound deterrent when going out into the woods to scare away the critters? well I think I got something called the ROBOCOPP that might fit the bill let’s go check it out So you are probably like me that started out hiking in the backwoods at a later age so you still probably got some of the heebie-jeebies sometimes we go in the woods and you probably want to carry something with you to help scare away the critters now the list of animals that I need to worry about is pretty limited it really is coyote, black bear, deer and it’s endangered but the mainland moose out here nova scotia so there are some other non-lethal deterrent to look at so i got a couple behind me here let’s take a look at them so the first thing that I bought when i started hiking and said I needed something else is bear spray now this is a little bit more expensive you need to really carry it in a holster I see a lot of people who do have the bear spray have it on their backpack or attached to the webbing in the back and also you can’t really travel with it if you’ve been looking at my videos I travel between Canada and the US can’t really across this across the borders another option I can’t remember where i read it or it was told to me but one recommendation is to get an air horn it does make a sound above 130 decibels the the general theory behind bringing an air horn is that animals who are not habituated to human contact when they hear a sound that they’re not used to they can scatter so that’s kind the theory behind this but you can see the horn portion kinda broke off so it’s not very durable. let’s take a look at another option which is something you probably already have in your hiking essentials the other option which you probably have with you is a safety whistle this is the fox40 whistle cheap find it almost everywhere when I first heard about the ROBOCOPP sound grenade and they sent me one to check out their latest iteration got me kind of curious as to what could a good alternative to the whistle let’s take a quick look at the specs it measures three point four inches by 1.2 x0.5 it is TSA approved weighs less than 20 grams it has a nice sticky rubber texture on it and it can go for 30 minutes of continuous usage. let’s pull the pin so what I like about the SOUND GRENADE+ it’s loud compact has these clips that you can be a little creative how you want to clip it to your backpack or belt loop or do what I do which is to add a little bit of string to the pin so that you can easily grab onto it and pull on it secure your campsite you can do tripwires you can you know put a tent stake here in a string and you know secure your tentr or your gear now what happens if you do end up using the device and wear out the battery they do offer replacement program details are in the description of the video but basically just need to send it to them and they’ll send you a replacement one if you are concerned about the life of the device bear in mind that those 1632 batteries do have a rather long shelf-life up to between five and ten years so if you end up not using it obviously test it out before you go out on a hiking trip but really the only negative that I have to give to the SOUND GRENADE+ is the size of the clips especially on the body it really can only accommodate the small carabiner clips which may not fit your inventory or or you’re clipping preferences but that’s just a minor thing the other thing too is although the pin really is a pretty hard to pull out i’ve had the situation once where I had this clip on by the pin to my shoulder strap in my backpack and had it leaned against the upholstery my car on my backpack so as I drag my backpack cross the trunk it kind of created that friction and in and pull the pin out that was the only time i was able to get the pin to accidentally pull out but during regular users are hiking running especially when I was hanging it by the pin in it was holding a very securely so let me know what you think down the comments about this device make sure you check them out at ROBOCOPP.COM and we’ll see you guys next time

7 thoughts on “Basu eAlarm+ Alternative to Bear Spray While Hiking Product Review

  1. Interesting device. I wasn't very interested in it previously but your presentation has started me thinking about it again. I wish I had my pepper spray from patrol days.. it had 10% capsicum and was very directional with good distance. Thanks Jim

  2. I was really hoping you would test that against a real bear in the forest. Someone needs to invent a robo-human. A life sized blow up doll that inflates instantly from a Co2 cartridge. An animal approaches, you pull the plug and throw the doll down and run.

  3. Looks like a handy little device. We have regular bear sightings down at our camp just outside of Caledonia in Queens County and my wife asked for some repellent for Christmas, so maybe this is the answer. I'm not keen on having a cannister of spray around. Thanks for the helpful review.

  4. Hello, I found the horn of the air Asser handy, but I did not find it in the Amazon shop.. Do you have the link in question to communicate to me if you dedicate it?
    Thank you for answering me.

  5. Very good video. Very good presentation. Cool gadgets. Where can I buy de grenade sound thing? Thank you so much for sharing this video. God bless you.

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