Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.108 Dongwan and Junjin’s trip to Jeju Island! [ENG/THA/2018.09.30]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.108 Dongwan and Junjin’s trip to Jeju Island! [ENG/THA/2018.09.30]

(Numerous great tips on trips) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) (Lee Hwijae, special host, Dayoung of WJSN) – Gosh, that’s… / – Travel is war. Battle Trip! – Wait. / – Are you pretending… – To be close like that? / – Pretending to be close. Today’s special host is… – Dayoung of WJSN. / – Welcome. Dayoung. How old are you? I turned 20 this year. Congratulations. So, I want to learn a lot with this show today. You’re such a smooth talker. I’m glad you’re here today. People say Battle Trip is good for beginners. To be honest, I’ve never been on a trip since elementary school. I was a trainee for a long time, so I didn’t even go on school trips… – Or school retreats. / – Oh, no. So I really want to go on a trip. – It’s my dream. / – Where do you want to go? I actually wrote them down. – It’s full of your notes. / – That’s a lot. I want to go to… – Singapore, Boracay. / – Singapore and Boracay? Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia and Laos. Laos? I see. – Mainly vacation spots. / – Hey, go away. You will go to all of those places. I hope she will go there soon. Let’s find out today’s theme then. (Plans for domestic trips in the second half of 2018?) Plans for domestic trips in the second half of 2018. I bet everyone has plans to go. (Most preferred travel destination in the country) What is the most preferred place? Gyeongsang-do? – Gangwon-do. / – That’s 3rd. – The 1st place is… / – It’s Jeju-do. With 37%. That’s a lot. – Everyone wants to go there. / – It’s our treasure. It’s beautiful. The 2018 newest edition of Jeju-do. – The newest edition? / – Even travel guides… – Yes. / – There’s a newest edition every year. – We can’t use the old one. / – Actually… It’s important to have the newest edition for Jeju-do. – It keeps changing. / – It just changes… – Every day. / – She’s right. In fact, I wondered why Dayoung was here. – It turns out… / – Dayoung is here because… That’s right. I’m the daughter of Jeju-do. I used to live in Jeju-do, and I was born… – On Chujado near Jeju-do. / – You were? – Really? / – Yes. That’s right. I can’t believe this. To be honest, a lot of people know Jeju-do, but many don’t know about Chujado. I’ve heard of it before. It’s a good place for fishing. It’s a beautiful island. When did you go to Jeju-do? When was your latest visit? I went there on Chuseok last year. You didn’t go there in 2018, right? – That’s right. / – Then this episode would help. So I actually miss Jeju-do a lot now. So I want to ease the homesickness here today. – That sounds nice. / – Alright. The 2018 newest edition of Jeju-do. I wonder who went to where. Here are today’s trip planners. (Who are today’s trip planners?) (JR and Baekho of NU’EST W) We’re going to win. (Jun Jin and Kim Dongwan of SHINHWA) Both teams are so cool. Idol artists don’t seem to get old. You know how people say like husband, like wife. They’ve been together for 20 years already. Did you have the same travel style? In fact, Jun Jin likes to have a slow and relaxing trip. – But I… / – I want to enjoy trips at leisure. But Dongwan… – Likes to travel to many places. / – He moves around. – I want to visit popular places. / – I know. Whether I’m popular or not. When JR was here as a special host, he said he wanted to go on a trip with Baekho. That’s right. Who do you want to go on a trip with? – Baekho. / – Baekho? He has a big build. I feel like he can protect me. Wait… Are you from Jeju-do? – Yes, I’m from Jeju-do. / – Really? – We’ve won this. / – We’re going to win. – He’s from Jeju-do. / – I’m from… Aewol in Jeju-do. The locals visit places that only the locals know. The important thing is Baekho is nicknamed Aewol Prince. – AP? / – Yes, he’s AP. He’s the Aewol Prince. A lot of people like to travel to Jeju-do. I often recommend good places to people. – So… / – When you recommend them… Do they actually like the places? – I think so. / – That’s it then. – Baekho. / – Yes. How long did you live there? – I lived there until junior high. / – I see. When was your latest visit? I go there very often. I guess it’s about once a month. – That’s powerful. / – And he has his family there. We’re very confident about this trip. They have an amazing team name. – Yes. / – What is it? – Our team name is… / – Yes. Baekho Tour. Unless it’s called Blue Dragon Tour, you have no chance. What a dad joke. You’ll find it funny later. – He’s right. / – He put his name on the tour. It means he’s pretty confident about the tour plan. What’s the name of your team? – Us? / – It’s named after our names. – 1, 2, 3. Wan Jun Tour. / – 1, 2, 3. Wan Jun Tour. Wan Jun Tour. I wonder how it’d go. – I’m not sure. / – He’s already worried. Would you tell us a bit about it? What did you do? As we’re in our 30s… – Pardon? / – What? We’re in our 30s. – He’s 38 and I’m 39. / – That’s right, I’m 38. Because we find resting important, we planned it to be a relaxing tour. – Relaxing is important. / – But… – How sad. / – Of course we wouldn’t… – Just relax. / – Of course not. It’s Jun Jin. Although not as much as when we were in our primes, we did a lot of physical activities. – Good job. / – We were quite active. – We were. / – Were you? What about our team? Did you get active? – Yes. / – Or was it rather peaceful? We did some physical activities too. We ended up being totally worn out. He’s right. – You’ll see how it happened. / – Right. You were totally worn out on a trip? – Because it was so fun. / – It was so fun. Both teams went to Jeju-do. I wonder how different their trips are. On episode 2, Lee Jaehoon folded the map vertically. – I remember that. / – But… – We folded the map horizontally. / – Horizontally? We went to the upper part. – You went north. / – And we went to Seogwipo. – Wan Jun Tour in Seogwipo. / – You went south. Isn’t it advantageous to us? There’s more nature in Seogwipo. – He’s right. / – That’s not necessarily true. To be honest, when you think of traveling in Jeju-do, you think of Seogwipo. – That’s how it is. / – Well done. Seogwipo is a classic place to travel. – It’s classic like SHINHWA. / – Exactly. Jeju City has just begun to develop for tourists. It has just started. – Yet, it’s greatly popular. / – It is. – You’re right. / – Just like he said… If you want a classic trip, you should go to Seogwipo. In other words, it’s typical. Exactly. Classic means typical. Everyone knows about it. – It’s safe. / – Just like us… Jeju City is trendy these days. By the way… There are a lot of trendy places in Seogwipo. – He’s right. There are many. / – You’ll be surprised. I heard even mandarins are sweeter in Seogwipo. They’re sweeter. – Mandarins? / – Seogwipo is warmer. So mandarins are sweeter. Sweeter because it’s warmer. Mandarins from Jeju City taste more refreshing. Refreshing mandarins from Jeju City… – Are perfect for making juice. / – More refreshing. – They use mandarins from Jeju City. / – I see. So refreshing mandarins are good, but sweet mandarins that make you fat are bad. (He’s so funny) What’s important is what the audience thinks. Please make a fair decision. You can vote for both teams. – You can vote for both teams. / – Nice to meet you. (100 judges in the audience) Is it going to be a fair match today? Dayoung, which one should we check out first? Wouldn’t it be better to check out… – SHINHWA’s tour first? / – We’re fine. We should show respect to the elderly. – You don’t have to. / – Alright then. – Let’s check out their one first. / – We’re okay. – We can start with yours first. / – You can start first. You guys look so old. – Then… / – Let’s start with Seogwipo. Let’s check out Wan Jun Tour in Seogwipo. (Their trip in Seogwipo starts now) (Jeju-do is beautiful all year round) It’s so beautiful. It looks really nice. – Isn’t that Jusangjeolli? / – It’s so pretty. (Seogwipo has especially beautiful nature in Jeju-do) (There are so many places to visit and things to eat) (New Seogwipo tour 2018) (They’re here) – When is that from? / – This is so funny. That’s 10 years ago, isn’t it? – It’s 20 years ago. / – Was it 20 years ago? (They’re here) (Dongwan and Jun Jin’s Seogwipo tour) (They’re always enthusiastic) (They never get tired) – Good job. / – It’s hot. It looks so fun. You did quite a lot of physical activities. – Hey, this course rocks. / – It’s cool. Yeah! They don’t look old. It’s great. (He’s so cute) He looks like Super Mario. Dongwan will probably go somewhere typical. You and I are very different. It’ll be luxurious and fun. I can’t believe I’m seeing this in Jeju-do. (How to relax properly in Seogwipo) – That’s it. / – Something is different. (The food on Relax Day is on a totally different level) – This is amazing. / – It looks so delicious. – It was really good. / – It really was. You ate that in Jeju-do? – It’s boiled chicken. / – Boiled chicken. I don’t usually like boiled chicken but this was great. – Looks so good. / – It’s seafood instant noodles. (Wan Jun Tour, Relax Day) They never get old. (They’re like a married couple of 20 years) (It’s a story of their 20-year-old friendship) (Their eyes are wide open) What is that? That’s a new technique. (It’s a story of their 20-year-old friendship) Can I change my partner? 3, 4. (SHINHWA’s trip to Seogwipo) That’s fascinating. (Day one, Jeju International Airport) This looks fun. I can do this too! Look! Look at me. (A 40-year-old man is excited to be in Jeju-do) I knew you would do this. It rolls so well. (Excited) – He’s adorable, isn’t he? / – That was so much fun. It does look fun. Wait a second. – It’s not raining. / – The weather is nice. No, it’s not raining. – I like this kind of weather. / – Jeju-do is windy. It was very windy. You prepared something, right? – Yes. / – I also prepared something. I’m not telling you on purpose. What did you prepare? I planned Play Day. I planned Relax Day. Play Day? – Playing and resting. / – It’s Jeju dialect. – I see. / – It’s Jeju dialect. – Is it Jeju dialect? / – It means “while.” So, it’s “while playing” and “while relaxing.” You and I are very different so… Let’s have Play Day today. Tomorrow is going to be way more luxurious and fun than you think. You shouldn’t spend too much money. It’s not about spending a lot but about having fun. – I see. / – Traveling has to be fun. – You’re too into this. / – Why? Isn’t this perfect outfit for this trip? What about you? We haven’t been on a trip for a long time. They both look so young. Yes. We try hard to look young these days. These days, I… Could you listen to me? I’m talking. – I’m so hungry. / – Are you listening to me? – I’m dying of hunger now. / – Jin, are you listening? – I’m so hungry. / – There’s this nice place… That has great food. But it takes about… – 1 hour and 10 minutes to get there. / – Really? – They open at 11 a.m. / – Seogwipo is far from Jeju City. It is. Let’s hurry. Let’s go. – 1, 2. / – Jeju-do is big. – Look at them. / – What a smooth start. I can do it better. They look like Superman. Your age is 80 in total. (Seogwipo) (Wan Jun Tour, Play Day) (A popular breakfast place on social media) – Alright. / – Let’s go! – Did you rent a car? / – Yes. – Good. / – Let’s go. (What’s wrong with him?) (He tries to connect it with the car to play music) What’s wrong with this? (Failed) You’re still bad with electronics. That’s not true. You try it. I can fix it in a second but I can’t because I’m driving. Goodness. This is nice though. (The conversation ends with a warm comment) Apart from the show, this is the first time we’re on a trip just the two of us. This video footage is going to last forever. We can even watch this sometime in the future. – You still haven’t connected it? / – Well, I’m just… Then you do it. Why do I have to do it? It’s your phone. My gosh. Jun Jin didn’t know how to connect it with Bluetooth. – Dongwan is good with electronics. / – Yes. He’s good with electronics but he’s also good at breaking them. I can connect it with my phone in an instant. Look. I can connect it with my phone right away. You think you’re MacGyver. – Look. / – I can do it too. System. Why doesn’t it work? Even I couldn’t connect it. (“The Things I Always Want” by SHINHWA) That’s a song from our first album. We couldn’t connect it with Bluetooth. – You just played it on the phone? / – Yes. This song calms you. I used to like this music video so much. (20 years ago, they met each other) Time really flies. (The two have been together for half of their lives) (His eyes make their hearts pound) Jin, you used to be a good singer too. (Jin, you used to be a good singer too) – This is Minwoo. / – Is it? It’s Minwoo’s voice, not mine. (Embarrassed) This is hilarious. (They calm down and get lost in the memories) (Lost in memories, they drive to their first itinerary) (1 hour by car to the restaurant) Is this the place? This is a breakfast restaurant that opens at 11 a.m. It’s new. It’s so fancy and they have pretty looking dishes. They’re delicious too. (It’s trending in Seogwipo) – The presentation is so pretty. / – I agree. I bet it’s popular on social media. That’s true. Dayoung, you’ve never seen that, right? – I didn’t know such a place existed. / – It’s trending. – That place looks awesome. / – My gosh. You can’t make a reservation. – You have to wait in line. / – It’s a must? Even though it rained, a lot of people still waited. There are three breakfast dishes. We’ll try all of them. We can eat all of them. Shrimp marinated in soy sauce on rice. – Radish water kimchi with meat. / – Abalone fried rice. There are three dishes? – Yes. / – I see. – I like places like that. / – I’m telling you. – All three of them were good. / – They were delicious. (Here’s another hungry guy) Our food is here. Here it is. (The sight of the food is enough to impress them) (They have no choice but to take photos) All of these dishes look so pretty. I didn’t know such restaurants opened up in Jeju-do. There are a lot of young restaurant owners nowadays. (A trending restaurant in Jeju-do) Every dish was delicious but especially the marinated shrimp on rice… And I don’t like shrimp marinated in soy sauce. – But it was so good. / – That’s it. – Yes. / – Look at the yolk. The shrimp was marinated in soy sauce but they weren’t mushy at all. It was firm. – Gosh, it looks so pretty. / – I want to eat that again. – Look at this. / – We should pop the yolk. – Hey, don’t mix it. Don’t mix it. / – Why not? Mix it little by little. – Mix it just a little first. / – We’re supposed to mix. – Gosh, come on. / – Okay, okay. – I hate it when people mix it. / – I don’t mix mine. – Some people do though. / – I have to mix it as I eat. – Some mix everything all at once. / – Why do that? Some people mix all the rice in the curry at once. – That looks good. / – Some people mix it a bit by bit. (First, pop the yolk) (Mix the yolk with rice and sauce) (Tasting) – Hold on. / – What? – Let’s eat it together. / – Sure. We’re here in Jeju-do for the first time together. First spoonful. – Enjoy it. / – Okay. 1, 2, 3. (They have their first spoonful at last) – My goodness. / – We ate a lot for our first meal. It was so good. – What is it? / – This tastes different. It’s different from other restaurants. The soy sauce… – It’s not fishy. / – The shrimp isn’t fishy at all. I didn’t like shrimp in soy sauce since I don’t like the soft texture. But this shrimp in soy sauce is chewy. (As soon as they bite into the shrimp) (They can feel the delicious chewy texture) This is similar to sprinkled seasoning… On top of the rice. All these ingredients complement each other. Since the shrimp is marinated in soy sauce, they hold together the flavors. The shrimp makes the dish more appetizing. – That really looks delicious. / – Gosh, look at that. Since it has the yolk and shrimp, you think kids might not like it but kids will like it. – The kids will like this dish. / – Yes, they’ll like this. I’m having abalone for breakfast. Unbelievable. (Next up is the abalone fried rice) – Is that abalone? / – That was great too. – The abalone in the dish… / – Seriously? – The sauce in the dish… / – The cream sauce. – Made it into a Western dish. / – That was like… A carbonara sauce. – It wasn’t too rich. / – It’s a fusion dish. The combination of fried rice and cream sauce is definitely unique. (He smiles as soon as he has a bite) – This is so good. Here’s a tip. / – Is it good? I don’t like cream sauce since it’s too rich. What on earth do you like? You hate everything. You don’t like anything. (He scoops up a big spoonful of the abalone) – It must taste like risotto. / – That’s right. (He puts it in his mouth right away) – It’s not too rich, is it? / – It’s not. They used the right amount of oil here. And as for the sauce, they used butter and cream sauce, but it feels like the sauce holds the dish together. It might look a bit rich but it’s not when you have a bite. (It might seem too rich but it tastes light) I’ve had a lot of abalone in my lifetime, but how can abalone be as tender as this? They were the softest abalone I had in my life. Wait, did you only eat frozen ones before? Even when I had wild abalone, it wasn’t as tender. I want to go back again. (When the abalone is grilled in butter, it gets savory) They are tender and chewy. – They didn’t grill it for too long. / – Right. – Overcooked abalone is tough. / – Exactly. It’s firm and delicious. Gosh, the radish water kimchi noodles. – Wrap noodles with the meat. / – Right. Hold on. (Put a piece of Jeju Black pork on top of the noodles) – What is that now? / – Radish water kimchi noodles. – Radish water kimchi noodles. / – Jeju Black pork. – That pork was amazing. / – Okay. – Is that Black pork? / – Yes, it is. We don’t know how… – That combination tastes. / – It’s Black pork. That’s the best radish water kimchi noodles I’ve had in my life. – Come on. / – What have you done with your life? I just worked hard. He just worked hard. (A big mouthful) – Is it good? / – It’s good. Try it. The pork is really tender. It’s good. I like them eaten separately. – It was really good. / – Let’s be honest. (The pork is too chewy to be eaten with the noodles) I want to eat the meat separately because it’s chewy. I don’t like having meat for breakfast but since it’s tender and goes well with the noodles, I don’t mind having it for breakfast. – Is that so? / – Noodles alone won’t be filling. The meat adds another element to the noodles. People who don’t have meat for breakfast can enjoy it. – That’s right. / – It’s that tender. – It’s not too heavy. / – Exactly, it’s not. I do agree that the combination is quite unique. (To wrap up the meal, he has a sip of the broth) (Feeling refreshed) Even if only a couple comes to this restaurant, I think they should still order these three dishes. – They should order all three? / – It was really good. It tastes like ordinary fried rice… But something is added to it and the soy sauce complements it. And then as a Korean, you need to end the meal with this cool broth. It wraps up the meal. (He approves) (Their first meal in Jeju-do was a success) After we finish our breakfast, let’s go swimming to digest our breakfast. Look. It’s windy. Look at that. (The wind in Jeju-do is no joke) You know, real surfers still surf even when it rains. – The sea is calm. / – You have a place in mind, right? – Of course. / – Okay, let’s go. Let’s eat a bit more and go. (They can’t stop eating) I guess it was really good. You kept eating even after the shoot, right? – Yes, we did. / – My gosh. – It looks delicious. / – You’re eating it with gusto. – They won over Baekho. / – No, no. – You zoned out. / – No. – I saw you gaping at the clip. / – He’s having fun. Have you been there, Baekho? – No, I haven’t been to Seogwipo. / – Is that so? Locals from Jeju-do say that… – They go over to Seogwipo. / – That’s right. “I don’t go over there much.” They literally have to go over to get there. That’s true. – You can get everything from there. / – Exactly. (What will happen to their water activity?) (Wan Jun Tour, Play Day) (Swimming in a naturally-formed swimming pool) (Where’s the spot Dongwan chose for swimming?) (It takes 30 minutes by car to the coast) I should look for some tourist attractions. Hwangwooji Coast is a gem. We can snorkel there? This is nice. Snorkeling in Hwangwooji Coast. I didn’t think of that. (Hwangwooji Coast, a hidden region in Seogwipo) (This unique vacation spot in Jeju-do has been trending) – What’s that? / – Isn’t that amazing? – That looks… / – Just like the cage culture… The swimming pool is like the cage. Since tides come in and out, there are a lot of tropical fish in the water. People go there to snorkel… – And catch fish too. / – I never knew that existed. Gosh, what is this? – Dongwan, you know… / – My goodness. How could there be a typhoon all of a sudden? (He embraces Jin as he’s sorry) Hey, Jeju-do is famous for its rain. – Hey, you know what? Dongwan. / – What? – Swimming is most fun in the rain. / – You bet. – Let’s go. / – Feel the wind. It’s great. Run! (Fine, let’s get going) – Swimming is fun when it rains. / – That’s true. It makes you lose control. You know, when it rains and is windy… Swimming is the most fun. It’s the best. I like it. Watch out. (As they head down, bad feelings loom over them) I think it’s closed because it’s pouring today. (Feeling nervous and worried) (What is this? Are we the only ones here?) – I bet no one is there. / – Exactly. No, there are some people. (They spot people who they assume swam there) (They’re nearing the sea as they go down) – I can see the ocean. / – My gosh. – Look at the waves. / – Amazing. – The scenery looks awesome. / – This is unbelievable. (How does the pool look on Hwangwooji Coast?) – Why? / – My gosh. – Those waves. / – Gosh. (It’s closed due to the storm and the weather) – This is driving me crazy. / – That place is great. We should’ve gone on a sunny day. I’m really going to go back one day. – Goodness. You can’t go in there. / – Gosh. – You could die. / – Right. You must’ve been disappointed. – We were so disappointed. / – I can imagine. I’ve never seen something like this in person. But I understand that it’s a nice place. You can go there next time. – That’s called Seonnyeotang. / – “Fairies’ Pond.” (Checking the weather is a must before traveling) It’s really summer now. – Gosh. / – This is amazing. (They engrave the view of the ocean in their eyes) The rain is very cooling. By the way, this place looks awesome. It’s like a scene from a movie. (White waves continuously roll in) It’s nice. The waves. It’d be nice to come here when the weather’s nice. (Dongwan is feeling sad) It looks really nice. Let’s go somewhere else. – Yes. / – Let’s go. But it feels cool. (They’ll return here again one day) – 10 places to go on a rainy day. / – Okay. LAN center. It says right here. He’s looking for a hot LAN center. (Dongwan is looking things up) (Jun Jin gets rained on) I got water slapped. Here! – Okay. Go. / – Let’s go. – Bye. / – We could’ve spent 3 hours here. (See you again when it’s sunny) It’s cool here though. (They set off to the next destination) – What’s the next place? / – I’ll visit here next time. (What’s the alternative Dongwan found?) – Did you change it suddenly? / – Yes, we had to. – But that’s what makes it fun. / – Right. – Because it rained too much. / – The weather… (From the coast) (They drive 50 minutes to Namwon) In Jeju-do, it suddenly stops raining. – It becomes sunny. / – That’s right. – That’s right. / – It suddenly snows. The weather is strange there. There are so many places to go in Jeju-do, even when it rains. Really? Isn’t there a place called Eongtto Falls? – You can see it in the rain. / – Yes, Eongtto Falls is… – More beautiful when it rains. / – Right. The waterfall is so cool. Where are we going now? It’s a circuit cafe. – Have you been here before? / – A cafe? It’s not an ordinary cafe though. – This is… / – Okay. A Jeju-do cafe. What? I know that. – What they have here are… / – Okay. I used to collect RC cars before. You can play with RC cars if you order coffee. – For free? / – Yes. We went to an RC car cafe. – I’ve never been. / – You shouldn’t fall for it. I never knew there was an RC cafe. – That’s what I love. / – If you order beverages… You can experience RC cars for free. (There is an outdoor RC car race track) – There are various RC cars. / – That’s unusual. – It’s outdoors? / – They have a huge track. They can hold competitions. (There is an outdoor RC car race track) (You can enjoy all this if you order a beverage) Let’s race. – Let’s try it. I want to do it. / – Okay. What will we bet? – Loser buys dinner. / – Pork. – Okay. / – The Jeju Black Pig. Okay. We’d like to order two coffees. How much is it to drive a good one? I want a better model. I’m okay with regular ones. – I’ll drive the best one. / – Okay. Can you use RC cars for an unlimited time? – No. / – There is a time limit. It’s limited to 15 to 20 minutes. So a lot of people can use it. RC cars range from $10 to thousands of dollars. Really? What if you break it? Only experienced people can borrow the expensive ones. – Adults only. / – You have to pay $2. We have that at our dorm. – We do, but it’s different. / – We have all that. You don’t have to go there because you have it in your dorm. (The sudden rainfall) (Results in a sudden competition) I won’t go easy on him. (“I won’t go easy on him,” Jun Jin) (Dongwan is an experienced RC car driver) Aren’t experienced users better at this? Dongwan has been doing it for a long time. It’s not easy. – This match is meaningless then. / – It is. Jun Jin kept cheating. When did I do that? – You’ll see he keeps cheating. / – Let’s take a look. Let’s use our personal cards, not the company card. – Stop with the nonsense. / – Why are you trembling? I need a handicap. Because you’ve done this a lot before. This is my first time. Don’t I get a handicap? No, because this isn’t my RC car. – Come on. / – It’s not my car. Hey, cue sticks are important in billiards. – Having your own RC car is important. / – Not true. – Two laps. / – Dongwan is trying to win. – Of course. / – You’re trying to win. We’ll do 2 laps. But even 1 lap is hard. We’ll go like this. I need to imagine this. Let’s go. Okay, get ready. 2 laps. Alright, 1. (Who will win this race?) – That looks like fun. / – This isn’t my car though. It was difficult because he gave me a really nice car. 2, 3. 2, 3. (Jun Jin’s car) – What are you doing? / – Why isn’t it moving? He’s going easy on him. It was hard. (Dongwan lets Jun Jin go first) – That speed… / – You let him go first. – This… / – The speed… Is different. – It’s hard. / – Dongwan is good. – No! / – Direction is difficult. It’s really hard. It’s confusing. Goodness. Is this how you do it? – Goodness. / – He got out. I’m turning. What? That’s cheating. Like this. Dongwan, what should I do? What should I do? – Gosh. / – Goodness. Dongwan is amazing. I’m not that good. What should I do with it? What are you doing? (It’s a mess) – Jun Jin. / – Go over. – No. / – He’s reckless. (Jun Jin is making his own way) – I went over. / – Hey. That’s cheating. What? – That track is meaningless. / – Exactly. (Where I go is the way) Just go over. He’s creating his own track. You completely jumped the tracks. Hey, you completely jumped the tracks. I’m not doing this on purpose. (Dongwan is totally focused) Dongwan is actually really good. They have to do 2 laps. That’s right. Usually, a race is 2 laps. He caught up. – What? / – Whenever he’s there… – Isn’t that the same spot? / – It is. – Is that a parking lot? / – This is so funny. What? The car is weird. – You’re weird. / – No. Look. – The tire is stuck. / – You have to get it out. You have to go and get it out. (Jun Jin runs over to take the car out) – Take it out and put it on the track. / – Move! (Jun Jin is disrupting Dongwan’s car) Get out! Get out of the way. (If I can’t race, you can’t either) (Jun Jin rescues his car after disrupting Dongwan) – That looks like fun. / – This is exciting. Dongwan is so good. Don’t cheat! He cheats, then pretends nothing happened. – Good job! / – Look at him. (Jun Jin is racing across the tracks again) (What’s wrong?) (I’m going to win!) (He is almost at the finish line) (Again?) – Again? / – Hurry up. – Get it out. / – That serves you right. That serves him right. (He’s running more than the car is racing) You’re moving more than your car. Exactly. – I’m almost finished. / – It’s like a running race. (While Jun Jin is running) (Dongwan speeds up his car) (Everyone is watching to see who the winner is) Stop the car. Again. (Dongwan’s car passes Jun Jin by) He’s blocking. (Dongwan’s car) Nice blocking. – Gosh. / – Goodness. (Dongwan wins by blocking) That was dramatic. How could that happen? Call the referee. – Call the referee. / – You cheated. (RC match is a tie) It’s a tie. It was so funny when your car went across the tracks. (The funny circuit outlaw) (Wan Jun Tour takes a break at the cafe) What will you do now? – Today’s your day. / – Today? Tomorrow is my day. (He’s pressuring Dongwan to find something to do) Even if it rains… – I want to ride something. / – Yes. – Even if it’s muddy. / – I’d rather do that. That’d be fun. Let’s go ride all-terrain vehicles. – I like that. / – Okay. I wanted to ride that. (The sudden rain started) (These two men) (To chase) (And chase) (The place of their final match) (Start) (They arrive after driving for 30 minutes) Let’s have a real match here. What we did earlier… Because you’re experienced, it wasn’t fair. Let’s do this one. – Yes. / – Okay. I really wanted to try this. (What will be their final race?) (First match is go-kart) (Confident racer, Jun Jin) (Sure to win again, Dongwan) (Battle Trip Part 2 will be aired soon) (What will be their final race?) (Their first match is go-kart) – Didn’t Sikyung ride that before? / – In Japan. I drove that in the city. Right, right. – Overseas. / – Can I drive it without a license? Yes, you can drive it without a driver’s license. That’s the difference from Japan. You need a license in Japan. – Do they lend you… / – It suits them. – The character costumes? / – Yes, you can hire it. Really? (Confident racer, Jun Jin) (Sure to win again, Dongwan) (The one who finishes 2 laps first wins the match) Start! (Feeling excited) (Dongwan takes the lead) – This is the real deal. / – Yes. – That must be so much fun. / – It’s fun. People can drift on those karts. – It’s faster than I thought. / – Yes, it’s fast. (He almost catches up with Dongwan) (Dongwan turns the corner first) (I can’t lose to him) (At that moment, Jun Jin cuts into the inner lane) – The inside lane. / – The inside lane is the way to go. Look at you, Jin. It’s for 6th graders and over. (Getting rained on while driving is fun) Since it rained that day, we had to battle in the rain. It was really fun. (Dongwan closes the gap quickly) (I’m almost caught up with him) Can Dongwan catch up with Jin? (Who will overtake who?) Take the inside lane. – Take the inside lane. / – Inside lane. – There you go. / – Inside. (Jin overtakes Dongwan first) Come at me. Come. Come at me. Give it your best shot. Come at me. Drift! (Who will win the match?) – What is happening? / – The gap is widening. Why is there a huge gap? (All he has to do is exit from the lane) – Out! / – No way! – What happened? / – I didn’t know where to exit. Where do we exit from? (What?) (They can’t find the finish line) – We kept going. / – How many laps did you drive? We just kept driving since it was fun. (In the end, this match was a tie) We didn’t know where the exit was. – You should exit now. / – We kept driving. You should exit now. It’s about time that you got out. No one won the match. – Let’s have another match. / – Sure, let’s do that. – Okay? / – This match is a tie. – It’s another tie? / – The matches kept ending in ties. Rock, paper, scissors. – You pay. / – You can’t always play paper. – Let’s settle this in the next one. / – Okay. – I got it. Let’s go. / – But you’re still paying for this. – Good job. / – They’re cute. (Now, they’ll decide on which one is the true winner) What is it this time? – ATVs. / – I really wanted to ride an ATV. (The ATVs will bring an end to their match) Per person… It’s $55 for the go-kart and ATV. You can enjoy them both. – You can ride both in one place? / – That’s correct. The four wheelers. (That looks fun) – This is similar to a bicycle. / – Okay. – Grab brake levers with both hands. / – Okay. – Press the accelerator and release slowly. / – Okay. Hey, this is the last match for real. – Okay. The loser buys dinner. / – Loser buys dinner. (Whoever arrives first wins) – Let’s go. Get ready. / – Get ready. Set. (Their match began because of the rain) Start! (The Black pork dinner is at stake) (Who will be the winner of this match?) (Jun Jin) – We could climb up the hill too. / – It was really fun. So fascinating. – It seems so fast. / – It was really fast. It was fast and… How should I put it? It felt like we were in nature. (Jun Jin wins) (Dongwan loses) (The final winner is Jun Jin) Jun Jin wins. – You’ll win when you’re not scared. / – I won. I’m hungry. – He was ruthless. / – The Jeju Black Pig! – Okay. / – The Jeju Black Pig! (Feeling disappointed) – Let’s go eat. / – Let’s go. – Yes, eat something. / – It stopped raining. – Sounds delicious. / – Gosh. I won! I’m glad you found something else to do in the rain. – I agree. / – Exactly. What a relief. Some people don’t visit Jeju-do because of the weather. There are a lot of things for you to do even on rainy days. (Wan Jun Tour, Play Day) (Dinner with a view of the beach) That’s a place I looked up. They barbecue pork in drum cans with coal briquettes. – It’s Black Pig. / – There was a barbecue restaurant. – Really? / – Yes. (Wan Jun Tour arrives in front of a common beach) I can’t believe I get to see this view in Jeju-do. – The waves. / – Look at the waves. – I love the smell of the sea. / – Great, great. The smell of the sea? (Is he going to do that?) (He’s one amazing dude) (He’s adorable) (He’s excited at the thought of eating meat) There are a lot of new interesting places. – His stamina is amazing. / – Exactly. – It’s better than ours. / – He keeps moving his body. After that, I was out for 3 days. You have to pay for the Black pork. – Okay. / – I think it will be delicious. I’ll pay with the company card. (Unbelievable) (They’re here to have pork!) (The flavors are enhanced with the coal briquettes) – Doesn’t it look appetizing? / – It would be so good. I want to eat that again. You can’t have this in Seoul. Briquettes are different. – It won’t taste the same. / – Cooked like that. – Exactly. / – It’s not the same. (This place adds more to the flavors of the meat) This pork barbecue joint has the best view in Jeju-do. Even though the weather is a bit cloudy, it’s still beautiful. – It’s a new scenery. / – We can open the windows. – The view there is amazing. / – Check out the ocean. You have to unlock it first. Come on. Unlock it first. You have to unlock it. – Unlock it. / – That’s fine. Let’s open it and close. (He still plays along though) Isn’t this amazing? Although the weather wasn’t great… – Personally, I really liked it. / – What a view. – The weather was great in its way. / – Precisely. – It looks rough with waves. / – What a nice place. (You’re the best, Dongwan) – It looks really cool. / – I want to go back again. The pork looks different. I want to go too. (Jaw-dropping) – The color. / – Look how thick that is. – It’s fresh meat. / – My gosh. They open from noon to 9:30 p.m. – You should start drinking early. / – We should go early. (2 servings of Black pork, $48) (Dongwan will grill the meat) I’m good at grilling meat. (Flip the meat after grilling one side) (Look at that) I’m not exaggerating. I haven’t had anything like it in Seoul. Seriously. – He grilled it nicely. / – What will I do? (Cut the pork into bite-sized pieces) – I really love thick meat just like that. / – I want to go. – It’s really juicy. / – Exactly. (Wait until they’re completely cooked, and that’s it) There you go. You’re good at this. (You’re doing a great job, Dongwan) I must compliment him so he does it all. – Then all he does is grill. / – That’s true. (I knew you’d be great, Dongwan) – I didn’t know you could do this. / – Hey. The briquettes are burning nicely. Look at the color. (They can’t forget about the drinks during a barbecue) – There it is. / – Hallasan. That’s the soju from Jeju-do. It’s strong but soft. – Seriously. / – And besides, on top of the meat… You saw the view. – You can’t get drunk. / – Listen. I’m a poor drinker but I wanted to drink. Right. Hey, hey. Hey. Come on. – Seriously. / – What? You don’t know anything. – What are you going to do? / – Seriously. You don’t know the first thing about drinking. (That’s not how you open up a bottle of soju) Come on. What are you doing? – Dongwan. Let me. / – That was… – Stop it. / – Let me show you one thing. – People these days don’t do that. / – Then what? Look at this. After doing this, this is how you do it. After doing this, this is how you do it. You open it in one go. (Is this how you do it?) How much must you drink to become like that? – Good job today. / – Thank you. (A shot of soju to acknowledge their hard work) (Meanwhile, the meat is getting cooked nicely) I bet the fatty parts are chewy. – What am I going to do? / – We overate that day. (Meanwhile, the meat is getting cooked nicely) – Dig in. / – Let me try the meat first. – Try it without the sauce. / – Just the pork. It’s good? I was really surprised. – Was it really good? / – It was so good. This is like beef. Besides, Jeju Black Pigs are of… – The highest quality. It’s tasty. / – That’s right. – It’s really delicious. / – This is like a beef steak. – Yes, this is like a steak. / – The pork… – Pork must taste like pork. / – Exactly. – It’s weird if it tastes like beef. / – It’s really tender. It tastes like pork, but this pork comes with all the things we like about beef. It’s the pork I want to cook it to a medium rare. – It’s tender. / – It has marbling like beef. Yeah, this is interesting. It’s tender and juicy. It’s meat, but it’s crunchy. It is. I’ve never eaten something like this before. I’ve never expected much from pork but this… This makes me excited. (The Jeju Black Pig makes Dongwan excited) This is totally different from pork in Seoul. The pork rind and fat are different from those in Seoul. – It’s totally different. / – It’s so chewy. It’s chewy and crispy. (Jeju-do is the only place where you can try this) It’s good even with just salt. You have to dip it in salt-fermented anchovies. – Salt-fermented anchovies. / – You’re right. You have to cook it on the grill and dip the meat in it. – You’re right. / – She’s right. I can’t stand it anymore. A piece of meat makes you crave soju. Gosh. It’s already served. (This is a must when you eat pork) It’s kimchi stew. – Kimchi stew. / – It looks so delicious. This is so unfair. – It looks so delicious. / – It has Black pork in it too. – It’s Black pork kimchi stew. / – Yes. – I prefer bean paste stew. / – Another bottle. Exactly. – JR prefers bean paste stew. / – I’m so hungry. (Kimchi stew) Look at the tofu. They make great kimchi stew. (He blows it to cool it down) (Mouth-watering) It looks delicious. This is amazing. – It’s so good it makes me clap. / – It’s really delicious. – Look at the color. / – The kimchi looks amazing. – JR, you look convinced again. / – Yes? You didn’t know what you were doing just now, right? (Leaning forward) No, before you mentioned this, he said he preferred bean paste stew. I do prefer bean paste stew. But that kimchi looks delicious. (He mixes kimchi stew with rice) With radish. (They’re amazed by its wonderful taste) The flavors are deliciously combined. (They know) (How to make proper wraps) (It’s the best) It must be really delicious. (Play Day is already over) – That restaurant is pretty. / – It’s a pretty restaurant. Jin, it’s not over. Weren’t we going to wrap it up? There’s one more place. Why are we going to so many places? Everything closes early in Jeju-do, but there’s a great place that doesn’t close early. Let’s go drink one cocktail and then wrap it up. Let’s go. Finish it up. Let’s hurry. There isn’t night life in Seogwipo as far as I know. (That’s not true at all) – I thought so too. / – There isn’t anything. But Dongwan found something. (It’s in Jungmun, Seogwipo) Most of the tourists there are families. If you look up on video streaming sites, foreigners recommend this spot a lot. – This is Jeju-do? / – Yes. The waves here are small and the beach has an exotic view. It’s popular among foreign surfers at night. We’re going to blaze up the night tonight. There’s no hot place in Jeju-do. – This place looks so exotic. / – This is where… – They tried to make it like Hawaii. / – Did they? There’s a fascinating spot in such a far and quiet place. – I’ve never heard of it. / – Follow me. Let’s have a hot night. (He’s already blazed up) You’re so excited. – What’s all this? / – What is this? I was really surprised. You can play darts and billiards there as well. There’s a club lounge, an outdoor lounge. – And even a swimming pool. / – That’s amazing. It’s located at Saekdal Beach. Wan Jun Tour is amazing. I visit Jeju-do often but I’ve never been to the places you’ve been. I’ve never been to any of them. I’m sure this place would have been more crowded if the weather was nicer. – Stand on this line. / – Dart! There you go. (He loves Dongwan so much) Come on. Just throw it. (It’s fun to fool around with him) (They make good memories in Seogwipo) (Dancing) (Seogwipo’s hot night is over) It’s really nice here. (Their hectic first day is almost over now) I prepared so many things but the weather wasn’t very good. – Although the weather was bad… / – We did a lot. Just being here with you makes me happy. You prepared a lot and that’s meaningful to me. – Did you like it? / – Yes. It was the first time we traveled just the two of us. It was your first time traveling together in 20 years? – Yes, just us two. / – So it was very meaningful to me. I want to come back when the weather is nice. I’ll come back here later and get wasted. – That sounds good. / – I want to get wasted now. – But we have a plan for tomorrow. / – Tomorrow… According to the weather forecast, it’s going to be sunny tomorrow. – The weather didn’t help me today. / – Actually… The weather depends on the person. Just follow me tomorrow. I prepared good restaurants and fun places. – Did you? / – You won’t be disappointed. – I see. / – There’s music playing. Would you like to dance? (Should we dance at least?) So that’s the crazy night? Yes. (“Kiss Me Like That” by SHINWHA) Their dance is synchronized. (Their moves are synchronized) This is nice. (What is their trip going to be like tomorrow?) What a crazy night. – Where are you going? / – What’s up? Hey, you! (Their trip in Seogwipo isn’t over yet) It’s my day. You and I are very different. You won’t be disappointed. – Finally. / – Traveling has to be fun. Dongwan, hop in. Oh, my. Hop in. Come on. Do you know what my wish is? Driving along the ocean in a convertible. There’s something I prepared. – So I just trust you? / – Yes. The air is so clean. It was a dream come true. You can’t get seafood like this in Seoul. (Coming soon) It smells different. – Lobster. / – This tour is so luxurious. (Cuttlefish instant noodles packed with cuttlefish) – It looks so delicious. / – Cuttlefish is delicious. Cuttlefish instant noodles? – There’s so much cuttlefish. / – It looks so good. It tastes different. We’re eating all the good food. – It’s delicious. / – It’s delicious. I’ve never had this much shrimp. After we eat, there’s so much things to enjoy. Being here with you… Is great. You look like old men here. Finally. You’ve done a lot. You deserve a good rest. – After eating, you need to sleep. / – You need to rest. (Second morning in Seogwipo) (I’m going to take over Seogwipo today) It was my dream to drive a convertible on a coastal road in Jeju-do. It was so exciting. (Wan Jun Tour, Relax Day starts) Jin! (Dongwan found Jin) He’s driving a convertible? (Jin makes a fancy appearance) (He smiles arrogantly) Hey. (Dongwan is fascinated) Hey, why did you rent such an expensive car? – Do you know what my dream is? / – What is it? It’s to drive a convertible by the sea. Hey, it’s too windy to drive a convertible today. – It’s worth a try. / – It is. (Driving on a coastal road in such weather?) Hey, it’s too windy to drive a convertible today. – Will it be okay? / – Dongwan, just hop in. Hop in? (Doubtful) (Come to me, babe) The weather became better, so I was feeling so good. (The pretentiousness defeated him) – Do you know what my dream is? / – What is it? It’s to get in a convertible without opening the door. You don’t have to open the door for a convertible. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. It’s quite cheap to rent a car in Jeju-do, right? It’s pretty cheap, yes. You can rent a car for $9.90 in the off season. – Driving on a coastal road. / – It was so nice. (25 minutes by car from Jaguri to the coastal road) Seriously, driving a convertible… – On a coastal road here. / – Yes. This has always been my dream. (He’s moved and happy) It’s so cool. (Jeju Olle Route 5) – I want to try it too. / – That’s the best for a guy. (A road connecting Namwon Port and Soesokkak) (It’s famous for Keuneong Trail, which is known as) (The most beautiful coastal trail in Korea) Driving a convertible must be so cool. Baekho, have you driven a convertible on a coastal road? No, not a convertible. – I have driven a normal car there. / – Have you? – He must’ve since he lives in Jeju-do. / – It’s still great. The air is so fresh. The place looks like Hawaii. – It’s beautiful. / – Wow. – That’s pure inner healing. / – It was beautiful. (They can’t take their eyes off the magnificent view) I want to get in there. Look at the waves. The waves are high here. Gosh, it’s so cool. (Jun Jin really wanted to drive along the coastal road) This is amazing. – The waves. / – The air is so nice. The waves look amazing. (They’re moved by the lovely scenery) The air is so nice. (He’s about to cry) It’s magnificent. (Rummaging) Can we play music? (They want to drive while listening to music) Okay. (“Kiss Me Like That” from their 20th anniversary album) This is our new song. (They dance together) (They just can’t sit still even for a minute) I’ve never seen him so excited before. It must’ve felt great to drive there listening to your new song. – It was great. / – Yes. (The music turns the road into a flowery path) We couldn’t do anything special… Because of the weather yesterday. So let’s take a photo. I want to take a picture with the sea. It’s totally different from the first day. Going for a drive in a convertible is a really good idea. Thank you. – We haven’t taken a picture yet. / – Right. (Jun Jin wants to remember his wish with a picture) – Let’s take a picture. / – Alright. 1, 2, and 3. (We are SHINHWA) You must’ve missed the other members. – Sure, I wished they were there. / – Exactly. They are a special group. They’ve been close friends for such a long time. – Isn’t it amazing? / – It really is. We’re here. (Where is Wan Jun Tour going?) The sea breeze. The weather is much better than yesterday. We haven’t eaten yet. There’s a very good restaurant around here. Only the local residents know this place. I have a hidden card. Wait a second. I prepared this when you were asleep. Did he prepare balloons? Oh, my God. He’s a master of big reactions. How does “Eusha! Eusha!” go? ♪ I like watermelon better ♪ Good, good. (Good job) (Why do they need a watermelon?) Playing in the water? – Is it a mountain stream? / – This is nice. Look at that. Be careful. What? Jin, the water goes to the sea. (The place has become increasingly popular) (Gangjeongcheon in Seogwipo) (The new tourist spot in Seogwipo) When people come to Jeju-do, they mostly visit the beaches and famous resorts. If you want to visit some place new during your trip, you should come here. The river flows into the sea? Yes, the river and sea join there. – The sea is right next to it. / – The sea is right there. They are only open from June to August. That’s amazing. – The freshwater becomes seawater. / – That’s right. – I soaked my feet earlier. / – Isn’t it cool? – It’s cold. / – I know. It’s colder than the water from a fridge. – It must be cool. / – It was so cool. (They can taste Korean chicken soup there) It’s Korean chicken. Is it because I’m a middle-aged man? I like that place the most so far. – I want to be there. / – I know. If you want to drink during the day, this is a good place for that. That’s it. They eat cuttlefish. (It’s made with cuttlefish from Seogwipo) That’s hard to beat. Did you eat anything good? We did. – This looks good though. / – It melts in your mouth. Baekho is getting weak. No, we also had good food. We had great dishes too. (Cuttlefish instant noodles, $20) Normal boiled chicken is just this. But if you have a lot of soup… We can order chicken soup like this. We can make porridge with the soup. We can also cook instant noodles with it if we want. – It’s soup instant noodles. / – That’s right. (They start eating the dish) This is amazing. (It’s overwhelming) I guess we should eat it with this. Look at the chicken. I haven’t seen such a chicken in a while. Check out this drumstick. (It looks big and chewy) It’s Korean chicken but it’s very tender. And it doesn’t have a bad odor. Chickens from Jeju-do are different. You should eat the skin. Dongwan doesn’t like boiled chicken. I actually hate it. You hate that too? It’s like the water chicken took a bath in. He says it’s like drinking the bathwater of a chicken. Are you talking about the milky soup? – But this was really good. / – This is good for health. I didn’t get to eat ginseng chicken soup this summer. I didn’t have a chance. – He really liked it. / – Are you sure you hate it? – That chicken was so good. / – He’s eating so well. He doesn’t seem to hate it at all. It’s the first time I’ve seen him like this in 20 years. He’d even eat the chicken bones. (He just keeps eating no matter what Jun Jin says) I like fried chicken though. – This is good. / – I know. If you don’t like ginseng chicken soup… I don’t like ginseng chicken soup. But you’re eating so well. He says one thing and does another. Everyone would love this. (He’s proud of his choice of menu) (Even Dongwan who doesn’t like chicken loves this) I’ve never seen you enjoy a chicken dish like this. (Taste of clean ingredients without special seasoning) I’m getting old, so I love places like that. It feels even better with the sea breeze. It makes the dish taste better. – This is so much better than yesterday. / – Yeah. (It feels more special because they’re together) I want to go there. Jun Jin came up with an amazing course. It was so delicious. It’s making me tear up. Now we should try this instant noodles. It looks really good. – I’m hungry. / – It looks good. (It’s time to try cuttlefish instant noodles now) I’ll eat it like Lee Byunghun. How? Like Lee Byunghun. From his movie. Like Lee Byunghun from “Inside Men?” Like “Inside Men.” (He’s possessed by Lee Byunghun) – It’s like a scene from a drama. / – That’s similar. He’s a good actor. Didn’t he eat it like that in the movie? – You made us laugh. / – Right, he spat it out once. – That’s right. / – He did the same thing. (He’s a good actor who cares about the details) – Didn’t he do this? / – Yeah, he did. (He sounds serious) (Dongwan stops making jokes and tastes it seriously) I can taste the cuttlefish. (It’s delicious) The cuttlefish is in season now in Jeju-do. The cuttlefish looks so fresh. It has a lot of cuttlefish in it. The fresh taste of cuttlefish… Flavors the soup. It tastes so fresh. It’s fresh instant noodles. Well… JR, you’re leaning forward too much. No, that’s not true. JR, you might get turtle neck syndrome. You’re leaning forward a lot. It’s funny though. The viewer ratings go up when instant noodles is aired. Instant noodles and fried chicken. It makes you cook some. That’s because they know what it tastes like. It has the deep taste. (Refreshing) Let’s try one more bite. Can you play in the water? – Sure. / – Of course. The water is pretty deep, so you can swim in there. I’ve never seen that before. I put it in water about 20 minutes ago, but it’s cold. – Is it cold? / – Yes. Jin, break it like this. Let’s shoot it with a high speed camera. – I won’t hit it hard. / – Okay. (The watermelon cracks in one hit) – Is this filmed with high speed camera? / – What? It broke so easily. That’s because it’s so ripe. – You want to cut it like that? / – Yes. It feels so good to eat chicken and watermelon listening to the sound of water at a mountain stream. It’s cold. Is it really cold? I like the sound of running water. The sound… Stimulate your appetite. They eat instant noodles and watermelon after playing. We had a busy day yesterday. So I wanted to relax and get some rest today. Today is Relax Day. We get a good rest on this trip. It’d be great to go there with family. – It sounds wonderful. / – And the food was really good. I’ll be sure to go there next year. It’s Gangjeongcheon. – Your children will love it. / – You should sleep now. It’s time to take a nap. That’s perfect. Remove the table and take a nap. The sound of water was so nice. (They feel sleepy after having a big lunch) It looks amazing. I want to rest… Listening to the sound of running water. Okay. Let’s do that. (Listening to the sound of nature) It will relieve our stress. Jin, I’ll go… Enjoy the water properly. (Shouting) It’s so cold. (I am Kim Dongwan) (Pleased) (I am Kim Dongwan) (The Idols that made the hearts of teenage fans race) Out of the blue. They made me look good in that clip. That’s nice. (This is the charm of an adult) The water… – Was it that cold? / – It was really cold. (You have to dog paddle when you’re in a stream) It’s deep. – It must be deep. / – It is deep. – Look how clean the water is. / – It’s really deep. – It’s deep. / – There are even fish. The water is really clean here. The water tastes good. It’s because you’re thirsty. You tried too hard. (He will start playing in the water for real now) – Jun Jin, didn’t you go in? / – No. I really wanted to move to the next location. (His face looks like a gold medalist in diving) (He dives into the water without hesitation) You didn’t dive. You just came down. We have a lot to do today. (Doesn’t listen) He played like that alone for over an hour. (Dongwan played like that for some time) Because he missed out on Seonnyeotang. Dongwan likes water, so he will want to play in it. That’s too boring. I want to do something else than swimming like horse riding. Horse riding? I want to go horse riding in a meadow. You like to ride things in general. – Like sports cars… / – It’s different. – Horses. / – I want to ride a car by the sea… And ride a horse in a meadow. You see it in movies and dramas. They always have a scene. I’m afraid of horses. I bet he’ll really enjoy it. – You also hate horses? / – No… I really can’t ride horses. You said you didn’t like ginseng chicken soup. What do you like then? – That’s right. / – Yes. – He was like that. / – Look at him eat. I’m really scared of horses. (They move by car for 60 minutes for horse riding) (The sky of Seogwipo is getting clearer) Think about riding horses in this meadow. (Will they ride horses in the meadow?) (When you think of Jeju-do, you think of horses) (When you think of horses, you think of Jeju-do) Jeju-do horses. (A special horse riding you can enjoy in Seogwipo) (You can go around the vast meadow) The meadow meets the sea. (A special horse riding experience) (That will make Jun Jin’s wish come true) – Hello. / – Hello. I really wanted to ride horses in Jeju-do. – I want to ride them in the meadow. / – I see. It’s my first time. – You’ll have to… / – Yes. – Get changed first. / – Get changed? – Safety’s the most important thing. / – Okay. – We’ll start after that. / – Okay. Take your hats off. – Do we have to wear that? / – How about our pants? Yes. It suits my outfit perfectly. It looks good. – Jun Jin, do you like horses? / – Yes, I rode a lot. – Oh, my. / – So cool. They look handsome. – They’re all retired racehorses. / – That’s right. (You can tell he’s happy from his shoulders) He’s also a racehorse that has raced for 20 years. – He raced a lot. / – Yes. – The taller person should get on him. / – Okay. Is it $20? (Its sparkly eyes are charming) (The remarkably sturdy muscles are its strong point) It’s handsome. Come here. (Dongwan tries to commune with the horse first) Let’s ride together. Selfie. Let’s take a selfie. (Let’s have fun while riding) You’re so nice. (They get on the horses safely) (First, they ride in here to get used to it) You can ride in the paddock and then go around the vast meadow. They usually make you only ride on the small path that they made. You can go a couple of rounds in there, and when you’re familiar with the horse… – You hit the meadow. / – You go out to the meadow. – Yes. / – That’s right. (Fantastic horse riding where you can see the sea) (The moment when Jun Jin’s wish comes true) It feels so good. (It feels so good) – I really wanted to try this. / – That’d be really nice. – Kids will love that. / – Dongwan is also enjoying it… – When he’s riding it. / – I was nervous while riding. – Don’t lie. / – He’s enjoying it. No. He hates everything that he seems to love. He’s enjoying it too much. (You need to ride with the rhythm, excited) Gosh. – The wind felt so good. / – Yes. (Wan Jun Tour slowly starts to race) – Horses are very sensitive animals. / – Yes. They said you need a professional by your side. For people who have horse riding licenses… – They can ride alone. / – Of course. – They can race. / – Yes. I didn’t know that there was a license. (Jeju-do’s blue sea is connected to the meadow) (A beautiful sight that will remain in your memory) (His face is full of smiles) (He is enjoying it and feels happy) This is amazing. (The sky has cleared up, adding to the beauty) (They fall in love with the charm of horse riding) This really was my dream. This is amazing. I want to race there at full speed. Me too. (Seogwipo seafood set) – This is the lobster. / – It’s game over here. – So this is the place. / – Lobster. You can eat while looking at Seongsan Ilchulbong at this restaurant. – I love Seongsan Ilchulbong. / – We rode horses. We raced the meadow amazingly on horses. For today’s final course, it’s the hottest place right now among seafood restaurants. It’s the best place. Also… – Look at that. / – It’s Seongsan Ilchulbong. The weather was bad yesterday. You can see from afar. (There’s a view of Seongsan Ilchulbong) I’m going to save it in my mind. You can also taste crabs there. This is the hottest place. – Let’s go. / – It’s been a while since I ate crabs. The decoration of the restaurant feels like lobsters. (The decoration of the restaurant is charming) I heard this place was really hot these days. (Located in Gujwa, Gimnyeong) – It’s a really new good restaurant. / – Yes. It was really delicious. I only went to octopus instant noodle places near Seongsan Ilchulbong. Octopus instant noodles sound great. It’s been open for less than a month. – Are you talking about that place? / – Yes. It’s very popular. Families and couples come to this place a lot. It’s splendid. – Everything in there was good. / – Looks expensive. – Looks expensive. / – They’re all fresh. There’s shrimp and corn. You have to add lobsters separately. The price differs according to size. ($21 per person excluding lobster) Here’s your food. (The food looks extraordinary) – It’s amazing. / – They serve it in a bucket. Is that for that price? Wow. (They’re in wonder) This is amazing. – This is amazing. / – Oh, my. They just pour it on the table. – On the table? / – Yeah. I’ve never seen anything like it. You wouldn’t need a plate then. (Basil oil and chili powder adds flavor) It even has lobsters. American guys stack the beers as they eat that. You can take photos because it’s decorated prettily. – There’s shrimp. / – It is really creative. – Isn’t this only in Jeju-do? / – They pour it on the table. The shrimp has claws. They look like shrimp but they are lobsters in English. Red-banded lobster? (Red-banded lobsters have big claws and red bands) This is amazing. – This is how you eat it. / – Red-banded lobster. It really looks unique. – Be careful of the head and tail. / – It has horns. – It’s really sharp. / – Oh, I see. You can’t eat the claws. So you have to remove them. – Be careful when you eat with kids. / – Be careful. – They explain it for you. / – Yes. – Separate the body from the head. / – Yes. If you pound on the body too strong, the flesh will get crushed too. Pound on it gently. Pull it apart. This is how you eat it. You can remove it easily. I thought red-banded lobsters were too troublesome but it was fun to eat after we knew how to eat it. You can’t stop eating it. – They really look like lobsters. / – Yes. With that… – You eat it plain. / – It’s good. Or you can eat them with the sauce you prefer. It’s good. It makes a snap sound when you open it. (He does his best to peel it) Ordinary shrimp is good, but you could get a little tired if you eat a lot. But you don’t get tired of this at all. The red-banded lobsters are amazing. You have to be a little careful, but isn’t it good? (They’re in love) (They can’t stop eating the red-banded lobsters) Red-banded lobsters are really good. – It’s fun to peel them. / – But… – There are lobsters there, right? / – Yes. Do you have to peel the lobsters too? No, while we ate other seafood, an employee peeled it for us. – Did they peel it for you then? / – Yes. They’re getting them ready while we’re eating. You have to eat seafood… – It was really delicious. / – With beer or white wine. – White wine would go well. / – Yes, white wine. It’s here. – I want to try that. / – It’s the lobster. (No words are needed) – Look at the flesh. / – Look at the claws. – Claws. / – They decorated it prettily. If it’s not fresh, it’s fishy when you eat lobster innards. But the innards tasted really good there. Look how well they’re trimmed. (Dongwan is surprised) – That’s amazing. / – Eat it with the innards. (He eats it with the innards) – Is it good? / – It’s good. If the lobster isn’t fresh, the innards taste fishy. The innards are delicious. It’s like sea urchin roe. (He’s genuinely surprised) You’re right. Look at this. I really want to eat that. Even the scent was different. The lobsters in Seoul weren’t that good. I know the reason why now. They weren’t fresh. – Isn’t this really fresh? / – It even smells different. Is this possible? I think they’re all fresh. (Sadly, you can’t stop time and time flies) We have been continuing to work as SHINHWA and our individual things. We couldn’t make time for ourselves and time has gone by really fast. We’ve never been on a trip like this for over 20 years. (The first trip they went on together) (A friendship trip that even bad weather can’t stop) It was raining yesterday but because it was us two, we managed to figure out what to do. Even when went go-karting and dirty water was splashed on us, it felt good. (The inconvenience turned into a fun time) We went horse riding where we could see the sea. Could we really have experienced all this without this show? How was traveling with me for the first time? – It was good. / – Was it good? I know that you’re serious but can’t you express some more when we’re on TV? It was really good to come here with you. I think you will go on trips together a lot from now on. I think another one in 20 years will be perfect. Let’s eat. What was more fun, yesterday or today? I had more fun today. No, you had more fun yesterday. Yesterday was fun but there were both good and bad things. We went through a lot of trouble for 2 days. Let’s cheer for the Wan Jun Tour and end it. Should we do the dance we did earlier? The dance we did earlier? 1, 2, 3, 4. (Dongwan) (And Jun Jin) Let’s go, Wan Jun Tour. – It was so fun. / – It was nice because… – We’ve never been to those places. / – Right. – It was so nice. / – We went to new places. We did a lot of horse riding on Battle Trip. But it was the first time riding on a meadow… – Connected to the sea. / – Is it the first time? It was the best. This farm is famous for… – Mandarin peels in the winter. / – Yes, it’s famous… For dry mandarin peels. The wide meadow will turn into an orange sea. – It’s a nice place to take photos. / – It’s a hot place. – A lot of people go there. / – Really? You ate a lot of delicious things. If you had to choose only one to eat right now, what would you choose? – Black pork. / – Black pork? Really? – I want to have them all. / – The meat is really different. No matter how well you cook other meat… – It wouldn’t taste like that. / – It’s crispy like apples. – Is it like apples? / – Really? I really recommend Jeju-do for a gourmet tour. What did you want to eat the most while watching their trip? I wanted to try the RC car. It was really fun. – He keeps smiling. / – Do you like RC cars? I like all kinds of toys. I like to do things like that. What about food? What did you want to eat the most? Food? For food… – He has no interest. / – No, it’s because… The restaurant we went to was more delicious. (Good job) Good job. I could only think about the places we went. You’re going to be in trouble if there isn’t a good restaurant. – Let’s see. / – Okay. – Yes. / – Okay. – Let’s see the expense. / – Let’s see the expense. Let’s see the expense of Wan Jun Tour to Seogwipo. Jun Jin, what’s the final expense excluding airfare? The final expense we spent in Seogwipo is… What’s the final expense? – Per person. / – Per person! The total… $323. – $320? / – If we didn’t rent… A convertible on the second day, – We would have saved $50. / – You could save… – $50 more. / – That’s right. As Jun Jin said… – It was his wish… / – It was my wish. To drive along the coastal road. – If you’re there… / – How nice is that? Of course. It would be nice to drive when you’re there. I also went on a lot of trips to Southeast Asia such as Bali and Indonesia. You might think that it’s more expensive than these places, but I really want to recommend it because the quality of the food is different. Jeju-do is perfect… – For a gourmet tour. / – Okay. Let’s go. Would you go to Seogwipo, Jeju-do according to Wan Jun Tour’s plan? Please vote. (Wan Jun Tour’s plan where you play and relax) (What will the judges choose?) We saw Wan Jun Tour where they conquered Seogwipo. Next week, we will go to Jeju City. Planned by Baekho, the Aewol Prince. Prince. – I’m looking forward to it. / – The Jeju City tour. Please look forward to it next week. Thank you. (Next episode) Baekho Tour. The place I was born and raised and know really well. – It feels completely different now. / – Isn’t that right? (The longest distance in Asia, a big ball activity) We ate so much yesterday. – Gosh, it’s good. It passes. / – Does it pass? We really have to eat this. What should I do? It’s the first time I’ve planned a trip. I was so happy. (Battle Trip) (“Right Here” by THE BOYZ)

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