Beginner Snow Skiing Lessons : Chairlift Tips for Skiing

Beginner Snow Skiing Lessons : Chairlift Tips for Skiing

Hi! This is Dave Smith with Hillcrest Ski
and Sports in Gresham, Oregon on behalf of Expert Village. In this tutorial we will cover
beginning skiing. In this clip we’re going to cover how to properly load and unload a
chairlift. There are several different kinds of chairlifts that you’ll see at resorts most
commonly double, triple and quad chairs. This particular lift is a high speed detachable
quad meaning you can fit four people on each chair and when the chair’s in the lift house
it’s on a slower track than as it goes up the hill. As you approach the front of the
lift line remove your pole straps from your wrists. And keep your poles in one hand. Typically
you’ll see a sign that says “wait here” as the people in front of you are getting on
their chair. Once they’ve loaded their chair, skate out to the sign or post that says “load
here.” At this point turn and look for the chair to come around behind you. And look
for something you can grab onto such as the side of the chair, the back of the chair,
or the post in the center of the chair. Sit down and move all the way to the back of the
chair. And keep your tips up. As you move out of the lift house, lower the safety bar
for the rest of the ride up. As you reach the top of the chair lift, you’ll see signs
that tell you to prepare to unload. At this point raise the safety bar. Check for any
loose clothing that could get caught on the chair. And keep your tips up. Look for the
sign or post that tells you to “unload here.” As you reach that point, scoot to the front
of the chair. Lean forward and push yourself away from the chair and follow the hill or
the turn that takes you away from the unloading area. If you happen to fall, don’t panic.
The lift operator will see you and can slow or stop the chair if needed. If you lose any
equipment when you fall grab it and quickly move to the side so that others can safely

12 thoughts on “Beginner Snow Skiing Lessons : Chairlift Tips for Skiing

  1. the pole thing is dat wat u put inbetween ur legs cos dey do hav dat and wen i went 2 andorra 1st time skiin the chair lift isnt hard

  2. dont worry its not that hard just remember if u fall u r learning thats how i learnt!!!!!!!! also if u hav a good teacher like i did it will b a breeze

  3. i was so terrified i just threw myself off and the 2nd time around i just stayed sitting and the guy stopped it i was like man i wud have been ok waiting to go around again! haha i hated getten off that chairlift

  4. @existentaeinutila To someone who's already had experience then yeah, but for complete beginners it's pretty helpful. I wish I would have seen a video on using the chairlift when snowboarding-it's so much harder!

  5. That's a good point! I have seen numerous people get smoked in the back of the head as the chair swings around to go back down hill. Keep your head down and hope the lift operator sees you in time to stop the lift.

  6. I learned to ski in my later years, and I had (as a beginner) problems with getting off the chair lift. That was very frustrating. Every failure increased my fear.The problem was that I always felt backwards, in the moments I wanted to stand up. That was because I was constantly losing the reliance (balance) in the moments of standing up. I overcame that by keeping my head (and so the whole balance) forward when standing up. If you carefully look this video, you'll see the same movement. In my case that was the KEY THING. I saw many other people with same problem. It's easy to recognize what they do wrong when looking by side. Now I enjoy standing up from the chair lift. I learned to control every second of that skiing phase. I can stand up easily or eject myself. Skiing is great fun now.

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