55 thoughts on “beginner’s guide to figure skating jumps

  1. That was like 10 times more helpful than all the other videos trying to explain how to recognise the different jumps! Thank you <3

  2. 0:59 I keep hearing "sal cow" and imagining someone skating in a cow costume 😂 Great video guide 👌🏽

  3. If a skater attempts a lutz jump, but takes off from the inside edge instead, does the jump automically qualified as a flip jump, and earn the BV of a flip jump?

  4. This is deadass the best video I've watched explaining the jumps thank you so much!!! I was able to recognize Lutz, Axel, Flip and Sal, but Loop and Toe I was just like TF??? But now I better understand those two. Don't ever delete this <3333

  5. I have a problem telling right from left leg takeoffs… is there any other way to distinguish flip from toe?

  6. question! how do you tell the difference between a lutz taken off from the wrong edge from a flip? or vice versa? they seem to be very similar jumps other than the inside vs. outside edge take offs

  7. im way late but random question… how come ladies are less likely to make jumps with longer rotations? i figured that with their more delicate and small bodies it would be easier but maybe not idkk

  8. Nobody is able to say they’re a jump expert, unless they’re a: figure skater, coach, or judge.

  9. This video is really good. Now I can differentiate jumps . Can you do it video about scores in the ice skating or about skaters category?

  10. This is a very good video!! It's useful for people who want to know more about figure skating.
    So I made Chinese subtitles for you, hope you will like it. I've learned a lot from your video.

  11. 0:00 introduction
    1:13 axel
    2:07 toe loop
    2:49 salchow
    3:30 loop
    3:55 lutz
    5:17 flip
    6:22 jump combinations
    7:23 jump sequences
    7:57 extra vocabulary(tano jumps, rippon jumps, pop jumps, step out, under rotated)

  12. Please don't forget carolina kostner step sequences when you will prepare the video, she is the greatest Italian figure skater and one of the greatest of Europe

  13. Jumps are the easiest in figure skating. It's everything else that's hard. And I wish skaters would learn to listen to music.

  14. I am a simple fan
    I saw hanyu yuzuru and I clicked.
    And this happened.
    Glad I did though

    Also wanted to know more about skating so I know each type of techniques.

  15. I would like to know more about figure skating for Yuzuru, but I still can't differentiate jumps ( besides from an axel and a toe loop )😂😂

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