Beginning Horse Riding : Collection Horse Training a Lope

Beginning Horse Riding : Collection Horse Training a Lope

We’re going to take this horse to a forward
lope as we ask him to be collected. This is often a piece that many backyard novice riders
struggle with. It’s hard to imagine that in holding your horse forward in to its movement,
everything that worked at the stand still, the walk and the jog, will also work with
the lope. The rider needs to be assertive enough to take charge of this position and
not worry about whether they’re doing it correct or incorrect. As long as we stay committed
to those basic lines, the basic position, you can do a lot of good and benefit to this
horse by keeping him an a more organized behaved program. So with this horse right now, he’s
on a, he’s mildly collected, we’re going to add just a little bit more pressure, recognizing
that as we make more demands on the horse, the minute he softens, the minute he submits,
we’re going to be sure we recognize that and allow him to find that his own reward. We
say he seeks his own reward, we can’t give him treats and tidbits, we’ve got to to just
stay committed to the pressure, let him release the pressure, and let’s go ahead and put just
a little more demand by shortening our reigns. We walk our hand up the reigns, ask for a
little bit more, and put him to a great deal of collection knowing that when he submits
and releases that pressure, the rider, there we go, the rider just kind of simply quites
messing with him. He’ll find that as he softens, moves forward off of that hind quarter in
to the bridle, the submission will bring him to his own reward. We want a horse the remains
balanced on the lope. We want to be, we want to be confident that we can ask for this pretty
early on, without making him struggle in his desire to become a more collected and athletic
horse. Over time, as he learns to hold and maintain this position on his own, developing
the correct muscles and the balance that he’s going to like, we’ll soon be able to loosen
that reign, and create that very long, maybe Western pleasure reigning style. But the horse
has to earn the right to get to that long reign, and it’s going to to take some time
putting him through the riggers of collected loping. A lot of riders say they don’t do
because it’s just hard. I put a lot of time in to my small circles, collecting a lope,
before I would ever say that this animal is well trained.

29 thoughts on “Beginning Horse Riding : Collection Horse Training a Lope

  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! for showing us that it's ok to be goofy at first. I'm alway worried, thinking I must be doing it wrong cos it's a fight and it's HARD! :))

  2. IE: Let's put him on the forehand and make him more dependent on the bridle.

    No thanks, watch my video and witness collection without a bridle and deliberate pressure.

  3. actually he is… would you only accept the horse licking his chest as collection? remember this is western riding… in many riding disciplines you do not ride from your seat in the same way you do in dressage, especially w/western

  4. A variation of the canter, seen in western riding, is called a lope, and generally is quite slow, no more than 13-19 km/h (8-12 mph).

  5. thank you!!
    But I would like to give credit to her for mentioning that collection is about moving off the hind leg and into the bridle, this trainer does not talk about just slowing the horse down.

  6. I'm sorry but to call this collection is just desperate. This horse has no idea how to be collected because it is not balanced. He doesn't know how to carry himself let alone a human on his back. He needs to be ridden FORWARDS into self-carriage and be able to balance himself and his rider before he can be "collected" or, more acccurately, ridden into self-carriage.

  7. This horse looks very green to me and pulling on its head isnt going to teach it to relax into the bridle. It needs to be balanced and work from behind to think about softening

  8. Actually holding your reins out like that is to encourage your horse to lower their head, therefore helping them to collect. It's how I get my horse to lower his head.

  9. I don't understand the concept of collection. Doesn't the horse know how to lope to its best ability without us telling him how to do it? It just seems bizarre to me that we would think we know better how the horse should move. Horses have been loping on their own for centuries….. why do they need us telling them how to do it?

  10. @gilliangirl1 we're not telling them how to lope correctly.
    We're teaching them a skill that takes work. That's the point of the sport, to work toward something.

  11. I thought this was an excellent video to show how to "start" to collect a horse. I am a novice amatuer working with a 9 year old AQHA gelding that has been allowed to "hollow" out his back and carry his head down in front of him. No collection whatsoever,, he did not round his back lift his stomach muscles and drape his face like he needs to , with teaching him to give to the bit he must round his back and condition his stomach muscles to lift and get his hind end under him when loping.

  12. the whole 'training' of a horse how to run is incredibly ridiculous and cruel enslavement of a beautiful animal. Horses should live in nature, run free, live in herds and have full freedom to develop their natural potential and natural social structures.

  13. i find it so crazy that people take their time to help others and post a video on "how to" and the trainer that is kind enough to post this video gets picked on for calling this lope collected god can anyone give a bit of credit and respect to people making these videos to help all of us viewers i want to say thank you for your help because without youtube and youtubes contributors i wouldn't be the rider i am today!

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