Beginning Horse Riding : Horse Riding Balanced Jogging & Loping

Beginning Horse Riding : Horse Riding Balanced Jogging & Loping

We’re going to take our knowledge now, and
pick up the pace a little bit. I like to say everything we’ve learned as we stood still
and moved to the walk, will work at the jog and the lope. We know that our legs control
everything behind the girth, and our hands everything in front of the girth. We have
learned about our direct and indirect rein, and balancing our horse. However, when we
go to jog and lope, a lot of new riders find that this becomes much more difficult. Our
rider right now is going to jog her horse, asking for that bend through the body using
our inside leg and a little bit of a direct rein as he jogs a nice circle. We’re going
to try to keep his hind quarters in line as he creates that C shape, or the arc, and we’re
going to dry to give the horse the benefit of as little pressure as possible. So, we
may start out with just the most gradual, easy kind of circle, and then increase the
balance and the bend by asking for more in the way of pressure off our leg and our hand.
Everything we do at the walk will work at the jog, and we want to keep that horse forward
moving nicely into their bridle. Now we’ll ask the horse to go to the lope, looking first
for the correct lead, and then beginning to package this up so that we get a horse that
is going to keep and maintain the bend of the circle as they lope along on their correct
lead. Our rider needs to, will work on trying to keep the most quiet, forward movement at
the lope as we bend, and ask this horse to remain balanced. This horse and rider team
have a little ways to go yet, till we create that nice, organized package, but we can see
the beginning as this horse starts to figure out that it’s a better position if they use
their bodies in that balanced fashion. We can look at how the right hind leg is stepping
underneath him. We can see the flection through his neck and his body, and that’s going to
bring this horse to be more balanced as we finish up with our loping exercise.

5 thoughts on “Beginning Horse Riding : Horse Riding Balanced Jogging & Loping

  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    in western riding it'sjogging not trotting that's in English.
    Before you make a comment get your facts right!

  2. @barrelhorserider7 Yeah but the way I learned in western I dont worry about the different kind of trotting because in western riding its jogging and thats totally different than troting but I have no clue why.

  3. @alicehorselover haha thats only the second girth, its just for backup, not to be too tight, but not that loose that the horse can get its hoof in there whilst galloping or scratching. the first girth is the tight one.

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