Beginning Horse Riding : Horse Riding Mounted Safety

Beginning Horse Riding : Horse Riding Mounted Safety

We are going to cover rider’s safety as they
are mounted. We are very committed and all of our riders do wear helmets. Not only as
mentors to the young children that ride with us but also because as trainers we have all
heard and/or experienced the incident of another experienced rider who has had that unfortunate
fall. So we start out with a good fitting helmet. Our rider today has chosen one that
when I place or put my hands on the helmet and move the head, the head should move with
the helmet. We also want to make sure that the ear pieces are tucked up there underneath
your earlobe so that securely fastens it from front to back. And then our chin pieces is
secure enough that this helmet will not fall off in the event of a fall. Our rider is going
to make sure that their saddle is in fact properly put on. Fastened to all the secure
pieces, so that when we try, that when we get on, we can be certain that we have made
that final check to be sure that our saddle is not going to loosen as we ride along today.
Our back girth or back cinch should also be snug enough that the horse’s leg could not,
in a quick and handy move, the horse’s leg could not come up and get itself catch in
there. It needs to be somewhat loose; just enough so it doesn’t provide any discomfort
to the horse which could cause them to misbehave. Many a horse will buck if this cinch is too
tight. So that is where the name bucking strap did once come from. We want to be sure our
bridle is in fact, well fitting, it’s secure enough, loose enough that it’s comfortable
but it also has some sort of a device that’s going to keep it in place. This is a one ear
bridle. This piece here is going ensure that this bridle doesn’t slip too far back or in
fact get, move forward enough when a horse is shaking his head or any other kind of movement
that could bring this bridle off of the horse’s head. We want to be sure that our stirrups
are even. We like to look from the front to that the knees are level and that the foot
is in its good place. Because, as we ride along, we are going to want to ensure that
we are balanced with the horse. And anything that brings us to be off balance will make
that a discomfort throughout the ride. So this rider has herself in a good position.
She’s got enough of a knee bend and a foot position where her foot can rest lightly in
the stirrup and keep her secure through the ride.

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  1. I really liked this clip. This summer I will have about 3 little kids who want to ride horses and I want them to watch something before we head out to the corral so they have some idea what to do. I have saved the URL so I can e-mail it to them so they can watch this. Good tips. I even learned something.

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