Benção de Guruji

I leave you with this blessing because they should say something something soon waiting for sometimes domos was a person and when he follows of puddin tame they show vs quan sarbanes some jerky whoever you are if you have with it okay give us decision so what’s that they was lookin awesome it should say if you have this inspiration for freedom suppose it is a sphere ahsoka radhaji then may you come to complete wasn’t such a girl completo Kelly’s are so loose in some put a spotlessly free and happy you said i think what Eileen Sheil every Phillies be always full of light pasta so Camille said simply playing with drums he’s a bad idea of loving kindness he bhandari madalasa me all true beings who meet you under way he person touch the series you can totally pants mark said total mean she’s get out of this tell us what busy so Sasha’s are you Troy petal so Luci a little wisdom kindness tell us was a bigger ta dodge compassion second by show bigger ass may they be so possible is tristan da vida don’t Ocado’s to experience that they are compelled killa c 6-r we love a buscar Dinklage’s amusements to find the light today present a nice kid is vain you see I’ve also come to find everlasting peace and joy even tambien sugar pues la paz y alegría do reduce into food and sleep on a result of all day come to bear so soon perish agarro el fin de toda busca so that your search put some i guess was the purpose lucky with famous things if you sit better soon may be wise enough to say blessed is my last serious abuse proposition I beside a Muirfield officials problems lesotho street porque cada cosa y toda zealous contributor promotes better they you free your heart from judgmental hatred toward no silly bear Shizuka resume so they hire you should always Quantico Cassie lighten thank you so say such a centralized the Italian and joyous your lady may you never fall into states of depression et vous salue kakaya estado de prison for to fall a victim of doubt in the truth okay kya come on ova chciala duvida cuanto vadaj muskie crazy horse and force attack was a joke or I’ll give her cunt a dualism let it be social delivery para same decision same so guessing say Jackson says I thought to shanti shanti whom he has apologized oh mama blessed are all those who have joined a basis we take some sodas do you think this is in countless that’s who very my brother to the heart with what has been shared here be caring the some winter presents new policy also impartial either continue to give us an emotionally a profound and saw 7 30 years and loving kindness and and we let small the sun goes around the world and they saw this one by one to see new warp remember Rosa boys win bloopers that they continue to grow and to you continuing it mature and to encourage wanna see in questions of Zuma’s field of awakening mr. bella como dijo bring great light and peace into this world forgive me I want Rosie d’angelis by the grace of this we pass say she mooned build a super Timor thought Chelsea seizure I’m here to pass and then you’d like to thank you mom began [Music] [Music] you I just want to take a minute to be with the Sanger’s around the world yo therapy knows Gerardo minuto Resta cual sangha saudade mundo [Music] and in as much as you have listened and your quantum assay to help build in my family we say getting through the continent but invent a estar de Courcy I’ve kept you inside my heart the world a diverse Amy Carlson then even this coming time a mesma question period Luca shaver it will not change it’s an old Amanda you i blessed everybody did you want me so a todas till now yo gotti to show up for their fries relating power has ravenna solution keep to wash out door opens love Rhonda to the chip would you believe Lisa knows what you mean to tell the chick religious school personal age Alton’s is clear that you I take he used to declutter your home Jacob Oh Sees think hasn’t this ball is tripled in thank you [Music]

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