Beneficios de patinaje / Roller skating benefits

Hi guys! How are you? I’m Carito and today we’re going to talk about 9 benefits that roller skating has, so let’s start the video First benefit that we can talk in roller skating is about the weight, roller skating can help you to reduce or to maintain your ideal weight, in a 30 min route with moderate or stable velocity you can burn up to 300 calories Second benefit that we can obtain from roller skating is that you can improve your physical condition Third benefit is that you will not only exercise you body but also your balance, coordination and above all your concentration Fourth benefit of roller skating is that strengthen and take care of your lungs and heart Benefit number five is that it will give toning and firmness to your legs Number six is a non-impact activity, which means is that it will not affect your knees compared with other activities like running or jumping Benefit number seven is that models and strengthens your abs, waist and buttocks, being an aerobic sport roller skating can help you to reduce the excess fat accumulated in these areas Benefit number eight is that activate your blood circulation, which improves the arrival of the nutrients to your cells therefore improves your health in general Last benefit number nine and the most important is that it gives you more energy and of course it’s a very fun activity So now you know, roller skating is a great option to exercise Well guys this is all for today, hope these benefits motivate you so that you too practice roller skating and well let me in the comments what other kind of videos would you like to watch here give it like, subscribe and see you next Thursday!

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