BEST HIKE IN NORWAY ? – BESSEGGEN | twoplustwocrew

BEST HIKE IN NORWAY ? – BESSEGGEN  | twoplustwocrew

that’s the same giving you brought up we’re going to try and do basic him today it’s apparently one of the amazing walks around here but we’ve got about a fully five-minute drive and I’m going to catch up . and the freeway to 10 person and it’s other 745 I think the next one’s at nine-forty-five it’s all on ya not feeding tube right at the moment gotta make an effort for these experiences that don’t we also go to the beats the contents of the backpacks got a little bit of our hand think taking your grill cook sausages on might be overkill but that’s what we got for lunch now by storm at six thirty in the morning yeah people do a little bit on each this morning it’s incredibly honest we’re not a harmonious family this morning but hopefully things will get better than some static contrails you studying for there pretty stunning now the size of better we made it as any to three people in the queue and we got here this is the queue for the best second very so my advice is get here early they do take card payments so there is a card machine here and its staff about 14 pounds for an adult and 74 a child he ready Oscar her a little bit non-communicative this morning out with Alex tappy tappy husky puppies it’s been very cute passengers here looked happy and just buying the tickets over the rough the guy who tapi said does look a bit like a Viking already toria yeah he looks primed already done yes crystal Guardian now terms with all their backpacks and there’s another care of people ready to get on to go back the other way it’s a beautiful day though so it should be really good today oh there is one cloud over there what’s the drama what have we forgotten we’ve got sausages and North mortar schools be waiting up here for 10 years I think yeah about 10 years and that finally call me yeah at least 20 minutes you see that little not there that’s my father taking even more photos this place mm and the children stop moaning and now that eating oreos so what more could they want as my warrior you happy darling not a bad view back that way her side Claire deputies the goal today is to touch a cloud different ok I’m going to fill up the jetboil with water from these streams I’m just trying to find a good stream border grill up so we’ve got hot sausages and lumber bridge jetboil so of God be God has grabbed the men we walked from here and we passed that little and we are up here so will soon go through which the regional best and that’s what if again that’s yeah we are not sure how safe that is the boys are playing on a big lump of ice that’s half going to help many glacier they’re calling it oh whoa beach can see in the ridge down here you can see people right on top this is a track that comes up along here up to there alright getting a bit more exciting now we’re going to swim we’re just debating whether this fish in that like because it is quite high up i do that that guy just walking past hey I’m here to rot on my gosh it’s like but graveyard they’re like little fly hands you won’t have you put nerd wanted to get rid of them this is the ideal scott i would say not that I’m advocating such behavior I think it’s really busy might want to quite a day because you probably be on Instagram and 10 different ways and a blue like this time we’re about to climb one of the sleep exceptions like you have plenty of of the bed this is this is best again right doesn’t it Donna this is steep as part taking on some other hand episodes what I have some other place in the lead and we’re doing great it’s not so much a track it’s just like war rocks with a boat way around that little hidden there forever hang out its extreme dog walking right there pulling you out coffee stop at the top of the mountain just don’t want to fall off yeah probably not a good idea now because we have to carry all the way down and you just hit raisins and peanuts you behavior there is the top update within the illusion that is the top top top of the top of the top people beep beep that’s home can’t quite see their car let’s see if we can zoom in and find our car is the car there now look who needs pulpit rock got our own here free on the time to get back but still quite a way out as you can see and the kids think well ask you think you can take 30 you were 30 to 40 minutes but no 502 B camera darling knew that you have to use the chain to make this a dramatic video coming get down because these people are waiting ok now i just have a thorough and I are the backmarkers think we’re on the last league now not to but not believe what you want i mean the chocolate I’m gonna move your bath final push to hang up i think those they’re more like you can see it yeah if they could we nearly there is the car plus there’s a cafe I even more important cold drink mama has that type of that and we need the jaws is behind or lovely thank you how was it for you Simon

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