hey guys today I am with Olga, her
youtube channel is called Wardrobe on Cruise, she’s filming a videos about
fashion and today we are filming a video together about ice skating rinks in
Milan and we are going to explore like five or four of them. The first one was
not really successful I don’t know what to do. It was like we were pushed out
because unfortunately you can’t take pictures there because it’s a
social people. yeah strange it’s their policy I don’t know if I will come back
it’s a very particular place. basically there is an ice rink
above a swimming pool and it’s close to a theatre it’s like theatre territory now we are in the centre of Milan right next to Duomo and here is the
first ice rink. so we will investigate how much it costs to have a little ride
around so hidden places of Milan this is
like (I changed my look) yeah.. yard of theatre called Piccolo teatro it means small theatre and here
they make aperitivos it’s like happy hour, open buffet
and it’s such a beautiful place it is a little bit off-topic but since
we were passing by I just wanted to let you know this is the rink number two or
number three considering the first one was a failure but anyways it’s right to
the castle so it has a very beautiful view and no one no one really it’s like
what 11:00 a.m. 12:00 a.m. like a middle of the day and it’s still empty. and it’s super
cool because it reminds me, this one reminds me a rink in London with a
British Museum so it’s very like architectural. in Russia there is like a
whole culture of hockey of ice rinks, so we were curious to explore and share
this video about Milan. And it’s very very festive to go on ice rink, so Christmassy.. winter activities. it’s a nice thing to do in winter The next location is one of my real favourites in Milan It’s called Piazza Gae Aulenti, means Gae Aulenti square and here is another ice rink in Milan. It’s very like urban location, so if you like urban places come here as well. Follow me there is also a Christmas market which
is a nice bonus. some street food oh my god! you can see famous bosco verticale
which means a vertical forest here it’s palaces with all the trees and
plants on their balconies So guys this is the next rink but I guess it’s just too warm today so it’s kind of melted now I’m joking
We’re just on our way, the next rink is located very close to the previous
one and it’s under Lombardy region palace, building. Palazzo’s called in Italian We are frozen, we can’t speak, sorry guys! we’ve just rented ice skates and I was
saying I don’t even remember the last time I was ice-skating so I hope I’m
still good at it. The moment of truth has arrived… oooh, my god, I’m sliding! It will be very funny if I fall down, like literally… It will be funny if you fall down on me! Usually ice skates that I used had this little teeth that he
use to speed down or to like push and give yourself a push to start so these
blades.. I really.. I’m not used to using them, one, and second is I haven’t been
skating in a really long time so it’s so lame! this ice rink it is actually my
personal favorite one you are free to choose yours make sure to visit some of
them if you’re visiting Milan I like this one because it’s quite big
in comparison to the others and the staff was so kind and it’s not so packed. They
said if you visit it before 4 p.m. it will be more or less free so yeah that’s
why I liked it. And also it has a very nice little shops with food and drinks. so guys this video is finished now because this was the last ice rink I
really hope you liked it. I will leave the link to Olga’s channel down in the
description box so you can watch she’s actually doing vlogmas so much courage! omg, don’t even remember your mind. make sure to check out her channel and thank you so much for watching. Please give this
video a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe to my channel to see even more.
I’ll see you soon, bye!


  1. Haha.. you were like doing the the penguin waddle on the ice.. very cute 😘 ((hopefully that wasn't you falling flat on the first ice rink!)) 😅

  2. Oh My God. Amazing, amazing. Kamu camtik sekali Dilya?. Your is very beautiful. I love you so much. Salam from Bali Indonesia. Dikin fadilah.

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