Best Soft Ride Boots For Navicular Disease in Horses

Best Soft Ride Boots For Navicular Disease in Horses

Soft Ride Boots For Navicular Disease The navicular syndrome also called Navicular
disease, is most commonly describes as an inflammation or degeneration of the navicular
bone and the surrounding tissue. It is most commonly found on the front feet. It can, in worst cases, lead to disabling
lameness if not treated. Part of the treatment is to use the right
hoof boots to cure the horse’s hoofs. We will review the 4 best hoof boots for Navicular
Disease here. The four hoof boots we looked at are:
#1. Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot #2. Cavallo Sport Hoof Boot #3. Easycare Easyboot Rx Boot #4. Soft Ride Comfort Boots #1. Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot
The Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot is made of genuine leather, front fastening is done with an industrial
grade Velcro closure. The padded leather on the inside of the bulb,
and a foam-filled leather collar for pastern protection makes this hoof boot very comfortable. Has all-terrain tread to minimize the build-up
of mud, sand, and debris. The built-in drainage guards that water, mud,
and sand do not enter the boot. Comes in black, brown, red, or purple. Can be used for chronic hoof pain or hoof
sensitivity, rehabilitation from injuries, abscesses, navicular disease, laminitis/founder,
punctures, sole bruising and contracted heels, protection during trailering or breeding,
“spare tire” for lost shoes and pleasure or light trail riding. Comes in sizes: 0-6 (also comes in slim sizes) Prices from $149 (sold as a pair) #2. Cavallo Sport Hoof Boot
This boot has a side closure with industrial grade Velcro®. Reflective for safer night riding. Comes with padded leather on inside bulb for
extra comfort, built-in drainage for water, mud, and sand. The all-terrain tread minimizes the build-up
of mud, sand, and debris. Gives comfort for chronic pain and hoof sensitivity,
rehabilitation from injuries, abscesses, navicular disease, laminitis/founder, and punctures. Can be used for light riding. Sizes from 0-6 (also comes in slim sizes)
Price from $124 and are sold as a pair. #3. Easycare Easyboot Rx Boot
The Easyboot Rx has comfort pads and cushioned soles for support, semi-aggressive tread and
air vents. This model is Ideal for horses suffering from
chronic lameness, laminitis, founder, navicular and other lower limb/hoof problems. it is also good for trailering or for horses
that stand on hard surfaces for long periods of time. This shoe is not intended for riding. Comes in sizes 0 to 7 Price from $73 to $84 and are sold individually. #4. Soft Ride Comfort Boots Soft Ride Comfort Boots, comes with Soft-Ride’s
patented and interchangeable Gel Orthotics which conform to and support the hoof. For navicular syndrome, specialty purple gels
pack is recommended. It allows the hoof to sink into the orthotic
as the horse shifts its weight, helping to pump more blood into the sole of the hoof. This boot can be used for shoed or unshoed
horses. It is mainly used for therapy, transport,
or for temporarily stalling on hard surfaces. Comes in 18 different sizes, including long
sizes and narrow. Price from $195 to $225 a pair. Our recommendation is to go with the Soft
Ride Comfort Boots to treed your horses Navicular Disease. This is because of the interchangeable Gel
Orthotics that gives the hoof of your horse a better support. Find the link to the products below the video. Remember to click the like button if you found
this review useful, or else, please add a comment below of what you think was missing. Also, check out these other horse hoof boot

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  1. Thank you for guiding me. My mare is navicular and I'm discovering hoofboots… and it's really hard to know how to chose the right model. Your video helps me !
    Claire, France

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