Bicycle Repair & Ownership : Leg Straps for Biking

Bicycle Repair & Ownership : Leg Straps for Biking

Hi, I’m Travis at Mad Dog Cycles and we’re
talking about leg straps, getting those pants away from that chain. There’s several different
types. The most common type is you know, your little a Velcro strap. It just goes around
the leg down here, err, the pant, kay? Little reflector strap, nice and easy. Another one
is really popular is a spring steel. Actually that’s my favorite. Put that guy on like so
and you’re good to go. If you want to be more secure, we have one with a reflective strap
right here with LED’s embedded in there. You could wrap that around your leg, actually
right on your arm, while you’re commuting. And we have it in a wider version, or most
shops will have it in a wider version like this. It’s kind of nice, little zip pocket
there so you can carry some extra cash.

One thought on “Bicycle Repair & Ownership : Leg Straps for Biking

  1. I'm surprised that alot of bike stores don't carry this or any leg strap i had to make one! Even walmart didn't have this what is the world coming too.

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