Big Island of Hawaii Travel Guide 2017 (7 AMAZING Things to Do !)

Big Island of Hawaii Travel Guide 2017 (7 AMAZING Things to Do !)

What is up members of the Barrio ? Who’s ready to hear about 7 Amazing Things you have to do On the Big Island of Hawaii It is one of the most interesting places i’ve ever visited And you’re about to find out why Be sure to subscribe and have notifications turned on If you’re new here So you don’t miss out on any of my future travel guides I’m also going to be linking down below To my Hawaii playlist And to my favorite blog Travelling Elly Who gave me so many good ideas on things to do on the Big Island You’ve got to check her out Let’s get to that list and we’re going to start with number 7 Trying the original loco moco In Hilo, Hi Now what the heck is a loco moco Is it a taco? Not quite It’s actually a Hawaiian breakfast Or lunch with many different variations The traditional is a sunnyside up egg On top of a burger Smothered in gravy And white rice It sounds delicious because it is Hit up Cafe 100 in Hilo Because they invented it back in 1946 We enjoyed the trip a lot But i’m going to warn you right now. If you order the super loco moco like I did You are not going to be able to eat for the rest of the day And you may have the urge to take a really long nap. Moving on to number 6 We spent most of our time on the Big Island living in Hilo, which is a very underrated place Now something you could for a day is hop around to many of the different waterfalls In the area As the Big Island has some of the best ones in the entire world. And you could start with Rainbow Falls or Boiling Pots But if you can figure out how to get there, Narnia Falls Is an excellent spot to just hang out for the afternoon And avoid some of the crowds You may have to find a local to show you the way like we did though It’s a long hike But quite worth it in the end Trust me Number 5 Uncle Roberts Night Market in Kalapana This place is really unique, and we only visited once But if I had more time I would have been a regular customer Held every Wednesday not only can you sample everything from Hawaiian Barbecue to Mexican to Kimchi Korean But it has a certain hippie vibe to it that you have to experience for yourself And by the way those socks cost only 5 dollars The live music is really authentic Hawaiian The performers are worth the trip by themselves And did I mention the fire twirlers Number 4 Kayaking with dolphins in Kona Now you have to go to Kealakekua Bay to get this done And I hope you don’t mispronounce it like I did Start with Kealakekua Bay. I think I just butchered that You could pay for an expensive tour to do this Or you could do what we did and find a local company to rent a kayak 30 dollars Per person For the entire day Not only is the water absolutely gorgeous torquise But if you’re lucky you’ll find a few pods of Dolphins swimming around And the best part is that while the expensive boat tours are nearby You’re getting the same view only more up close and personal This has to be one of your top choices when you get to the Kona side of the big Island Let’s move onto number three Horseback riding the rim of the Waipio Valley We found this amazing horseback riding company That took us on a five hour ride that included not only some out of this world scenery Really the Waipio Valley is one of the most beautiful parts of the Island of Hawaii And the perfect place to forget about the rest of the world. We also stopped by a secluded waterfall for lunch And even found a horseback riding dog named Patches That day was one of the highlights of our month in Hawaii And something you really need to experience Number 2 take a shelter dog out for a field trip I think that every state in the U.S has to implement this program right now You can do it in either Hilo, Kona, or Waimea Essentially you’re taking the dog out for a couple of hours to do whatever you want And there’s no charge The shelter provides you with all of the equipment you need We took Miracle out in this video and she was really sweet And kept us on our toes We returned a second time to take out a different dog And found out that Miracle was adopted shortly after the video was made. Don’t ever think you can’t make a difference when you’re out traveling This simple act is going to be getting these dogs Out into the community And they wear adopt me insignia So people are going to see them and you can definitley change a life My number one activity on the Big Island of Hawaii Go see the lava on Mount Kileau If there was just one thing I recommend you do on the Big Island It would be this And there’s a couple of ways you can do it You have expensive options Like taking a helicopter Or a boat You could do what we did Which involves renting a bike about 4 miles from the viewing area Or you could even hike it The biking was pretty economical at just $20 per person And you felt like you were riding through Mars On the way to one of the Big Island’s must do activities This is the worlds most active volcano And you get to watch lava flow into the ocean Creating new earth Just a quarter mile away If that’s not something you’ll never forget I don’t know whatw is As an added bonus if you have extra time You should definitley go inside volcano national park To check out the old lava fields Totally totally worth it All of the footage above came from my Big Island of Hawaii Playlist Which i’m going to be linking to down in the description So definitley go check that out If you want evne more ideas About things to do When you visit And there’s a book i’m going to be recommending called Hawaii, the Big Island Revealed I read it and got a lot of useful information from it It’s also going to be linked down in the description That does it for my coverage of the Big Island of Hawaii How sad, I know But for all those Americans watching out there I just want to tell you this You can go a world away Without even leaving the U.S You don’t need a passport Their were times I felt like I was in a foreign country So you guys especially need to be taking advantage of Hawaii. And of course the Big Island Please subscribe if you are new here Give this video a like And if you want leave me a comment down below telling me which of these activities you woudl consider trying out Stay tuned i’ve got tons more videos coming out in the next couple of weeks I appreciate everything Peace

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  1. Let me know in the comments which of these activities look the best. Be sure to subscribe ( if you're new .

    Hawaii Playlist:

  2. Thanks, Jon! Great job!

    For me, kayaking with the dolphins may have been the one that SOUNDS most interesting, but I'd trust your judgment and do the things in your specified priority. So glad increased chance of saving a life ranked so high on your list – that speaks volumes about you!

    We may be going in '19, and I hope to do at least some of your list!

  3. Awesome tips, I'll lock this video for future ideas for when I make a trip to Hawaii, thanks for sharing Jon 😎👍

  4. Excellent wrap up from your trip. Best excursion is definitely kayaking with dolphins🐬🐬We'll be doing that in the fall! Love Hawaii🌴🌴

  5. Love the recap! Think the horse back riding looked the best and made us realize we hadnt seen the video yet!! Heading to watch it now 🙂

  6. I would love to do the horseback riding, I haven't had much experience with that and those views looked amazing!! Great video my friend–loved this wrap up!

  7. As a person that lives here on the Big Island, I think the bike ride to see the Volcano Flow. Last week before Karina and Tom (in this video our Workaways from Germany took our bikes out to the flow. after watching your video on riding bikes to the flow ( . So now Mike and I will make the journey. Also, Congrats for volunteering to take the dogs out for a day while on vacation. So happy a new pup has a home.

  8. Subscribed because of JayCation! ✌🏼 Travel vlogger here! I lived in Hilo for many years! Love the Big Island 😄 Great video!

  9. :}
    In the winter if 1993/4 I went to Kona to earn my commercial helicpoter license. Went in December
    and came home in April. N durring that time I got a job, purchased a used car. AND one of the pepole
    I met turned out to be my best man in my wedding in 1997 at the little Blue and White church
    on Alii drive AND to this vary day he n I almost talk or text each day……..

  10. I can't believe that I live 7 miles away from Waipio Valley and have never done the horseback ride there. Okay, that's on my list to do ASAP! Mahalo again for the great exposure of our island and especially of the Hawaii Island Humane Society "Field Trips for Shelter Dogs" program! You made a difference, my friend! 🙂

  11. Thanks for the tips! Will be going to the Big Island for 12 days in a couple weeks…my first time to Hawaii…will definitely be visiting some of these areas!

  12. I went to many of these places when I went for a month each 2 years in a row, but I must say that among all of these cool adventures, there is a big drug culture and homeless epidemic. some of my family lives there and I personally have been affected by the drug culture. where I stayed was in more of the ghetto neighborhoods near downtown if thats appropriate, and I had met a crack dealer the next street over without knowing until later and that was only one of the encounters, the others were much worse. I even heard there were a lot of criminals who hide out within waipo valley and the police leave them alone because they're afraid to go down in there. go enjoy! But be aware

  13. Great video with lots of tips. I travel to Maui frequently but have never been to Big Island. Thanks especially for the shelter dog tip, what a wonderful way to help!! Mahalo!!

  14. Great info – I'll be out there December 2 through 4 – going to see the plantation where they used to work since 1909.

  15. Elə bil evdə qoymurlar danışsın evdə danışa bilmədikcə yığır yığır 1 video çəkir videoyaya partlayır.

  16. I would go horse back riding for sure! Looked like you could actually ride instead of walk around like you're at a petting zoo anywhere else in the US. I'd also do the the water fall hike and well, everything!

  17. Leaving for Hawaii on Xmas day…my hobby metaldetecting..where can and can't you enjoy?Also loowing for luau and great hiking

  18. Coffee Shack for breakfast or lunch? Kona Coffee farms, you drove right through them to kayak Kealakekua Bay? Captain Cook's monument on Kealakekua Bay? Giant Manta Rays just off the coast of the KONA airport? Saddle Road and observatories on top of Mauna Kea? Lava tubes? Hapuna Beach? Whale watching? Those are spinner dolphins in Kealakekua Bay, they jump and spin as they break the water surface. Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua made famous in song in 1933 by Johnny Noble, on Mamalahoa Highway {route11) opposite Konawaena School Road, it is still there, just south of Greenwell Farms. Mauna Kea, saddle road and the observatories about 13,000 feet, snow in winter……sounds like you need to go back, you missed a lot of the Big Island. Waikiki Ranch (near old Parker Ranch) polo games, Napoopoo Road, Painted Church, coffee farms……Kona coffee

  19. Love the field trip with a shelter dog.  Will do!  Biking to Mt. Kileau is a great option to see the volcano! Thanks!

  20. only one man live in lava field no man company will live natty dread has t ohurt would would be lie in chains no matter what the ydo world will never pass awy natty cat rides again thru psychic of tommorw ohave no fear cat no have no sorrow cat have no alie in chains cat ……

  21. Did you buy a tour when you guys saw the lava?? Or did you only rent bikes and then hike/look around yourself?

  22. Good review, but when you said "there were times I felt like I was in a foreign country", yeah, it's because it is the Hawaiian Kingdoms! They were basically forced to become U.S. territory. It's unfortunate that America doesn't teach this in History class… 🙁

  23. The No 1 thing to do in Hawaii is snorkel or scuba. Living on the Kona side would have allowed you to get in the water a lot more.

  24. The Big Island is our favourite. We just came back from our 3rd time.I think you missed the night swim with the Manta Rays! We wouldn't miss doing it.

  25. Man, it looks amazing, would love to watch lava hitting the ocean. We spend 4 weeks in Hawaii but unfortunately didn't make it to the big island. We made a short video with material from Oahu, Kauai and Maui. Check it out if you're interested in those islands. 🙂

  26. I love your advice about taking a dog for a walk! That's awesome.
    Another thing people can do is to transport a cat from Hawaiian shelter to the mainland US. Alaska doesn't charge for animal flight. Cats have more chances of being adopted on the mainland here. Just reach out to your local cat or dog shelter.

  27. Totally agree with your number 1. About 5 years ago we went for a hike in the middle of the night to view the lava. Definitely the most memorable travel experience I've ever had.

  28. I live here on the Big Island of Hawaii. Uncle Roberts is where my family lives. I love Wednesday nights there. It's a completely different world living here, rather than visiting.

  29. I recommend stargazing on Mauna Kea and riding ATVs around Waipi'o. If you go to Mauna Kea dress warm its very cold!

  30. Stay mainland ya damn haoles. You guys come hea and no like leave. Running up our prices on everything. It’s alright you guys come and visit. Just no forget to go home. If you get relatives that moved here/lives here, drag all them back mainland

  31. Attention Real Americans. The Hawaiian Senator Mazie Hirono has called POTUS Trump a terrorist and is joining Rep. Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer in a stalemate of paying 800,000 Federal workers over the building of a border fence along our southern border, a project both Pelosi and Schumer have voted for and funded in the past. These anarchist actions by Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii should be enough evidence of her Anti-American activity to all Hawaiian's to recall her for her immoral actions in direct violation of her oath of office. She has sworn allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America. I urge all Americans to avoid Hawaii as a vacation spot until the Hawaiian people recall their fascist Senator and return to Washington DC someone more representative of their beliefs in the Constitution of the United States of America. BOYCOTT HAWAII UNTIL THEY REMOVE THEIR FASCIST SENATOR. AMERICANS SUPPORT YOUR PRESIDENT 22 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS IN AMERICA IS IN VIOLATION OF OUR CONSTITUTION. SUPPORT YOUR PRESIDENT AND BOYCOTT HAWAII!!!

  32. Just here to say that approaching dolphins within 50 yards (boat) or 30 yards (swimming) is illegal and immoral. I'm sure you didn't realize this, many people are trying to make a buck off the dolphins and won't tell this to tourists. But you are endangering the lives of the dolphins when you're that close.

  33. Love all the things you suggested! Fantastic chooses and comments. I was just wondering what horseback ride tour you took? Can’t find the 5 hour horseback ride. Thanks.

  34. I’ve never heard of the animal shelter program you mentioned, what an ingenious program! plus the big island of Hawaii is amazing and you came up with new ideas for me! Even though I’ve been there four times, great video!

  35. I dont need to pay to go to hawaii cuz i live there and loco mocos is goood and i lnow were rainbow falls and all kind other places

  36. You have not had real fun until you ride to rim of the valley on a 3 wheeler, or done Para sailing. Lava boat is up close and personal with Lava. Better than a hot bike ride and way closer. Big Island very cool.

  37. Hi there! I will be in that island in a few days but we will be staying in the Volcano aerea.. I was wondering if is there any place nearby where you can do the kayaking with dolphins.. We will do the dog shelter for sure <3 I am really grateful for your video mate! 🙂

  38. Now’s your chance to REALLY explore the Volcanoes National Park in all its glory. Check out our Volcanoes National Park Top 10!! 🔥🌋🌋🚶🚶🤙🤙🤙

  39. Any info on the bike rental place to Mt. Kileau? Easy to find? You remember the name and do they tell you where to go?

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