What’s up guys, this is Eddie, and this is
my first hike needless to say I have no idea what I’m doing. [Music] So today we’re at the Great Falls Park in
Northern Virginia and…. like I said, this is my first hike I actually
have no idea what I’m doing, but it should be fun. So the reason I decided to go hiking guys,
is because I watched that All Def Digital “Do Black People Hike” video. And I realized I have never been hiking before. I mean I’ve walked on a bike trail for like
20 minutes, and I don’t necessarily think that qualifies. So that’s why we’re here today. [Music] All right, so real quick we’re gonna check
if we packed the right stuff. I know we bought a couple of backpacks but
personally, I didn’t know what to bring. So as you guys are about to see, we are absolutely
prepared. All right. Let’s check this out…. We’ve got Gas-x Pepto Bismo chewables “WHAT!!!?” We’ve got water! You gotta have your water. And that’s it… I don’t think we’re prepared. Ah! Let’s go. These bugs are killing me. There’s another side? [Soothing Music] Oh my gosh guys, check out this tree. It’s gotta be ancient. [Soothing Music] Why re you scared? It’s daytime. I’ll Protect you. We’ve walked all this way, and I think we
have to walk back, but I hope there’s a shuttle Wait, there’s no shuttle? I don’t think so I’m not walking back [chuckle] It’s too
far! Nah there ain’t no bears. What are you talking about? Are there bears? Do we have bears here? [Soothing Music] So, quick note guys….bug spray. Bug spray and hiking apparently go hand-in-hand. And obviously we didn’t pack any. Ahhh! I got sand in my shoe. Damn it! [Sound of river running] [Sigh] Water Break! I’m hot I’m tired We’re gonna go see the little waterfall, and
that’s it. “It’s a wrap!” It’s a wrap! Alright guys. So this is what we came to see. Thank you guys for watching. Again hit that “Like” and Subscribe button. I hope you guys enjoyed. [Sound of rushing water]

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