(The streets are busy) (with things people have to do
in the morning.) (We are busy
heading to the beach.) (I don’t have any money.) You memorized it. -That’s great.
-That’s all I remember. That’s great! (Practicing how to get
a discount at the market.) (Jisoo: I don’t have money.) (Jennie:
Please give us a discount.) Now you can go around
without me. -They are selling skewers.
-Skewers. Skewers. Chicken skewers. (Blackpink House Episode 2
Jisoo’s favorite) (Song written by Jisoo,
dedication to the chicken) (Skewers Chicken Skewers,
written and sung by Jisoo) I want to eat
some chicken skewers. They even sell pizza. They also sell hamburgers. (That was the best a cappella.) Can you believe
that this was just made up now? Buy me a floater. A unicorn floater. Buy me a floater. (Chicken skewers, pizza,
hamburger, floater) (Arrived at destination) (Al’s Laemson Beach) (The sound of the waves
against the sand) (Welcome) (Jennie’s tour
Enjoy Ko Samui’s beach) I want to put my feet
into the water. (Now this is a real vacation.) Let’s go in! It’s cold! It’s cold! (Even in the cold water, Jennie
and Chae Young are having fun.) Hello. Hello, marine life! (Come here, waves!) I can’t do it. It’s scary. Just stay right there. -Just stay there.
-This hurts. (The waves become stronger
with the wind.) (Humph!) I stretched myself
without knowing. I was hunched this, then
the water came, so I did this. (Hello. I’m not afraid of
the waves.) (Backing vocalist 1,
backing vocalist 2) Are we getting on them? Yes, we’re going to ride those. -Can we ride it now?
-Guys! -Should we…
-Do you want to ride those? -We can ride them now.
-We need to prepare for it. (The main game: jet ski) Let’s go! (Just run for it.) (Playing in the beach
is so fun.) Look at this. Let’s not get hurt
and have a lot of fun. Right. Let’s not get hurt. (Okay. I won’t get hurt!) Have fun. (Jisoo and Lisa go first.) (It was shot
after safety training.) (They start off well.) I am the captain. I am the captain of this boat. (Captain Jisoo Sparrow) I’ll be back. Hello. Oh, I’m sorry. (I think I look cool.) I am a tough girl! (She gives a tough talk,
but she’s a bit scared.) (She calms herself down.) What is she doing? She’s so fast. Lisa! (Whistle) (She’s a pro.) Look at Lisa. (Easily jumps) What did she do? She can jump! (Screaming) Me too! (I can’t fall behind.) (Oh, my.) It’s too fast. I’m scared. Jisoo is holding on tight. Jisoo! What is she doing?
She’s so funny. Wow! Look at her! -She’s really fast.
-That’s amazing! (I’m a tough girl!) (She’s even
waving her hands now.) (You can’t avoid
being sprayed by the water.) I keep getting sprayed
by the water. Now I know why
the water is spraying on me. It’s being sprayed from
Lisa’s boat. It’s all Lisa’s fault! (No. I’m getting sprayed too!) Then I’ll drink water. (Jennie, is this what
you were talking about?) (Jennie and Rosé
get on the jet ski.) (Roaring) (Shall we ride?) (Jennie is going fast
from the start.) -Her ponytails are blown.
-She’s so cute. This is so fun! (Speeding up with her two
ponytails flying around.) (The planner of Jennie’s tour
is having the most fun.) Look how slow Chae Young is. Chae Young! Pick up speed! This is fun! (Keeping a distance
from the boat up front) Let’s go! (Wait for me Chae Young!) (Speeding Jennie
outruns Chae Young.) This is fun. (She screams the most.) (#Jet Ski #Speeding #Success) (But the real thing
is beginning only now.) (Should we fly?) Hurry. Let’s do rock,
paper, scissors. -Rock, paper, scissors.
-Rock, paper, scissors. (Jennie is going away.) Rock, paper, scissors. Aren’t you in first place? (Nervous) You were in first place. (She looks anxious.) -Let’s do it!
-I’m in first place. Sea sickness. I have sea sickness. (Parasailing looks like
where you’ll get sea sick.) (Will she just give up?) (We’ll find out next week.) (Blackpink House) (Blackpink’s journey continues!) (I’m so happy.) (I love you.) (Daytime full of energy) -It’s a night market!
-So exciting! (Night time full of good meals!) (Satisfied, happy) (As if there’s no tomorrow) (From day to night,
they enjoyed every moment.) (However) (It begins to rain.) (That’s right.) (It’s a heavy rain.) (Rain always follows us.) (Can we do
what we planned for today…) (Rain always follows Blackpink.) (Last day in Thailand!) (Will they be able to finish
their trip without any trouble?)

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