The real party starts now! The girls head for Chaweng Beach Where is this place
with the bright lights? A club and bar
right on the beach. It’s the hottest place
in town. (Be careful where you walk.
You can get soaked!) (The music becomes complete
with the sound of the waves) (If you get seated on the
sunbed) We have arrived! You can see the ocean right up close. (It’s the Beach Bar’s famous fire show) Is this what the girls
so famously sang about? “Playing with Fire”… (The show is capturing
everyone’s attention) (The show brings back memories
from “Playing with Fire”) Playing With Fire (Koh Samui ver.) (World premiere) Wow, this is really playing with fire!! Hot hot hot! (Beware of fires day and night!
Dial 911 for emergencies) -It’s really hot!
-Whew! It’s hot! They asked, “are you hot?” (Drinks to cool everyone down) Let’s toast to our
first trip together! We can’t always go out freely
like today. If we could go out freely in Korea is there something you
guys want to do? I want to wear a bikini
and ride a horse along the beach. (Wear a bikini
and ride a horse?) (That sounds more risqué than playing
with fire ^^) They do that a lot in
foreign countries. I want to go to an
amusement park. I want to play without
worrying about other people! (Perfect timing for the girls’
song to come out) (You don’t have to pay any attention to us) You know how we always ignore it
when we hear our song while eating out. (Embarassed ^^:) Do we need to get up
and dance?? We should at least
do this… Washing windows It’s hotter than when we were
watching the fire show! Baby dance ver. European dance ver. Lisa, go do the Taxi dance with them! (Party Lisa is on the dance floor) (Rosé joins the party!) (Everyone is laughing like a kid) (Not knowing how the time
was flying by) It was really fun. I think Lisa’s tour was my favorite. Black Pink’s first trip abroad. Escaping from the attention and having fun, just
on their own. The girls were drawn in by the
unfamiliarity Excited because it was
the first time and happy because
they were together… The night is heating up
thanks to Party Girl Lisa’s Tour The next morning… it suddenly starts to rain. What should we do now? Everyone… it’s raining again. It’s raining again afterall. I kind of expected it… Our Thai fans said they were praying
it wouldn’t rain. But when we woke up
the next day, it was raining. The rain must be following us. From Monday through Friday. Then it’s probably not our fault. (The rain doesn’t look like it’ll stop.) On days like this you need to
listen to the rain while you sleep. (These girls know how to take action.) (Planning on sleeping 12 hours straight) (What’s going on in Lisa and Rosé’s room?) (Our ears are met with
a pleasant surprise) The rain is creating a nice atmosphere. I like it. It’s a unique morning. (The girls are showing off perfect
harmony just with some music on.) Work it! Hey, this is a good idea.
Let’s work out. (In the end, it turns out
to be a weird dance) (They can get a little
aggressive…) Ouch!! (It that slime?) I just want to stay like this
all day. I used to play around making
rice cakes with this stuff. Making rice cakes in Koh Samui? (Who is the better
rice cake maker?) I did this. It’s too small. Look at this! I made songpyeon (Korean rice cake)! Oh, you’re pretty good. Older Girls / Younger Girls The same group, different tastes. The rain continues… It’s time for Rosé’s tour. (Chaeng’s tour – Going to someplace high) It’s Chaeyoung and Jisoo’s tour. It’s my tour and I made plans for us
to go ziplining… The girls were scheduled to go hiking
and do all sorts of stuff… But the weather… It’s still raining, Chaeng! I found out that we can still
do it even if it’s raining We can wear rain ponchos… In this weather… Wearing rain ponchos? But its raining…and I felt bad
that we would all have to get wet. So I was wondering if we should
go or not… Let’s go. (A big decision) I’m looking forward to it. It’s a 7-Eleven. (The girl’s can’t miss the opportunity) It’s pretty big! Additional schedule:
going wild at the convenient store The tour participants are VERY pleased. It’s kind of scary. I don’t know what to try. (The store is full of items
the girls have never seen before) (Who do we need right now? -Lisa, is this coconut juice?
-Lisa, what is this? Lisa, Lisa, Lisa Lisa, is this good? Lisa, what is this?
(Just ask Lisa anything) (They’re all snacks!!) (The girls get back in the car
with tons of food) Lisa, good job picking this snack. Our co-emcees are
the models for this snack. They shot the ad and
brought back some of the snacks. We covet… that kind of position, too! Advertisers, are you watching? We’re eating seaweed snacks
in the cutest fashion (While promoting themselves to advertisers the girls reach the forest) Is this the jungle? It’s the place up high
that Rosé wanted to go to.

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  2. You girls should go to Singapore's Garden By The Bay! They have a lot of water shows! But you should go at night because they only start at night but it's beautiful!

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