Blake vs Chris | GMBN Mountain Bike Jib Off!

Blake vs Chris | GMBN Mountain Bike Jib Off!

– Welcome back you beautiful people. Today we find ourselves in the streets, in Bristol in the UK. We’re out here on two different bikes to have a game of bike. – Yeah, we got one heavyweight bike, 23.5 kilo e-bike, 2.8 tires, it’s a bit of a monster on the street against Blake’s machine. What you got, Blake? – Well, I’ve got my Canyon Torque, this is a 175 mil travel bike. It’s a big bike, it’s like one of the big, heavy hitters of Enduro bikes out there,
while yours is an e-bike. – Yeah, yeah, but we’re gonna
go big on the streets today. So let’s get into it? – Yes, over there.
– Let’s do it. (upbeat instrumental music) (laughter) – [Blake] What the hell? (laughs) – Yo. – Yes! – All right, so we tested
the suspension out. – Yeah, big travark and coaster wheelie from the cobbles back down to the cobbles, one crank.
– one crank? – From a track stand. – No peddling.
– And no peddling. Just roll down, sit down manual, whichever or coaster wheelie and your front wheel’s
gotta touch the cobbles. – Cobbles, these black? – Yeah, otherwise you’re
gonna get a letter. – A letter? – Ready?
– Yeah, yeah. Are you sure about this. – It’s all good fun yeah. – Can I do that again. I win. (laughs) – And I’ll start now. You ready? (laughs) – [Blake] Damn it. – I blame the e-bike. – The weight of the e-bike
just that motor kicked in and just twisted that throttle
and I was away wasn’t I? – Yeah. – So easy. – The wind was really bad. – Stability of the weight. – Yeah exactly. – This carbon fiber isn’t
all it’s cracked up to be. – B for Blake. – B for Blake. – On the simple one. I’ve got a challenge for you Chris and it’s a manual one. – Yeah. – A manual wheelie but you gotta keep you’re front wheel up in the air. – I’m not too hot on manuals. – Cool, I’m really good at them. What you’re gonna do is you’re
gonna bunny hop that gap. Actually you start from
all the way over there and you’re gonna get over that– oh no that’s a crap gap. – Crap gap. (laughs) – And then you’re gonna bunny hop this gap and then you gotta keep
you’re front wheel in the air, drop down, front wheel in the air and you gotta get up onto that. – On this bike that’s gonna be so hard. – Yeah real hard. – Alright lets see it then. I wanna see this. – Alright you get two chances. One chance. That’s quite close. – One chance the pressures on Blake. – The pressure is on. – I don’t think he’s got it, nah. Should be easy on that bike as well. It’s okay isn’t it. – That’s a horrible one. Yeah, Chris is good at trails man and it’s quite head
wind, I mean side wind. Chris has got it. Not very good at street stuff. More of in the mountain kind of guy. – Oh that wind. Oh my God. I’m gonna
need iron arms for this. – [Blake] I reckon if you don’t
do it we should do it again. Yeah blame the wind. – Wind’s stopped we need to drop in, five. This is like FMB, you got a wind pull. – No, I just dropped in. Psych out the opp– – Seasoned pro! – The opp– Whatever they are. – Oh my God that wind
literally just blows me. – [Blake] Really? – Yeah – [Blake] Really? Watch this. – One more go is it? – Yeah. Cos we both didn’t do it. Watch this Chris. You got it. – [Chris] Whoa! – That was like, I’m
going home for the bars. (laughs) Good luck Chris. – Oh man! – That was too easy Chris, you were playing with it. You were playing with that. Nice. – Just. – Be, nothing. Next challenge.
– My foot, here. How about, a no handed landed drop. – Off the small one or off the top tier. – Not off the top, no way. I don’t wanna pick my teeth off the step. – I don’t wanna pick my teeth up. – I haven’t done one for years. – I’ve not done one. – First block.
– First block. – No hands. So you pick
up, hands off and land and you gotta ride at least
two bike lengths out of it. – Flipping heck. – Alright.
– Yeah, go for it. – My god. – Chris is the king at
jibbing that I know, in the UK, he’s pretty freaking good. He’s like on par, with
MacAskill and all them lot, but on an e-bike, Blake Pilgrim. – The front wheel’s gonna
bounce and everything, I forgot how horrible these are. Oh fluff! Was that two bike lengths? – [Blake] Yeah that was
three of them blocks. – Oh sketchy. – [Blake] Well done. – Good luck on the featherweight. – Good luck in the win. – Dunno he should be alright, he’s pretty good with his no-handers. I don’t know, its just
the weight of the bike. This thing’s super stable
as soon as you land. Whereas that thing’s
probably gonna bounce. You get a front wheel bounce, bars cross and then it could be game over, could be another letter. Yes. You’re not sure on the distance. It’s there I think. – Is it there or should I do it again, cos it’s scary. – Once more cos that was
you’re practice one right? – Yeah. – There’s big extension there, I like it. Yes. Nice. There you go. That’s sweet. – That’s horrible, reckon we
should do it off the top one. – [Chris] Not the top, the second one. – That’s what I meant. – [Chris] Okay. – Do you reckon? – [Chris] Me first then is it? – Yeah alright. – I don’t think I can hold
on something that high. I’m just gonna go pyew! Do you think or not? – Yeah alright lets try it. – Alright so for this one, lets swap it around a bit, as long as you land and ride out, two or three feet, its pulled, okay? – Right, pulled. – Then you don’t have to worry
about the two bike lengths. – Yeah cos this is life threatening. – This is quite high. – If you want more children, this is what this is all about, kids. He’s got two. How many children have you got? – Three. – He’s got three so he’s alright. I’ve only got one, I want another one. I wanna do this one. – I’m a bit nervous about this one. – I would be. You gotta clear that and the wind is really sharp and the back end is just gonna go dum dum. Go one Chris, you got it! Woo, yeah, whoa! And you can go over that yellow city bike. – Wind check. Right. (beep) man. This is pretty big. – [Blake] Wind is strong. – Bottled it again. My finger came off. – [Blake] Don’t count. – That’s big! – Yeah that’s what she said. Don’t bottle it! (laughs) – I knew that was gonna happen. Your go. (laughs) – [Blake] After seeing
that, I don’t wanna do it. – Yeah come on. – [Blake] Alright I’ll do it. Watch this. – Well he was pretty scared to be fair on the little ledge drop so this is the next level up, so I’m not holding out a lot of hope. I reckon it’s gonna be a
lie down the same as mine. Oh yes! – The back front.
– Bounced as well. That’s so good. – Yes!
– Nice. That was a big one as well. – I was quite scared
I thought I was gonna. I think I did better on the bigger one than on the small one. – You did, yeah sweet. Nice. – B. – B. – Next challenge. – Blake I know you love you’re trials so this is all trials for you. Back wheel hop, one, two, three, all on the back wheel. Front wheel’s not allowed to touch until you’re back on the cobbles. – Okay, cool. – Got it? – Can I get two go’s. – You can have three go’s, I
think you’re gonna need it. – Three go’s, three
steps. I like it Chris. – Just toning down the power a little bit. I don’t even know what
this bike copes like. – [Blake] Yeah, you don’t need
need any e-power for this. – Oh my God. – [Blake] Yeah, big. One. – Oh! My god. Not pretty but–
– I see you’re method. That’s, mate it’s– – Ill take it maybe. Right,
lets see those back wheel hops. – Trails gear. How do you do it? – [Chris] Brake forward, front brake and then keep you’re weight
over the front wheel. – Whoa! That’s scarier. – [Chris] Is that BO
or you got another go? – You said three go’s. – [Chris] Three? I was only messing. – Oh you were messing. – [Chris] It’s alright, do over. – Watch this. I’ll do it in two. – [Chris] Get that big booty back. Get that weight on the back wheel. Oh yeah this is it. See, it’s all about the booty. – Yeah that’s more trials! God I’m learning trails. – It’s all about getting that booty on the back wheel right? – Yeah. – Holding on to that back brake. – Get the J Lo out. – Yeah let it shake. – Get it low, low, J Lo. Next, I reckon next
spot, it’s a bit windy. – I’m feeling a 360. – What? – A 360 drop. Off the
tablet in the middle. A 360 rock walk drop. – Can you do them? – I think so. – I can’t. – Letter for you then. – Cool. Do we get one? – [Chris] Yeah lets see it. – [Blake] That’s quite big actually. – [Chris] Is that what happened when you tried getting up last time? – [Blake] Yeah. – [Chris] You smashed
into it and broke it. – Chris wants to 360 off this. That’s a nose pivot 360 yeah? – [Chris] Yeah, it’s pretty hard actually, I didn’t realize it was
quite as high as this. – If you don’t do it, we can move on. – No I’m gonna do it just to
give you a letter I think. – Alright. Mate I want you to land it super buttery smooth
that Danny MacAskill’s. – On a 23 and a half kilo. His bike probably weighs
one in third of this bike. – And it’s not an e-bike. That’s an excuse Chris. Go on Chris. – Oh God 270.
– [Blake] Blimey! That was not 360. – Shall I go once more? – [Blake] You wanna go once more? – Yeah, that wasn’t nice. – No that was– – Did you see my whole bike. – I saw your whole bike do
a pringle and pringle back. Told you this is critic element, he loves this stuff, I hate it. Well I don’t hate it,
I like it but not that. – Bit more spin yeah. – I think so Chris. I think
a little bit more spin. – The wind is gone, the
three is about to begin. – [Blake] I’ll say yes to that. – Whoa I feel the wind now. – Then I’ll take your letter, BI. – BI, nice. – What are you. – B. – Right my set, I’m going hammer. It’s over there. Look at those Chris. – Oh wow table. – Slow. I’ve asked for loads of wind. – A tail wind thank God. – We got this section here, we start from over there. You gotta pedal up and
when you get up to the top of that slope, on that flat bit, you gotta manual and then try and manual all the way down them steps. – Manual down the steps as well. – Keep the front wheel up. – So the front wheel doesn’t
touch from the graffiti, to the end of the steps right? – Front wheel don’t touch from over the railing over there. – Oh, you wanna manual the whole thing? – Wheelie up here. You can use pedaling, but no pedaling there and all down there. Front wheel has to touch the
cobbles at the bottom step. – Yeah, sounds good. Lets see it. – Alright. Two go’s. – Nice. Shall I give it a go. – Yeah give it go. I just chucked that one in there, great. Unless Chris gets it first go. He’s gone for the full manual, but Chris has– (laughs) Alright, I’m not gonna pedal. – You’re not gonna pedal just hit at it like big table
top in a skate park right? – I’m gonna do like you did. – Alright. – Cos that looked cooler than pedaling. – Lets see it. You got it.
That wind is quite turbo. – Now the challenge has changed cos the– – [Chris] That wind is
like having an e-bike. No excuses now. Yo, nice! – Yeah! – [Chris] Butter, so smooth as well. – Butter. – [Chris] Butter. – Butter boy. (laughs) – That’s nice. That looked so good. – That was really nice, did you wanna– – I don’t think it’s gonna
work that way in this wind. – Not with this wind. We were gonna do it the other way, up the steps and then– – Manual down. – Manual down. – Too windy for that. – Too windy. – Move on. – [Blake] I was excited for that. – [Chris] That looked good. – [Blake] That was nice. – Okay Blake next challenge. Up these stairs, anywhere you fancy and do a back wheel hop or whatever, then wall ride or wall
slide back down this wall. – Body slide. – Body slide down the wall. – I don’t wall ride that way. – I don’t care, that’s
the way I wall ride. – Oh God. Can I be that snail? – Yeah and then wall slide back down. Oh, kinda, did it clip the stair? – You clipped the step. – Does it count? – Yeah cos that’s probably
what I’m gonna do. – Lets see it. – This is how I go up the steps. – [Chris] That’s e-bike style. Lets see the wall slide. Did you touch the wall? – [Camera Man] He did. – Are you sure I wanna
see a slow mo on that. – I touched the wall,
didn’t you hear me wheels? I touched the wall.
– I want a slow mo. – Yeah go on watch a slow mo. – You just whipped down the stairs. – Slow mo, there you go. (laughs) – There’s no tire marks on the wall. – I touched the wall, look. – Like an olly one. Well props
for doing that, you got it. – That was scary, I
thought I was gonna die. Thought the horse was gonna– – Did you actually touch the wall or not? – I actually touched the wall. – Just front wheel up. I don’t think the back wheel hit it. – Lets watch the replay. You see. You saw it? – [Man] I had a much better view. – [Blake] He said it yeah! – [Chris] Can you say it
again for the camera for us? – Yes he touched the wall. – He touched the wall 100%. – 100% touched the wall. – Cheers judge. – Thanks judge. Right you did that horrible 360. I got this, look at this gap I spotted. – Lovely rail hop. Look at those– – You gotta bunny hop all the way over to the
flat ground-ness over there. – Hopping this rail from that ledge and what about if you’re
back wheel clips this round. – Oh don’t say that Chris. Don’t say that. – I’ve done this rail eight
years ago on my hard tail but I think I’m gonna give this one a miss on the e-bike because
if this thing hits that. – Don’t day it Chris. – Its probably gonna annihilate this rail and myself but you’re welcome to it. – [Chris] Yo. Nice. Easy. – I was testing out the full
suspensionization on that. – [Chris] The full suspensionization? – Yeah that’s Blake’s dictionary
for suspension testing. – Definitely, you landed
right on that whole to the full, that’s nice, smooth. – I was quite nervous Chris. – Smooth. You cleared it by miles. – Yeah but i didn’t
wanna get close though. – You were like 20 feet over the rail. – Good, shall we move on. You sure you don’t wanna try it. – Nah. – Are you sure? – No I don’t wanna be responsible for knocking this rail down. – BI. – BI, its a draw. – Hey Chris, someones
left the bath on upstairs and it’s coming down the stairs. (laughs) – There’s a lot of water here but I think it’s gonna make
an amazing section for us. – You reckon? – I’m feeling like a
Handsray level vibe feel or Sheffield trials
indoor section from 1998. Remember the big waterfall section? – Oh yeah. – Dougie Lampkin but were
gonna come down this, loop round. – Loop out. – And then up that slippy
ledge, up the narrow side, hopefully you’re gonna wheel spin and fall back in the waterfall. – No.
– Yeah. – No I’m gonna get wet feet. – Lets try. – [Camera Man] What do you reckon? – Well he’s e-bike so he’s chosen this one that will benefit him. The ambulance is coming for him cos he’s gonna, look
he’s just e-biking it up. This is gonna be, it’s all going off. Sirens, the rule of four. That’s marble it’s gonna be so slippery. Here he comes. – Oh yeah, feeling just
like Dougie Lampkin. Gonna dry my tires out a bit. – You’re tires are wet. – Tires are soaking wet
for this marble ledge. It’s all about power mate. It’s all about the power Chris. – Power and delivery. I’ve got power in my
legs, I think I’ve got it. I think I got it. Alright Chris. Well done Chris. – Lets see it. I wanna see you lie
down in that waterfall. Nice. Using that technique. Drying that bike out. Look at this, but are we
gonna see the same power? Whoa, easy. Look at that, nice. – Chris, what are you doing here mate? – This is the Trevor Jones
trumpet set challenge. Look right by the man
himself, Trevor Jones, the winner of this is gonna get a serenade by Trevor himself. – What we’re gonna cycle up that? – We’re gonna ride up this but you’re probably
gonna struggle on this, so I’m gonna be nice and
let you use the e-bike to show you its not all just cheating. I wanna see you’re skills on the e-bike. – Oh he’s going for it. – Up here. – Alright. – Run up from the bin and then– – Up the steps. – Up the steps. – Okay. – Yeah, you gonna watch and learn? – Yeah, hang on let me put
this down right over here. – So when I give the e-bike back to Blake, I’m gonna secretly turn
the power down to eco so he’s probably not gonna
make it even up the steps, so big letter to him. I’m gonna try and boost and I should make it, easy. – Sorry bike, I’m gonna, – That’s what’s gonna happen. Go on Chris. – Right, so we just start at the bin. Keep on coming but we’re gonna go. – [Blake] What the hell? (claps) I don’t think I can do that. – You got it? – [Blake] I don’t know. Riding up steps is not my thing. – I’ll get it all lined up for you. – Riding down the steps is my thing. – Technique, just power. – Pedal. – Pedal. – And look at the top. You got it easy. Whoa! – Damn it. – So close. God imagine if you had a turbo. Aw dude you there. So close. – BIK. – Damn.
– BIK, damn. You’re the king. – Step king of Trevor Jones challenge. – It’s time to drizzle, but this is the legendary Bristol Hip. It’s nice, I like Hips. – Looks good, nice flat bank. – What do you reckon we’re doing here? – 360 nose pivot? – Aw Chris man.
– To take you back out. Blake can’t take it. – I’ve been learning fakies but I still can’t pivot
three, remember the last time. – I do remember the last time. – How many go’s can I get? – Three go’s. – Three go’s. – Yep. Shall I just show
you how to do it quick? So you remember? – Please, you gotta actually
land it first go though. – Land it first go. – Pressure’s on. Oh! That was nice I liked
how you dabbed the foot but that’s not how you do it Chris. – Come on lets see it. You got it. – This is a game Chris. – I get super competitive. – Yeah I know you do Chris. – I don’t wanna get too wet. – Well obviously you were, your not EMBN and stuff. GMBN. – [Chris] Lets see it mate come on. – That scared the crap out of me. – [Chris] Did you think that was you’re front tire blowing out? – Yeah I thought I burped. – [Chris] Right out the way then, I’ll show you how to do it. So we saying you’re gonna
have another go Chris? – Yeah, alright. – Go on Chris. – I had a bit of moisture
on my pads on that first go. – [Chris] Yeah that’s what everyone says. Don’t dab that foot. Ah! Alright so we get three
go’s like you said. – Yeah get one more go each. – [Blake] I go two.
– I got two more. – [Blake] I got two more Chris. Real good at this, really good at this. Go on Chris go ahead and do it. Dab that foot Chris. Yeah! (laughs) Chris couldn’t do it. I’ve got one more go and I’ve got it. – [Camera Man] You got at him. Oh just watch that guy don’t shoot you. – Yeah, drive by’s going on, some guy with some cool exhaust noises. Alright Chris I got one go. – [Chris] You got one go left. – And I’ve got it. – [Chris] Lets hope you get more than the 180 you just did before yeah? – I am confident that I am gonna land this 360 nose pivot for the first time in the history of Blake Sampson. – Lets see it. – If I don’t, we’ll have to– – But there could be a problem, you gotta come fakie out of it and– – Blakie can fakie. – Can’t fakie, Blakie can’t fakie now. – Watch this Chris. – [Chris] Oh yeah! – How the hell can you get your front– so the history has not been made today. (laughs) – Not today. – This always happens. I think we’re gonna do
it until we get it Chris. – Okay. – It’s a challenge. – Okay first person to do it– – It’s all in the hips aye Chris. – It’s all in the hips and that J Lo butt, remember swing that butt. Twerk it baby. Aw man. Yeah I’m watching this (mumbles). – [Blake] Lets see that
foot come down again. Yeah. Aww. (laughs) That’s nice. – How’d you like that?
– That was really nice, but that means I’ve still
got one go cos you– – You got one go left. – Bloody hell Chris you did it. Well done. BIKE. – [Chris] Oh no was that the letter. – Yes Chris. BIKE. – Do you want the tissues? – A violin.
– A violin. – The trumpet please. – We’re going back up to the trumpet shop. – Yeah. – Again Chris, hell of a game. – Thanks for coming over. – Really enjoyed it, that
was super good, super windy. – It is windy. I need to work on my– – 360 nose rolls. – I think in the next game back we eliminate the 360. – Yeah, true. – Unless I’ve learnt it. – I wouldn’t mind
eliminating the e-bike maybe and then coming back on a normal bike. Maybe? – Yeah. – Lets see it. – Make it a little bit more fair. Thank you very much for
watching this rogue video, if you love this sort of content let us know in the comments down below or what other stuff you
want us to see or do. – Don’t forget you can subscribe to GMBN by clicking the globe in
the middle of the screen. – And if you wanna see Chris doing some trails on a
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