Blazing Saddles (6/10) Movie CLIP – Mongo Comes to Town (1974) HD

Blazing Saddles (6/10) Movie CLIP – Mongo Comes to Town (1974) HD

[in high voice]
good luck. Good mornin’, ma’am. Isn’t it a lovely mornin’? Up yours, nigger. What did you
expect? “welcome, sonny”? “make yourself
at home”? “marry my daughter”? You got to
remember that These are just
simple farmers. These are people
of the land, The common clay
of the new west. You know… Morons. [rumbling] What the hell
is that? Mongo!Santa maria!Oh! Ah! I believe in it! Friends
and neighbors,
gather around– Holy shit! Aah!
Aah! Aah! And they say
that now In paris, France, Even as we speak, Louis pasteur
has devised
a new vaccine That will
obliterate anthrax Once and for all. You can’t park
that animal there.

100 thoughts on “Blazing Saddles (6/10) Movie CLIP – Mongo Comes to Town (1974) HD

  1. Drew Anderson
    4 weeks ago

    "I'm not from Havana".  What does that mean?
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     It means he's not Hispanic… They breed like roaches

  2. Mongo Santamaria was a Latin composer and musician who was real popular in the 60's and 70's. I own a couple of his albums. Being a Puerto Rican from Da Bronx, when the guy says, "Mongo! Santamaria!" and later finding out how some school buses (and even a lot of trucks nowadays) had YES and NO on the rear, (making Alex Karras (RIP), not Steelers great Jerome Bettis, the original bus) for me makes this scene hysterical. Must've watched this movie a hundred times and it still cracks me up every time. 

  3. Sometimes I just play the part of the movie when Jim comforts the sheriff. I look at my co-workers from time to time and that scene flashes through my head, and I'm cracking up. 

  4. The "mongo santa maria" guy has always cracked me up just by his delivery but I just learned the Mongo Santamaria was a real person and the joke became 1000x funnier

  5. Mongo the not too bright powerful guy riding the bull into town. Love the yes/no on the bulls ass. How symbolic. And great power will be given to him.

  6. You left out a funny line. After Howard Johnson goes on about Louis Pasteur someone replies, "Nevermind that shit……here comes Mongo"

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  8. Movieclips always cuts a scene too early. One of the funniest parts is "never mind that shit…..HERE COMES MONGO!!!!!!!"

  9. Thank god Mel Brooks had final say on what was in and out of the movie, because the studio heads wanted to remove this scene.

  10. I still can't believe how this performance didn't yield the Best Supporting Actor award for Sarah Jessica Parker that year.

  11. simple farmers, clay of new west to stupid or lazy to go all the way to pacific while the weather is warm and dont get frozen at eat each other in the mountain winter😁😎😅

  12. The horse punch is one of the most hilarious Mel Brooks stunts. Yes, we all know it's a trained horse and rider and no one was hurt. But OMFG that is funny,

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