Blended Spirits Ranch in Fairview Pennsylvania Equestrian Therapy Horses Veteran Support

Blended Spirits Ranch in Fairview Pennsylvania Equestrian Therapy Horses Veteran Support

oh I like easy if he has he is all I
don’t really know like he is easy to work with
maybe stubborn sometimes but um you may get distracted which this is like a massage for um the
horse I do it and then I do it on his weight now I just got this under his
chest when you care when you ride it’s like you’re being free a little
bit I think like I feel like when I like run things here I can take them out We’re headed to the arena okay if you want to get stairs okay so this place is very important to
me I actually call it my happy place people say they have their generic
little my room is my happy place well this barn it’s my happy place I think I
really work well with the teens and the horses because I’m really close to their
age I understand what’s going through their minds a little bit and I can
closely relate to what they’re talking about and I can help them move forward
and do great things in their life one of the very special things that’s close to
my heart here is easy when I first came here I took lessons on Easy and I loved
it so so much that I came back I volunteered I mentored and now Easy and I
have the best relationship that I could ever ask for
we’re best friends and that’s one of the things that keeps me going through the
day I say that I’m going to the barn tonight I am here at the barn Monday
nights Wednesday nights and Saturday nights during the summer it’s a lot more
I am a junior in high school I also dance and then I come here so I have to
keep up with homework I have to keep up with dance but I still make time to come
here because this is my favorite place to come Blended Spirits is important to
me because without it I don’t think that I would have the confidence that I have
coming here and working with horses it gives you so much more confidence and
self-esteem it’s amazing it’s really important because with others and myself
because the horses just give you such such happiness and just it’s really just
a place to come and hang out and just let everything from your world at home
or at work just float away for a little bit and to be around horses and just
people that make you happy friend of mine a head told me about the ranch she
was going through the program through the Vet Center and asked me to come out
with her for a session just to see what it was like and that day I got to
experience something I had experienced that I was a child being on the back
force again and that just kind of set the tone for me and I met just some very
wonderful people that day and I decided when time came to go ahead and try and
sign up for it myself and I spent eight weeks working with a horse named cowboy
and unfortunately cowboy is no longer with us but that horse had quite
literally saved my life and I owe a lot to not only the horses at blended
spirits ranch but the people and the volunteers there as well I have been
very blessed to come back and mentor other veterans that have gone through
the program through these eight weeks and see their transformations and see
what their struggles were like and it’s amazing I can’t say enough about what
these creatures are capable of doing they have a way of tapping into your
innermost thoughts and making you challenge yourself and push yourself and
it’s just beyond words there’s there’s not enough that I could say to really
outline what what this does like I said I’ve worked with several veterans seeing
their transformations and watch them go from their darkest points to where
they’re at now and I’m personally lucky enough to work for the Department of
Veterans Affairs and I see the struggle and our veterans on a daily basis and I
know this program has potential to help them and get them better I went through
my own rounds of mental health treatment through the VA I still do the
counseling and things like that but these horses unlocked something that no
amount of talking or medication could ever do and it’s thanks to these
creatures these beautiful horses and these wonderful people that work out there
that I was given my life back I was given a chance to work with other
veterans both there and at the VA and I’ve been given my family back and I
found a home that I’ve not known since I left for the military
it this ranch with these horses so I owe a great deal more than I could ever
express blend spirits Ranch what I get When I get older I can do this on my own… coming here and working with horses it
gives you so much more confidence in self esteem it’s amazing but that horse
had quite literally saved my life you

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  1. Buena fotografía, maravilloso entorno y estupendas instalaciones, parecidas a las que tenemos en España con la diferencia de que tenemos caballos cartujanos, para doma y exhibición. En resumen, un buen hacer. Saludos compañero.

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