Bloodborne Cut Content ►AMAZING CUT BOSSES AND NPCs! (Part 2)

Bloodborne Cut Content ►AMAZING CUT BOSSES AND NPCs! (Part 2)

Hello everyone this is SanadSK and today I
am back with part 2 of the unused enemies and bosses series in Bloodborne. So the first part was recieved very well by
everyone and that encouraged me to work even harder to try and show you the unused content
in the best way possible as soon as possible. In this episode, we are going to be covering
more unused enemies and bosses, but this episode has alot of things that literaly blew my mind
when I found. So let’s get to it but just before that, once
again, these videos wouldn’t be possible without the help of id-daemon and luxox18 for their
huge help in providing the files and creating the tools to view the models. So now that’s out of the way, let us get to
business. So the first boss we have is one that I didn’t
believe it was in the files of Bloodborne at first which is this guy. Now in my opinion, this is one of the best
looking bosses in the Souls series, and that might not be even the actual look of the bossfight
but let me just explain a couple of stuff about this particular boss. So this boss has no name, no skeleton, and
no reference in the files for it. And also it has many missing textures, like
when loading the model by default, it looks like this. So I took it to myself to try and rebuild
the textures as much as I can and I’d say it looks pretty fantastic right now. The model is super detailed as you can see,
there is a dragon statue on the helmet which looks super cool and like, its tail is the
plume coming out it. There are arrows which have penetrated its
armor, and there is this huge slice in the armor on his belly which indicates that this
thing has taken a very heavy beating from a giant weapon no less. And as you can see, it has a huge peg leg
which might give us some idea that maybe this guy was related to Gehrman development-wise
in some way early on in the development. Now this isn’t where the stuff ends. As you can see, he wields a halberd but the
halberd has what looks like some sort of war banner attached to it . Now I didn’t pay much
attention to it until I saw the model coming right after this boss, which is this! Look at how epic does this unused horse look
like! Just look at the amount of details on this
this thing, from its flesh and the fur and the cloth on its back, it just a wonderful
looking model. But it isn’t just any random horse, it is
more of a prepared for battle horse and then it hit me, that the golden knight from before
maybe was supposed to ride this horse and be one battle together. Now I know you are saying: You are crazy Sanadsk,
Dark Souls or Bloodborne would never do something like this. Well, I thought the exact same thing, but
did you know that actually in Dark Souls 1, the Darkwraiths were supposedly riding horses
and there is even concept art from Dark Souls 1 for this! So it is indeed possible that they wanted
to do this concept again, but it was scrapped. Also what made me think this, is that the
cloth on the horse has a big dragon drawn on it, which gives it a link to our friend
clad in dragon armor. The render you were seeing is something I
made to convey what the boss might have looked like, and it looks amazing! Just imagine fighting this guy, even if it
wasn’t meant for him to be on a horse, I’d say these two unused models are one of the
best designed bosses in the Souls Series. I made a poll which you can vote in by clicking
on the small I button in the top-right hand corner and I want your opinion on what you
think, whether you believe that it was supposed to be one boss, or they are completely seperate. I really want to see what you guys think about
this. Also, one last thing about the knight model,
is that it actually has two more weapons with it which are an axe and a sword and especially
the sword, I am 100-thousand % sure I saw it somewhere but for the love of me, I can’t
remember where. So now that we are done with this one hell
of a boss, let us move on to a possible unused NPC. So this NPC is named in the files Slug Princess,
and no, not the slug princess you are thinking about. So this NPC doesn’t have much information
about it in the game, but there is an old folklore tale named Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari,
which translates to The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant which talks about a guy named Jiraiya
who can summon a giant toad with his lover Tsunade that can summon a giant slug and they
fight against a guy named Orochimaru who can summon a giant snake. Yeah Naruto is heavily inspired by it, but
back to the actual Slug Princess, her name is Tsunade and she is a beautiful young maiden
who has mastered slug magic, and is able to transform into a slug or summon a giant slug. Now alot of Japanese games are heavily inspired
by the old folklore of the japanese and Bloodborne is no exception. And if you see from the model of the Slug
Princess, you can see that she has bandages on her eyes and her legs are chained, as if
imprisoned by someone. And her body looks like she is half slug half
human. Now the closest link I found to this was with
the items related to slugs, which are directly related to the Great Ones and especially Ebreitas. So it might have been that this Slug Princess
was actually one of the Great Ones and had some story for her, but sadly there is currently
no dialouge or references to her in the game. Maybe her idea was later improved upon in
the DLC with Kos and her child and stuff because there are alot of “sluggy” stuff in the final
part of the DLC. Next, we have a monster which is linked to
the demon I showcased in the previous part, but this one seems like a lesser variation,
and that is exactly what the game calls it: LesserDemon. So this one is much thinner than the previous
one I showed and it seems like this one was supposed to be an enemy and not a boss. Same as before, it has 1 missing head but
it is in the files and can be placed in its rightful place, but the design of the skull
itself here is different as it has some kind of small horn on its nose, and the horns on
top also look different. The axe its wielding looks very interesting
as you can see it is somewhat curved and look pretty cool. It also has this small fire effect on it,
which as I said before, alot of the unused enemies has this fire effect on them. And the final unused enemy we have isn’t something
major, but it’s an egg and it is referenced to in the files as Screamer. It has an AI in which it runs away and stuff
like that, and it does have sound effects but as I said in the previous video, we still
can’t properly listen to them. I honestly don’t know what to theorize about
this egg, so I’ll just leave it up to you guys. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
make sure to share this video and like and subscribe for even more Bloodborne Unused
Content. There are still many stuff to cover like other
unused bosses which are very interesting, unused armor sets and weapon variations, character
dialouges which clear up some lore bits and are super interesting. So, I’ll be seeing you in the next video. Bye Bye!

100 thoughts on “Bloodborne Cut Content ►AMAZING CUT BOSSES AND NPCs! (Part 2)

  1. For the horse riding boss, I'm thinking phase 1 would have been him on the horse with the halberd, then phase 2 would be only him, using the sword/axe combination.

  2. I say chalice dungeons for the dragon knight. He probably lead the expedition in there whem armor was still used, hence all the armored corpses in some areas of the dungeons

  3. Everything except the slug-princess looks more like Dark Souls' world than Bloodborne. I really liked the horse design.

  4. Maybe the Knight and Horse worked like the Nameless King and Stormdrake, first phase the Knight is seated on the horse but when the health gets low enough the horse falls and the Knight continues the fight on foot.

  5. Maybe the slug princess was a very early model for ebrietas? I mean, Ebrietas seems to be crawling, of which the slug lady would need to do, since she's bound like that

  6. The horse guy is clearly Ludwig and his horse before they were fused together. The sword is clearly Ludwig's Holy Sword or the Moonlight Greatsword.

  7. The egg is probably a mandragora, the soundfile is likely to be some sort of high pitch scream that in game should have induce frenzy

  8. I guess they cut the first boss cuz it was too 'Dark Souly' and not quite adapted for BB. Especially cuz of the dragon on the cloak. Geez, NEVER include dragons in Bloodborne, please! But the second one is amazing and totally fits the BB IP!

  9. Either you fight the horse and the knight together or you fight them seperate. Although I think it’s pretty likely that they are connected. Just makes sense

  10. Sorry if that's been already mentioned before, but do you think mounted golden knight may be an earlier concept for Ludwig? The sword kinda looks like Moonlight sword too. Doesn't some armor desription mention that early Church Hunters were mounted and used to bring beasts to bay on narrow streets of Yharnam?

  11. anyone else think the knight guy's armor has a sort of samurai look to it? maybe he'll be in that teased new From Soft game Kappa

  12. That first one is just an Ornstein reference, like every souls game past 2 has had, like the old dragonslayer in 2 and the dragonslayer armor in 3, due to the red plume on the back of his helmet, his weapon of a spear, the motiff of a dragon on the top of his helmet etc, and it's very likely he would have been in cainhurst due to most of the statues of mounted horsemen in front of analise's chamber missing their right leg just like the knight is

  13. The Knight looks fucking stupid I don’t know what you guys are on about. Dragons? In bloodborne? There is nothing dragon themed in bloodborne. That SCREAMS dark souls 3. Glad this shit was cut

  14. I wish Fromsoft would release a overhauled version Bloodborne with all those missing bosses, areas, attires and weapons included. I'd gladly pay full price since BB is a fookin masterpiece🙏

  15. I wonder if that first boss was supposed to be Ludwig at some point? He was a knight and a had a horse (that he ended up fusing with…).

  16. I think the egg might have been an early concept for this game's equivalent of crystal lizards, but they went with gross pile of skulls instead.

  17. so much amount of work, and rendering for the knight model and the horse, and both of them for nothing, never used. Even if they intended to keep them for a next title, after you got access to the source files, from software might never use those models, since they are leaked.

  18. I imagine the egg creature you mentioned at the end, was supposed to be the bloodborne equivalent of "vagrants" that existed in the first darks souls.

  19. When I saw the first guy, I thought his peg leg was a horse leg… now I only hope he morphed into the horse mid-battle haha

  20. That Dragonball Super music from when Goku fires the Spirit Bomb in the tournament of power music though, I see you.

  21. At first i thought the knight might have been the original logarius, but then again it looks not so much like a boss and could've been the bloody crow of cainhurst.

  22. Japanese armor, missing leg:


  23. The knight would fit best in Dark souls…. not very Bliodbourne-like.
    The only place it could remotely fit would be in Cainhurst. Maybe. I'm glad it was cut.
    Good looking though

  24. it may be possible, remember nameless king, he rides a dragon in phase 1, and then you get to fight him alone on phase 2

  25. 0:26 "literally blew my mind"

    Unless you're currently walking around without a head, I don't think you meant 'literally'

  26. Just imagine the carriot left you a bit more away from the Cainhurst Castle, and you have to pass through a small forest full of snow and white werewolf. At least, you reach the bridge before the Castle, and there appear that boss, call like "Rider of the Hunt" and you fight him in that bridge. When you defeat him, fall of the horse, and stand again "Champion of the Hunt" (yes, just like Nameless King, first you defeat the horse, and after you defeat him)

    PD: sorry for my english

  27. dew to the shadows die twice teaser i the boss looks slightly eastern so i think that it cold be a boss in a probable bloodborne 2

  28. I heard somewhere that BB was originally supposed to be Demons Souls 2, but was scrapped and turned into BB, so the Gold Knight would actually make sense in that sense. It could have been an early concept for Gehrman, back when it was still being designed as a Demon Souls sequel. Since having less armor was an emphasis in Bloodborne, they ditched the armor, but kept the long weapon(Gehrman's Burial Blade) and the peg leg ideas intact.

  29. I feel like the knight would fit to be a boss in Cainhurst like a guard right before the queen. It'd be kinda annoying having a boss right after Logarius but I think it might work like Ornstein and Smough, kill the knight and fight the horse or kill the horse fight the knight. God I WISH this was a boss, they probably had problems fitting him in after the massive setting change.

  30. Souls series???. Bloodborne is not a game frm the souls series. I mean the souls series is just dark souls 1 2 3 and demons souls

  31. I think the Horse rider boss could have been alot like the nameless king boss. He has two health bar stages. The first is his riding phase, and then in the second phase he loses his horse dies and he ditches his Halbert and starts using the sword and axe combo.

  32. Somethings that you've shown, in other videos aswell, are a little too Dark Souls (which still make them amazing) but I struggle to see them in in the Bloodborne world. The Horse works perfectly at Cainhurst and even the knight without his axe and sword.

  33. i feel like bloodborne was heading in a more medieval direction early on, with lots of swords and shields being found in the files, before shifting to a gothic theme. im glad they didnt go with the knights in armor, despite how cool that first boss looks. dark souls already does that so well. im hyped for samurai souls next (which is what shadows die twice is gonna be)

  34. I think the reason that lot's of these were cut is because they don't really fit the gothic horror style. Knights and stuff aren't really what you expect to find in bloodborne. Only reason you see knights in the challice dungeon is because it's ancient

  35. That sword for the cut knight on horseback kind of reminds me of the Lothric greatsword from dark souls 3… I'm a sucker for sharp things so it's probably just me.

  36. Slug Princess might be another child of Kos, she could have been chained by the old hunters on their violent mission to the fishing hamlet.

  37. The 1st one looks like early concepts for the horseback boss in the sekiro shadows die twice reveal trailer.

  38. Sanadsk, phenominal work with the extraction. I just wanted to point out two things about the knight character. the first is that Dark Souls III had the Nameless King boss, which could be seen as something similar to what this horse/knight boss could've been. Also the sword is closely reminiscent of the sword of Artorious from Dark Souls 1

  39. Old medieval boss is the reason for the horse boss's one invisible attack which is actually the medieval boss attacking with spear. But medieval boss isn't rendered so its invisible .

  40. The overall shape and decoration of the sword resembles the Moonlight Greatsword, maybe that's why it looks familiar?

  41. Seeing as Bloodborne was at one point in its development a sequel to Demon's Souls mabey the Slug Princess might be intended to be the Maiden in Black and you were intended to find her deep down in the Boletarian ruins.

  42. The first boss might have been from the period when the game was suppost to be deamon souls 2,it makes a lot of sence,and they culd just cut it cause it whuls not fit and whuld reinforce the lore conection

  43. The egg might have been the original version of the little scuttly boys that drop blood shards and stuff.

  44. You mentioned that the sword reminded you of another from a souls game, and it really looks like the drake keepers sword to me.

  45. At 1:32 i would have called that boss ,,Aincient Knight from s lost Land " referencing that Bloodborne Comes After the finale of the souls series as in the boss went from his timeline to bloodbornes timeline

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