BMPCC 6K Footage – A Piece of Iceland, in Austria

BMPCC 6K Footage – A Piece of Iceland, in Austria

My connection to horses
started already as a kid. Used to be surrounded by horses. I would assume, like close friends, they are like fluffy and
really nice to cuddle. And then you keep that connection
until you grow up. I used to live in Iceland
for a couple of years. Over the summer, always
guiding tours for tourists. So I needed couple of horses. And then it came up
to move back to Austria and so I had to decide,
well I have to sell them. But you get so connected, so I could not decide
to leave anybody behind or just sell them to people I don’t know. So I decided to take them with me. And now all of them actually
joined me in the riding school. I got connected with horses
I would say since I’m born, because my whole family
it’s a kind of a riding family. My parents, they learned to know
each other in the riding stable. So, yeah I think the first time
in my whole life when I went to a riding stable
I was 2 years old or something. The speciality of our riding school is I do a lot of outside
riding with the kids. Even when they’re still beginners, because I’m really lucky
to have such nice and calm and really experienced horses. My role here is a lot of time
to assist my sister. So this is the business from my sister. So I really like it and love to be
with kids and to work with them and to take care of them,
do activities with them. Especially in the summer time
when we have lots of kids camps, so I really love it to be out with them in the nature, get the horses, go riding. For the kids I would say
that the Icelandic horses they’re, first of all, so special,
because they’re so fluffy. They have eye to eye contact,
which is really important. So that they are not too tall. They can be really strong characters
but really gentle at the same time. This horses are very friendly and when the horses, for example,
they see a very small child, and the child is a bit afraid, the horses are very soft and
very friendly with the nose and also trying to get in
connection with the child. Most of them like to be in charge and for small kids that’s perfect, because the horse kind of ‘follow me,
I’m going to show you the way, we will do it my way but
it’s going to be fine’. What I really love, and
you really can see, for example, when the kids
from the city they’re coming and they’re full of energy
and they’re so excited and they’re close to a horse, you really can see
how they’re coming down and starting to breath. So that’s what’s so especial
with our horses here and also with the Icelandic
horses, I would say. Yes, sometimes is not so easy
to work in a family business. Because there are also the parents
and the mom and the dad and everybody has his
own issues and own habits. My older sister, I was
always looking up to her. So, yeah, she’s kind of
a role model for me. I really can’t jump in and
bring in all my own ideas and my older sister really
let me do my own ideas and she opened a space
for me and say okay, I can just do with the
kids whatever I want to. Everybody of us has his own
kind of mission, I would say. And for my own, I would say
my mission is to be with the kids and to work with them
and to take care on the kids. And here I have a space, I really can do what my
own feelings are telling me. Because to work with kids
it’s kind of my mission, yeah.

27 thoughts on “BMPCC 6K Footage – A Piece of Iceland, in Austria

  1. Seems like a 16:9 ratio would have been far better suited for this but either way it looks and sounds fantastic. Canada seems to never get any of these cameras (4k or 6k). They are never in stock ever haha. Pretty cool stuff!

  2. What lens were you using? I noticed the first interview had a softer look compared to the lady wearing the pink hoodie. Or was just humidity and condensation in the glass?

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  4. Man, i just love your mini-docs, i think you would do great with any camera, you really know how to tell a story, thanks for another great video, i will view it again after to pay attention the the image quality specifics.
    EDIT: Looking pretty sharp, pretty good, and "organic". The lenses used are great. i don't know why i tend to find those shots lacking on very deep reds and blues, not a gradings fault, i wonder if it's because it's only 10bit 4:2:2 or something like that, totally non scientific, non professional comment.

  5. Beautiful film! I love the shots, the grading and the look, nice work! You know how to tell a great story!
    also, @2:53 hilarious nostril shot! (I'm sure it matched the horse's personality.)
    I look forward to more narrative work.

  6. Looks good. Seems that there’s a lot of fascination with using LUTS that limit values in the shadow areas rendering areas of black as gray. Grading certainly seems to be a matter of taste with the washed out look being preferred.

  7. Pretty nice short film. There are also a few small mistakes, for example: the interviewing subject is way to off-sided, very few of the images are too contrasty etc. Nice simple soft colors. I think the sound editing is better then the video editing for some reason. For a funny little short presentation film to social platforms I would give this an 8/10, but in a professional way this is no more then 5.5-6/10.
    Overall I think this is a decent job. At least here is one good example for the tech and spec fighters out there. STOP FIGHTING about gears and stuff, go out and shoot something.

  8. Having followed so many camera launches over the years, I’m finding the image quality here shockingly good acrually. Beautifully exposed. Beautiful highlights and shadows. And I suspect you didn’t have to pull off any insane grading to “save the footage” as with so many cameras out there?

  9. Wondering what caused the weird triple/quadruple-effects at 4:41ff? Have you been messing up the frame rates or is that an in-camera-problem?

  10. Hey Nice content video. the BMPCC6K is a game-changing for sure. Can I ask you what audio gear did you use in companion with this wonderfull camera ?

  11. Great video. But the grade totally sucks. Was expecting blackmagic colors, but instead black is middle gray and white is a little bit lighter middle gray and even colors look like colorist forgot to increase saturation after filming in log. I would say switch the colorist. This looks really bad especially on OLED-TV, where I am used to HDR where black is space black and the white is so white that it shines. This is literally anti-HDR despite Resolve allows mastering HDR, BMD sensor is good for that, and Youtube also appears to support that. Somebody could misunderstand the bad grade being camera defect. And then someone uses the video ”hey look how dull Blackmagic look vs RED camera”. This kind of dull grade was in style when the DSLR was so bad that the blacks and whites were anyway clipped and when raising them, they at least looked a little less clipped. Here the sensor is so much better and would enable so much better look.

  12. IR pollution still looks like a huge problem with the camera. Tight shots look good, but anything Wide shows the weakness of the camera. Overall looks ok, nothing special…….

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