BoJack Horseman | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

BoJack Horseman | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

[scanner beeping] -[woman] Hurry up!
-Oh, is it this guy? -Oh, my God, he’s got a gun!
-Relax, it’s a lighter! [all screaming] How much lighter fluid
can I take on the plane? And before you answer,
remember, I’m a celebrity. Why didn’t you refill your birdfeeder? Yeah! Who’s a bird gotta blow
to get some seed around here? [woman] You’ll never guess who’s here.
BoJack Horseman! He got a little fatter,
but it’s definitely him. Why so gloomy, roomie? Do people not like me? Uh… What were we talking about? Everyone is just out to get me
because I’m famous and so well adjusted. OMMFG! Yeah, it’s me! Straight off your
TV screens and into your shitty lives. -It’s Andrew Garfield!
-Oh, hello. -[screaming]
-What the… -My book’s coming out soon.
-[doorbell rings] Someone’s at the door! You don’t even respect me enough
to have a baby with me. I never explicitly said that. Isn’t he the cutest baby you ever saw? What? What? What? No! What? -[starts engine]
-[speeds away] -[car crashes]
-[sirens wailing] Oh, my gosh! -Hooray!
-I think you have a serious drug problem. The only drug I need is horse. What is happening?
Guys, what are you doing? -No! No!
-[Sarah Lynn moaning] -Why are you… This is a very bad idea.
-[BoJack whinnying] Oh, my God! My arm! You got my arm! I’m in it now!
Oh, God, no! I’m a part of it!

100 thoughts on “BoJack Horseman | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  1. Don’t ever judge a book by its cover, or, in this case, a tv show by its trailer. This show may portray ridiculous humor as in this trailer, but give it time to really sink in as the episodes go on and the drama will hit you like a damn truck and probably make you cry. It’s all fiction, but it feels so accurate to depression and human emotion in general it’s almost scary. Most brilliantly written show I’ve ever watched, and I’m not even caught up with the most recent episodes yet.

  2. This trailer is so god damn terrible compared to the actual show, I almost missed the show because of this

  3. I just watched all of this show and I decided to watch this trailer. This trailer is fucking awful please don't judge bojack based on this

  4. One of the most amazing shows I ever watched. It looked really stupid for the first few episodes, but then it got super deep and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  5. This trailer makes it look like some shit low tier family guy knock off when its one of the saddest dramas ive ever seen in my life. Its a shame that this trailer might have scared some people away from this amazing show

  6. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how the best show of the last decade (along with Rick and Morty) is introduced to us.

  7. The song gets changed on the Netflix trailer , tryna found that song if someone’s know what’s it called i would appreciate it

  8. I hate, loathe and despise this piece of horse crap. It was written for the lowest common denominator of society …the marching morons.

  9. We live in a world that is supposed to be more liberal than ever before but I think veiled racist stereotypes are everywhere in Hollywood.

  10. Has anyone figured out the song at about 0:25 but on Netflix, not the YouTube trailer. They change the songs if you didn’t know. Honestly surprised I can’t find the song actually. Thx thx (:

  11. the animation style is a bit strange to me, but i definitely want to give this a try! i've heard so many great things about it and i'm sure i'll adjust!

  12. Weird that the trailer for Bojack Horseman ended up representing nothing of how the series is, but could be the highlight reel inside Season 1 Bojack's head.
    Of course, almost anything could be defined as "the patches of consciousness in S1 Bojack's mind."

  13. An animated adult cartoon about a drunk sitcom horse which used to be famous in the 90s? That will never become popular! It will probably go into the dustbin of garbage adult animation together with The Nutshack, Allen Gregory, the Cleveland Show and Bordertown! by the way, the art style looks really cheap and will never become famous! It won't even make it to the 5th season!

  14. I didn't think I'd ever cry watching a netflix series. This show made me. Everyone should see BoJack Horseman, it would make this a better planet.

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  16. Your trailers for this show are shit. It doesn't show the actual show (which may be the purpose of it all along…) and you keep handling out spoilers that are very fragile. Trailers for this show feels like if a pile of crap ate a second pile of crap then crapped out a third pile of crap.

    I suggest watching the show before you watch the trailer, or don't watch the trailer at all.

  17. If I saw this trailer 5 years ago, I probably wouldn't be watching the show today. It looks funny, but tbh I'm sick of dumb comedy shows that lack depth

  18. Steven Yeun as Mr. Peanutbutter
    Will Ferrell as BoJack
    Brad Pitt as Todd
    Amy Sedaris as Tina
    Sarah Chalke as Cassie
    Ali Wong as Wonder Fred

  19. Trailer: Watch this dumb show about a 90s star who happens to be a fricking horse.

    Actual Show: dark, depressive, human,highly philosophical.
    And yeah there is still that horse 90s star

  20. Everyone says this show is depressing but I watch it for the story and the only part that saddened me was bojacks mom backstory damn her dad was such an asshole

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