Boost Your Horse Riding Confidence Tip ~ When You Or Your Horse Are Nervous

Hi. I’m Anne Gage of
calm here with another quick tip to help you boost your confidence sometimes it’s
just not the right time to get on your horse either you’re too nervous or he’s
too nervous so I’m out here with Bentley first ride outside since last summer and
he’s a little concerned so instead of getting on and just riding and dealing
with it from the saddle we’re just going for a little walk around the area that I
would be riding him in just a small space he’s still close to the barn he’s
still close to the paddocks where his buddies are and until he starts to calm
down but she’s starting to do now then we can either finish the session there
or depending on how relaxed he and I both are we can get on and go for a very
short ride so remember you don’t always have to ride you can do good work from
the ground to still boost both your confidence and your horses so that’s
your quick tip for today from me and Bentley enjoy your ride

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