Boy Scout’s Tragic Hiking Death

the loss of a child is an unfathomable thing for any parent to go through but for our next guest the heartbreaking circumstances surrounding their son’s death still has them searching for answers Reid was a great kid he loved singing from an early age he liked to dance it was a show choir we’d was at Buffalo trail Scout Ranch working on his camping merit badge there was a requirement he has a complete a four mile backpacking trip that day I hear our home phone rang in the caller Ids at Buffalo trails government one of the assistant scoutmaster said it was called let you know that Reid is in the outback he seems to be a little be hydrated and they’re looking to airlift him off the mountain 20 minutes later we’re out the door the worst thing that I thought was gonna happen was that we were going to end up meeting Reed in the hospital I never thought my son was gonna die we were about three hours into the ride I wanted more information so I called the Scoutmaster he told us the Reid had passed away he was my baby he was my boy pride and joy that day it was one degree short of the all-time high he was so hot his internal organs were cooked inside Reed’s reward for completing a height that he was not supposed to be on was to die my son was taken from me I wish I could have been there not being with him not comforting him not telling him goodbye ha you know we could have told them you know Reid you know everything’s gonna be okay I just feel terrible however have Reid is 15 years devastated I’m heartbroken I’m crushed I’m pained every day of my life please welcome John and copper to the show and we are so very sorry for your loss I know that it’s still very fresh and I know the one of the reasons you’re here is to raise awareness so that no other parent has to sit yes correct in your position hopefully over time and increasing awareness about the risks of heatstroke but these things are happening more and more common whether it’s going out for a hike or a bike ride or any activity like this where there is there’s some pressure I got to go I got to finish this is this is part of my training any explanations as to why on a day this hot that the hike took place in the first place no BSA policy says that if the temperature reaches a certain certain degree which that particular day it was one degree short of an all-time record high for that location and the backpacking course that he signed up for it was an intro to backpacking course there green trail which was their basic elementary trail yeah elevation was only I think maybe 300 feet over the course of the trail it says they can swim they can have campfires and do all that sort of thing on the trail that he was on was what they call the orange trap mm-hmm and I believe he hiked close to six or seven miles with an elevation change of over a thousand feet on that day in that he and he got to the top of that mountain in West Texas and he I think he started to realize that there was something wrong with him because he said you know I I just need to drink water and he just started drinking the water and then he collapsed he collapsed on the side mouth they covered this is I want to hand it over to you tell us how you’d like your son remembered I want him to be remembered for trying and basically succeeding and what was asked of him to do those are good work ethics that’s what he did with everything he tried to do and we just say that the local Boy Scout Troop has been very supportive they have gave him a badge right yeah posthumously awarded him his Eagle Scout yeah sounds like a really really great kid I wish we all could have met him and and listened to John macabre because no one needs to but died from heatstroke and the challenge with heatstroke is the minute that mentally you start to feel the effects it’s too late and so just be so aware we did reach out to the Boy Scouts of America about this story and they said this remains a difficult time for our scouting community and we continue to keep the family in our thoughts and prayers the health and safety of our youth members are a paramount importance to the BSA and integral to everything we do we strive to create a safe environment for youth to experience outdoor adventure please join us in keeping the family in your thoughts you

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