Breaststroke swimming technique tutorial. Part 2. Legs.

Breaststroke swimming technique tutorial. Part 2. Legs.

In the last video we talked about the importance
of timing during breaststroke. We went over the first stage, which is the
arm’s movement. On this video we will go over the second stage,
the legs. The legs during breaststroke are essential
because they will generate an important amount of propulsion of the stroke. Many beginners to the breaststroke tend to
kick at a wrong time. The kick should actually start right when
the hands are in the recovery stage about to shoot forward. You should bend your knees while keeping your
ankles on a plantar flexion. Before the knees are completely bent, change
your ankles to a dorsiflexion. You are now set up in a very powerful position
to kick. Your hands are now extended forward and are
acting as the point of an arrow, cutting the water in front for the rest of your body. Now extend your knees as fast as you can. Remember to keep your ankles on dorsiflexion
to grab as much water as possible. Now that your knees are extended, you need
to do two things. Bring your feet together and put your ankles
on plantar flexion. Keep your ankles like that until the recovery
of the feet starts again. As you can see, breaststroke involves all
the muscles in your legs. So to gain coordination and activate all of
those muscles you can practice doing this drill. The third stage of the breaststroke is just
as important as the other two. So make sure to subscribe and wait for the
next video! As always I will try to reply to all of your
comments. Thanks for watching! Swim fast!

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  1. Awesome video, thanks! Do you have a technique you advise when you have a poor ankle mobility not allowing you to flex your foot enough before the kick ?

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