Breathtaking Mountain Climb at Mt. Nokogiri! | Hiking Spots near Tokyo

Breathtaking Mountain Climb at Mt. Nokogiri! | Hiking Spots near Tokyo

Good morning guys! We’re on a road trip
today, we’re heading to Nokogiriyama Nokogiri Mountain. When I asked my sister where she wanted to visit in Japan this is one place that she found online I’ve never been there before, but we looked it up and it looks pretty neat! It’s a really beautiful hike and they have lots to see At the top there’s this really scary viewpoint hanging over a cliff And you stand on the edge of the cliff, so
looking forward to that! It should be really cool The drive is pretty long so we’ll be there in a few hours But I’ll see you guys when we get there! All right so this is where we are right
now and over on this side of the bay is Tokyo So if you want you can also ride a
ferry across the bay to get here This is where we are right now, and we’re
going to ride the rope way all the way up to the mountain summit And then around here is where all the sights to see are This is the creepy hanging off
the cliff viewpoint And then there’s a giant Buddha carved out of the side of the mountain Apparently it’s the largest buddha in Japan, bigger than the one we saw in Nara So that’s pretty cool! They’re roasting dango! I wonder what the flavour… Ooo are they sakura? I think they’re Sakura mochi Shay look at all the cats! Look! Three on the mountain Why are there so many cats I wonder if they’re all related, they all look kind of the same I’m surprised they don’t eat these koi! Maro would devour those Must be friends Wow look at the view So high up! There’s Mount Fuji, so I guess that means… Yeah, it’s a little too cloudy today All right we’ve made it to “Jigoku Nozoki” – “The View of Hell” That’s the little cliff spot that I was telling you guys about It costs 600 yen to go in All right we’ve arrived it’s just beyond
this turn here! Keyboard-san is… This flower is Utsuki! Wow, all right. Gotta climb this! Make sure you bring good shoes guys! This isn’t a simple hike We’re rock climbing now Apparently there’s wild monkeys on this mountain, we’ve yet to see one There was a sign that said “Don’t feed
the monkeys!” so I hope we run into one Wow, this is scary! Holy crap we’re high We’re hanging over the edge of the cliff right now Yikes… Wow this is scary Not for people that are scared of heights that’s for sure It’s a really beautiful view though I love the colour the trees how some of them are yellow I wonder in the Fall if this would be all red Oh that would be cool The flowers smell so sweet, they smell like vanilla All right next stop is the daibutsu! The big buddha statue I guess it’s not a statue, it’s a carving, a carving straight in the side of the mountain There’s a little pathway off of the path here, what’s down here? Oh it’s a little, pool of water. that we can’t cross No monkeys? Darn, no monkeys This looks like a spot there would be monkeys Is that a monkey? I don’t know… Probably not Shay, do these all have different faces? Looks like it! Apparently you’re supposed to start counting at one of them, you can choose any one Then just count until you get to your
age and then that one represents you Let’s see which one I get… 1,2,3,4,5…
27, 28, 29, 30, 31! In the background with no head! This one represents me Well it has a head, it’s just on the ground At least it’s a pretty one That one’s me The one that looks like it’s meditating? Could be worse, you have a head Coulda been that guy, he just looks depressed 2nd row 3rd from the top The one that’s kinda green? No underneath that one, the yellowish one This one? Yeah He got that one That looks accurate The path is really neat, you go under rock tunnel ways there’s statues everywhere We’ve made it to the daibutsu! Are you ready? Ta-da! It’s huge! It is huge. That’s incredible! I had no idea there was a daibutsu larger than the one in Nara, so close to Tokyo! This isn’t very well known at all, I wonder why I’m surprised there aren’t more tourists here… I guess since you have to climb a mountain to get to it It’s very quiet here. Yeah it’s nice! It’s so cool And it’s carved into the mountain, that makes it even cooler Look at all these tiny little statues It says “onegai” so I guess you can purchase them from somewhere and leave them here and pray and make a wish Those look like they’ve been there for a while We’re making our way back to the ropeway We were gonna try and hike the way down But apparently that would leave us nowhere near where we parked our car So we don’t have a choice, and we’re headed back to the ropeway But it was nice, it was a really beautiful view so I’m kinda glad we get to ride it again Where is it? It sounds like it looks cool but I can’t see it Oh they’re on the counter! There’s a little cafe at the ropeway station where you can get some drinks But there isn’t any food on the mountain so make sure you eat lunch before you come here All right guys I guess I’ll say goodbye here! I hope you enjoyed the video! Please give it a thumbs up (^^)b And I’ll see you guys soon! Bye!

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  1. Can I just say I absolutely love the look of wonder on Shay's face at 2:16 ! I remember the reason your sister came to Japan in the first place and seeing her like this gives me hope that she is leaving as a changed person. Loved the video!

  2. cats are attracted by the negative sides of a land, nothing evil, just natural , like dogs are attracted by positive places yin and yang, nice places anyway, is good to be rich to travel everywhere,

  3. I cant stand gondola man… i dont feel save. last one I been on was in Banff! lol the wind was making it swing. F!

  4. That´s the place where Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond finished their race in japan when they were still in Top Gear 😛 (If im not mistaken)

  5. Beautiful view and look at all the cats!! My daughter would be wanting to pet and hold them all! That would definitely be a place to see! Love it!! Thank you to Your sis, you and Keyboard-san for this video! Hope Your sister made it home safely.

  6. This is stunning. I'm loving that your Sister is there as a proper tourist and you to are experiencing new things. I love the "not traditional vlogs" of Japan we get from you. Your sister has changed alot from the beginning to. I to had a mental health issue and can understand what she went through.

    Thank you 🙂 Love Vicky from England.

  7. Thanks for this video! I just happened to read about Nokogiriyama few days back and planning to visit on my Japan trip in early August so it's really nice to get to see how it's like up there.

  8. I went to a similar kind of spot in Campus do Jordão, Brasil but there was barely a fence! The fence was just stuck in the ground hanging sideways with some rope off the cliff. I'm extremely afraid of heights to the point where I freeze up so I stayed farrrrrr back XD I'm so glad Japan has great safety for places like that!

  9. I think it's because of all the hiking a lot of people don't go that way. My son went and enjoyed it. Glad you guys had a blast.

  10. head on the ground just means you're grounded and down to Earth 🙂 either that or you're the next Marie Antoinette

  11. This looked like a really neat trip. I would have enjoyed this place, I'm sure. It was really pretty there. Thanks for sharing! 😀

  12. Why didn't you go to the second huge Buddha there? When you look down from that scary view point you can see a spot on the left where also people where. When you go there before climbing up you can see a giant standing Buddha craved into the stone wall. Been there 8 years ago.

  13. stairs and me….we don't like each other so much. i would be so afraid at the stairs without the handrail 😱 😱
    will miss your sister at the videos 🙁

  14. That was a pretty spot. Terrifying for someone affraid of hights lke me. ^^'
    Heartbreaking to see so many cats living on ther own, and look in need for food and sick…

  15. "There's a little pathway off the path here, what's down here?"

    A good beginning to a horror story me thinks.

  16. I am recently engaged and we want to go to Japan for our honeymoon. I've seen most of your travel videos but I would like suggestions on where you think would be the best to visit.
    1) we both love the outdoors
    2)we love anime
    3) neither of us are fluent in Japanese
    4) I love wildlife
    5) I hate the cold
    6) we will only have one week
    7) it will be in early June 2019
    what suggestions do you have based on this?

  17. お世話になりました。

  18. Heck, I'd have hiked down the mountain even if my car was 5 miles away, just for the sake of the hike.

  19. I went there a few days before you posted to video and thought it was beautiful! Did you get to see the other carved statue that's super tall and kind of hidden (close to where the cliff was)? it shows it kind of meh on the map, but it was gigantic as well.

  20. The look on Shay's face on the cable car. I was expecting Sharla to say "This is nice, let me tell you about the time Ben and I hung onto a chair lift for dear life"

  21. Aww those little old ladies petting the cats are so cute! Once a cat lady, always a cat lady. I just hope when I'm that age I can still bend over to pet my cats.

  22. Easily my favorite place in all of Japan! Every friend and family member I've taken there says it was the best part of the trip.

    Glad someone with a bigger audience is letting people know about this amazing place.

  23. I'd take it that the head on the ground means you're a grounded human being? Haha. *Adds to future itinerary. 🙂 Your shirt is adorable! 🙂

  24. Omg! I was there less than 2 weeks ago! My friend visited me here in Tokyo, and she had also looked this up and wanted to visit! 😄

  25. I love your nature vids – this was so peaceful & chill… without the music playing and being able to hear the crickets and birds and such – felt like I was there. Really cool – thanks for sharing! ❤️

  26. Another great video! So cool to get an in-depth view of one of Japan's lesser-known attractions. 😎

  27. Are you nyan afk Cus I remember seeing a video of shine with the prank santa thing and he said he was gonna prank Kat nyan afk but you had the same sweater from the video shine reacting with Joey Boku no pico.are u?

  28. 鋸山から東に行くと高宕山自然動物公園が在りお猿さんに直接餌を上げられますよ。お猿しか居ないローカルな動物公園ですがその分料金も安いのでおススメです!

  29. what!!!!!? we're the same age! but you look so much younger than I do! people say I look 25ish, so you must be around 20ish!

    thanks again for another great video of Japan! Shay, have Sharla bring you to more cool places so she can make more awesome videos.

    maybe do one featuring keyboard-san 😆

  30. Stunning views, will have to check it out sometime. The ladies with the cats though…so cute. You and Rachel in years to come 😛

  31. Duuuuuude I hiked this during Golden week and it was a. Lot. Of. Stairs.
    Worth it, but one of the more strenuous hikes I've done in Japan 😂

  32. It's more like "View of heaven" because that's a beautiful view!
    You don't look like you're 31 O.O you look like 20-22 O.O

  33. That overlook! 😨 "The View from Hell" indeed. Such a great view but I would be pretty scared though.

    Have you visited the daibatsu in Kamakura? I think that one's pretty big.

  34. because of this video, I went here. Amazing place!!!! I went to Mt Moiwa, Mt Tengu, and Mt Takau also this week and those places have nothing on this place. Its kinda a journey to get here, its in the sticks. I was the only one at the train station, me and station attendant. Go here for sure.

  35. Such a pretty mountain and view ^-^ I love hiking so much! I live in North Carolina in the US and we have a mountain here called Hanging Rock. Its called that because once you get to the peak (2 hour hike or so) you come to a flat cliff that drops straight down, with one precipice that formed upwards on the top of the cliff. If you climb this formation you can dangle from it and it looks like youre "hanging on for dear life" over the edge. Its great for Insta photos or snap chat stories haha. But in all reality you could loose your grip on it and fall off the mountain :/ you need someone to stand near you just in case. The cliff has no railings or ropes or anything, you could literally walk right off. Enter at your own risk scenario haha
    Its exhilarating to sit on the edge and dangle your feet into the empty air

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