Brian’s Favorite Way To Start The Morning! Sailing vessel Delos Ep. 220

Brian’s Favorite Way To Start The Morning! Sailing vessel Delos Ep. 220

This is what sailing’s
all about, I think. Some magic mornings like these. [MUSIC – ONETOX, “RAMUKANJI”] [NON-ENGLISH SINGING] (SINGING) Onetox represents
Solomon Island people see. We people styles originally
from my homeland. Like my old man say,
there’s nothing impossible. So we have to bring this
message to me brother lyrical. Straight from the
crew, out to the blue. We represent the voices
of my ancestors calling. And now it’s getting worse
and my culture is falling. Now we have to step up to the– Morning. What do you think about
this view right now? Not much. Just starting to clear up. It looks like Jurassic Park. It’s a huge, crazy cliff over
there piercing through the rain cloud. That was a good description. Yes. What’s the plan of action now? We’re heading into
Soufriere Bay and we can see what it’s like in
there if we grab moorings, and then we need to check in. We’re going to go into
this little town here. I think it’s called Soufriere. Is that how you
pronounce it, Brady? Something like that. And try and check into
immigration and customs, and just get a vibe
and feel for the place. This place is gorgeous. It’s like raining a little bit. It’s all misty, and
colorful flowers and stuff. It’s very, very beautiful. When Brian was off
checking us in, Alex and I happened
to make a new friend. What was your name again? Valen– My name is Valentious. Valentious. And what are you doing here? I’m just selling some salad
beans to let the day flow. Let the day flow, nice. So we’re picking out
all the good ones. Yes, you’ve got to
get rid of those. Yes, get rid of these. You can’t sell those, but
this one’s a good one. You’re very good and natural
in front of the camera. I think you have a future of
show business in front of you, maybe. Yes, well I feel like
doing a movie one day. That’d be fun, man. Yeah, man. What kind of movie
would you want to be in? Action? Action. Romance? Romance is like the
cars and the stuff? No, romance is like– Romantic. –kissing– Yes, yes, yes. [LAUGHTER] With the cars, too. Yes. Yes. You want to be in a
movie with action, with romance, and with cars. This is my brother, Brian. Hi, Brian. Little Fizz. Little Fizz? Yes. Nice to meet you, man. Yeah, man. Cool. We’re helping him separate these
[INAUDIBLE] bean because he’s selling them to the ladies. I just came to really
sell salad beans– Oh, the good beans
from [INAUDIBLE].. So some of them were
not good so I’m just– Yes. So since your guys were
here, they helped me out and that was very
nice of them, man. He’s a good guy, my brother. Yeah, man. I could see that on their face. Alex, too. She’s nice. Yeah. He thinks Brady looks
like Paul Walker. That was the best compliment
I’ve ever got in my life. Yes, that’s a great compliment. That’s the best
compliment I’ve ever had. [LAUGHTER] Cool. [MUSIC PLAYING] [INAUDIBLE] beer. [INAUDIBLE] people. I like their slogan,
let’s make it happen. That’s supposed to
represent the [INAUDIBLE]?? Yes. Yeah? [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] All right. So today is a much
more beautiful day. We wake up and this is our view. That’s not too bad. There’s one over there. There’s one over there. Today, the girls
have adventure plans. We are going horseback
riding today, which is really
exciting because I think we all grew up riding a bit. And living on a
boat, there’s not that many opportunities
to go horseback riding. But today’s the day. It’s a girls’ day. It’s going to be a girls’ day. It is. Are we going to do like a girls’
day, boys’ day sort of thing? I think so. Brady was talking about– I mean, that’s up to you guys. We’re doing girls’ day. Yeah, that’s on you. Let’s take a look at your
filming situation there. Oh yeah. Crotch cam. This is my crotch cam
for speedy action shots. You’re not going to lose that. I don’t think so. OK. I’ll drop you on then. OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] Into town we go. This should be interesting. Oh. [LAUGHTER] Serious. I’m walking beside you. I do not know how far we’ll
reach, but I’m walking. OK. Let’s go, man. Let’s do it. Hey! Manners, manners, manners! Sorry. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHTER] Oh, all the horses just
like dropped a deuce on their front lawn. Some guy’s walking beside
me rolling a joint, I’mma walk with you. I’mma walk with you. This is interesting. This is not what I
expected for a beach ride. I’ll tell you that much. OK. What’s the plan now? We’re getting off, and then
we’re going into the water. Cool. We get to swim them. Yes, bareback. Sweet. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHTER] That was so fun. That was really cool. I’m definitely glad that we
opted for the beach ride. None of us have
swam horses before, so we wanted to come
down and give it a shot. Yes, and the horses are
just like rolling around, and prancing, and
being hilarious. So in all my years of
riding, that’s definitely a new experience with
horses, so I’m really glad we came out and did this. And look how beautiful it is. So cool, man. So our girls’ day took
a little side track, and we provisioned because
we had almost no food left on the boat. What did we find, [INAUDIBLE]? A turkey. Look at that. We’re a little bit
worried that it might not fit in the freezer
and/or in our oven, but we’ll figure something out. The boys have lately
been mentioning a few comments about
the lack of meat that’s been eaten on the boat. And so we thought it’d be cool
to surprise them with a turkey. We got the only
Turkey in St. Lucia. How was boys’ day? It was good. In typical boys’ fashion, we
didn’t find or really do shit. [LAUGHTER] What did you guys do? We just hung around. And then this dingy came
racing around the corner. Came up to say hello. We invited them on board. Had a coffee. Then we decided to go check
out their boat, which is on the other side of the piton. They’re a cool
family from Poland. They’ve been sailing around
for a couple of years. They’ve got a trimaran. It’s pretty sweet. We hung out. We drank a bunch of rum. Cheers. Cheers. Welcome. Welcome to Belize. And just chatted
about this and that. Cool. Now you’re enjoying some ‘za. And about to go for a dive,
so it’s been a successful day. [MUSIC PLAYING] [YAWNING] Good Morning. We decided to move on today up
to an anchorage a little bit further north. Should be nice and protected. [MUSIC PLAYING] A lot of rain. Oh, it’s a drizzly one. That’s for sure. Look at these guys. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Getting it. That’s dedication right there. There’s [INAUDIBLE]. The weather along the
Saint Lucia coastline is pretty crazy. Like in the time that
we’ve been motoring, it’s gone from sunny,
to pouring rain, to sunny, to pouring rain
probably like four times. But right now it’s
sunny, which is awesome. And we’re getting ready to
pull into an anchorage called Marigot Bay. We’re discussing
balls– mooring balls. [LAUGHTER] There’s a lot of boats, like
on the outside of the Bay here. So we were thinking maybe
you can anchor out here, and in there you have to grab
a mooring ball or something. We’ll see. I’m sure there’ll be
a boat boy letting us know the plan here any minute. Most definitely. [INAUDIBLE] Hello. [INAUDIBLE] How are you? Would you like a mooring? How much is a mooring? 80EC a night. We’re just going to have
a little look around, but 80EC is too much for us. I’m sorry. Initial thoughts on Marigot Bay? It’s pretty built up. I thought it was going to
be like this deserted little thing. And it’s like so many people,
and speedboats, and tourists. But it’s cool. It’s nice. It’s very chill. I like this palm
tree beach lineup. When Saint Lucia first became
colonized about 400 years ago, this bay became very important. It’s been said that the
friendships would sail deep into the bay and hide behind
the sand spit that sticks out to escape the British fleet. They would then
lower their sales and tie palm fronds to
their masts to blend in with the palm trees. This bay has developed
a lot, especially in the last 30 years. Today, it’s a tourist hot
spot filled with hotels, restaurants, and boats. [MUSIC PLAYING] 4.7. I think if you come
in and drop just off the port stern
of this catamaran off the starboard side,
you could probably drop in about 4 meters of water. And then we’ll sit back nice,
and everything off of our port will be 3 meters [INAUDIBLE]. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hello. Looking sharp, Brody. Oh, thanks. [LAUGHTER] I think you should wear it
like that every day like– Well, that’s what
we were going for, but you just ruined
the surprise. Brady wants to grow
his hair back out, but I haven’t cut it in like– let’s see. In five months was the last
time you got a haircut. So I’m just giving
a little touch up. While Brady was getting a little
haircut at Blues’ barber shop, Brian was preparing a
treat in the kitchen. Do you guys have like
a plan of attack? A plan of attack? I just looked up a recipe. I typed in, how to cook a
turkey in the old googly, and came back with some things. It’s a pretty big bird. It is. I got the– Let’s take a look at her. She’s pretty good. We’ve got us a nice
10-pounder here. So I’ve got the oven
preheating, and right now the battery capacity is at 75%. We’re using 960 watts,
so about 1,000 watts. And we’re going to see if we
can cook the entire turkey just off the batteries. I need to chop up an
onion, and carrot. I’m making bread. But the bread maker is
magic, and it is so easy and it runs off of solar. And we can even cook the whole
thing just off the inverter, off the batteries. Pretty cool. Pretty cool. What else we got here? One onion, coarsely
chopped; one stalk celery, which you don’t have,
coarsely chopped; one carrot, coarsely chopped;
one 12-pound whole turkey. We’ve got a 10-pounder 2
tablespoons kosher salt. Oh, shit. It’s got to be kosher. 1 tablespoon ground
black pepper; 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper; 3
tablespoons butter; four sprigs fresh rosemary;
1/2 bunch chopped [INAUDIBLE].. So we don’t have
most of the stuff. [LAUGHTER] But we have an oven,
and we have the turkey. Here we go into the Gimbal
convection electric oven. OK. We’ll see you in
three hours, turkey. Oh, man. And so far, we are two
hours in and our batteries are now at 57%. So what were we when we started? 78 or something, or 74. 80%, OK. That’s not so bad, right? And some rain. And we’re getting shit for solar
because it’s a crappy weather day. Nothing’s coming
in on the solar. Alrighty. How are we doing? I think we’re so close. Just a few more minutes. Yeah? Almost time. Yes. All right. Let’s see how we did here. Ooh. I think it looks pretty good. Yeah? How long did it take? Three hours and 45 minutes. I want a taste. Can I have a taste? Yeah, go ahead. Mm. It’s really good, Brian. It’s good, huh? Mm. It’s not dry at all. No. Wow. Delicious. Great. Hold up. Oh. Turkey dark meat,
white meat coming up. Oh, look at this. It’s all seasoned
and everything. On a boat? That’s crazy talk. I’m just going to
start right now. Stuffing. Stuffing coming up. [INAUDIBLE] Slaw. I’ve got green papaya
and carrots with lime. Thank you, guys. Oh. [INAUDIBLE] I’m so excited about this stuff. [INAUDIBLE] little
topper of bacon. I’m pretty impressed with
that little oven though. It’s so easy. You just set it and– Set it and forget it. Set it and forget it. After running the bread maker,
the oven for nearly four hours, and cooking all of the sides,
we ended up using about 51% of the capacity of our lithium
batteries, so about 400 amp powers and 12 volts. With any luck, tomorrow
would be a sunny day, and we’d top them back up again. Rainbow! We’ve been in Saint Lucia
for, I think, a week maybe, and it’s flown by. I know we’ve had some
really good times here, but I am so excited that we’re
leaving tomorrow for Dominica. Check out this sunset, you guys. It’s amazing. [MUSIC PLAYING] What are you guys doing? I was just searching
on YouTube videos about epic catamaran
and trimaran fails. [LAUGHTER] It’s just boats just
flipping over and shit. It’s cool. Look at this epic sailboat
fails compilation 2014. Oh. Oh, oh, oh! Oh. Oh, shit. [LAUGHTER] Oh, my God. Oh. Dang. Oh, shit. What inspired you to look up– I don’t know. I didn’t feel like editing,
and we have internet. I just bought 15 gigs of data. [LAUGHTER] And I just smoked
my peace pipe, so– [LAUGHTER] That’s a good reason. What else are you going
to do with your time? This is what sailing
is all about, I think. It’s magic mornings like these. [MUSIC PLAYING] The funny part about trying
to film a time lapse on a boat is so I have like a
[INAUDIBLE] S, which is like a Gimbal stabilizer. And it does a pretty good job
of keeping the horizon steady. But the thing that
I never really thought about until
I started filming is that the boat is shifting
and swinging back and forth, and there is a
little bit of breeze. And so one second you have the
camera like pointed directly at the sunrise, and
then the next second, the boat’s swung
around and it’s pointed like off in the exact
opposite direction. So the challenges of
filming on a boat. There’s definitely
a lot of things to take into consideration. Brian’s favorite way
to start the morning. All I want to do
is have breakfast. Give me the camera and I’ll
show you what’s happening. OK. It’s recording. OK. Hold on. Turn it on. See it? What the hell? OK. Turn it off. I don’t know why things like
that happen, but they do. So we lost about 80% of
our water last night. We had 600 liters, and
now we’re at like 150. Oh, shit. Always something. Like at least the bilge
pump was going off. Because if the bilge pump
wouldn’t have pumped things out, it would have
just filled up the engine with water, which
could have been really bad. It could have always been worse. [LAUGHTER] So [INAUDIBLE]? Yeah, it was an easy fix. It was just a hose clamp
that came loose somehow, and the hose popped off the end. It’s not an exact
perfect fit on the hose, but it’s been on there for years
since I replaced that stuff. I don’t know why it decided
to happen last night. Hose clamp is fine. Not damaged or anything. But now we’ve got
to make some water. Good thing we have
a big water maker. Yeah. We only have to run it for
about three to four hours to replace the water. Morning. So today is the day that we
will be leaving Saint Lucia. And I wish that we had more
time to hang out and get to know the place, but we need
to start making our way up to Dominica. But first, we’re going to
go in and grab some veggies. We also had a few boat chores
to do before setting sail. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’re like T-minus 60 minutes
till departure for Dominica. I’m so excited. How you doing? Good. I’m all showered up. Brady just made her a really
good smelling lasagna. And I’m ready to grub. [INAUDIBLE] Yes. Getting everything put away. Stored, stored, safely stored. Man, the day just kind
of like flew by, huh? Yeah, it did. I can’t believe it’s
like sunset already. [MUSIC PLAYING] So we’ll talk about weather. It’s pretty good. The Caribbean doesn’t
change very much. So we have 86 miles once
we come out of Marigot Bay. We pass by Martinique, and we’ll
pull into Roseau, Dominica. The wind is going to be
just south of East, or east, at 15 to 20 knots,
which is perfect. There’s a slight chance of
rain tonight between the hours of 2:00 AM and 8:00 AM. But if we do an
average of six knots, we’ll be there by
8:00 in the morning. Oh, cool. Oh, wow. Mm-hm. According to– this
is all predicted, what I’m telling you. I didn’t make any of that up. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] The conditions are
beautiful, by the way. We’ve sailed just far enough
away from the islands, we’ve got a little
bit of breeze. We found our 15 knots
right on the beam. Smooth sailing. Oh, beautiful. I think it’s about 10:00. We’re averaging about eight
knots, so it’s really good. Other than that, I’ve just
been listening to my book and not doing much. It’s been a really
good sail so far. Blue and Nate is just
about to come on. Morning. Hello. God, it’s so hot in our room. So hot? Yeah. Why? I don’t know. Usually, it’s not like
that in passage, but ooh. Steamy? Steamy hot. [INAUDIBLE] Guess how fast you’re going
right now without looking. 7.3. Shut up. What is it? I looked, and it was actually
7.3 when he said that. [LAUGHTER] Smooth sailing, huh? We’re passing
Martinique as we speak. The wind just stopped. And now we’re like
not moving at all. We’re just sitting here in
the ocean just floating along. So I think we’re going to turn
the motor on and just kind of motor sail a bit until
our wind comes back, which hopefully
shouldn’t be too long. Morning. The sun is just about to go up. [MUSIC PLAYING] We are getting real close. That is without a doubt my
favorite way to wake up. What do you think about
that sunrise, Nate? Beautiful. Look how freaking
cool the island looks. [MUSIC PLAYING] Up next, we go on some great
adventures in Dominica. Trouble on the high seas. Get outta here. Nate. Did you wash your hands, Blue? Yeah. I don’t think you did. I did. That’s a lie. Look, you can tell. I know when she’s lying. She’s got like– I never lie. Oh. How would you know when I
was lying if I never lie? Oh, that lens is real dirty. Well, you look
great in it though. Yeah? Thanks. Devilishly handsome. Oh, thanks, lady. [LAUGHTER] Little Fizz said I
look like Paul Walker. Oh, my god. Yes. [LAUGHTER] Nice hat, man. It does fit really nice. I don’t know how much
it shades you, but– It makes your head
look really big. It’s Paul Walker. Business in the front,
party in the back. Look at that. [LAUGHTER] You like it? I like it a lot. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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