BTOB shows off their water skiing skills! [Battle Trip / 2017.08.18]

BTOB shows off their water skiing skills! [Battle Trip / 2017.08.18]

– For today… / – This time… Why is your team called the Best Water Sports Tour? We’re going to try out water sports for our trip. We wanted to show you the best of water sports. – That’s why we chose it. / – That’s a good meaning. It’s not that much of a big deal but the response is amazing. – It’s great here today. / – Too many BTOB fans. No, it was a witty name. You’ve already seen theirs. – Do you think you’ll win? / – You didn’t sound confident. – Be honest. / – To tell you the truth… It looked fun. – It was fun. / – I’m not sure about anything else… But I’m nervous because of Eunkwang. When we saw the preview, we saw that you brought lipstick with you again. Getting soaked by water isn’t funny there. – That’s right. / – He’ll show us what funny is. He will surely show us what it is. Let’s go see their tour. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. Great members are here. As someone who has experienced Battle Trip before… I already have a plan all thought out. – Do you already have a plan? / – What plan? I have a plan. – Can we just follow Eunkwang? / – Wait a minute… You didn’t do anything last time. You just went there, screamed and put lipstick on. I watched it. Beep, beep! Seongjae and Hyeonsik were here last time. What is that? – That looks fun. / – This was really scary. – Really? / – Where is this? (Eunkwang showed off a shocking visual) Stop, stop, stop! I was really surprised. That’s incredible. Battle Trip is going to have a water activities special. Have we started already? We started so suddenly. I didn’t know. – For summer, water activities are the best. / – Nice. Who’s the other team? It’s GFRIEND. (Oh, my, GFRIEND?) You’re not going with them. Whose girlfriend? ♪ My heart flutters toward you ♪ – Oh, that’s why. / – Our GFRIEND. – GFRIEND. / – We’ll introduce water sports with them? Shouldn’t we do it together since it’s a special? It could be a real match. Which members are participating? Who are the members? – Yuju, Umji… / – Yuju and Umji? – And SinB. / – SinB? (It seems like his favorite member isn’t among them) No! Eunkwang. Eunkwang, who is your favorite member? – Who’s your favorite? / – This is unbelievable. – Your editing is incredible. / – Who is it? We’re introducing water activities. What comes to mind first? – Water parks. / – Boats. Water parks. – Boats. / – Boats. We should avoid things like these. – Should we? / – We’ll avoid what others would do. – Something completely new. / – Uncommon activities. Let’s try something new. Since we are men, let’s find something exciting to do. Let’s do things like that. That looks fun. That looks scary. You have to jump from so high. – Let’s go to Gapyeong. / – Gapyeong is too obvious. We should… Gapyeong is… – To be avoided. / – It’s an hour from Seoul. That’s too obvious. We need to avoid obvious ones. Okay. I also want to try that. You can’t try this water sport normally. The one where you hang behind a boat. – Wakeboarding? / – Yes, that one. – Wakeboards. / – That’s not easy to do. Who is that? Is that Eunkwang? – It’s hard to do. / – Recently… Wakeboards have become very popular. – Really? / – A lot of people do that. Both men and women try it. – It’s something like paragliding. / – I know that. This is really fun. That’s scarier than it looks. I tried that. That thing… You hold on like this. And water pressure comes out below. It spins around… And water comes out like this. I think it’s called something-sailing. I thought you would lead us as someone… – Who has Battle Trip experience. / – That’s not true. You’re not contributing. You just say you want to do this and that. What should we do? After talking to you, I decided to just trust and follow you. I did think of something. Since we’re doing water sports, we could name it… Let’s call it the Best Water Sports Tour. – Best Water Sports Tour? / – Best Water Sports Tour? – Best Water Sports Tour. / – Water Sports Prize Tour. That’s good too but I really like Best Water Sports Tour. Me too. – BTOB is really funny. / – They’re comedian idols. We should do our best. – I looked it up. / – Yeah. This is the biggest place in Asia to enjoy water sports. – In Asia. / – In Asia? They have docks for water-skis and wakeboards. They also have motorboats, Peanut Boats, Flyfish, Disco Pang Pang, Hexagon, Blob Jump, water skis, wakeboards, Banana Boats, stepping-stones, water polo, slides, water seesaws, Aqua Festa Tower, rocket, new swing, high jump, water rafting, kayak, water bicycle and so on. In my 28 years of life, there are so many sports I’m hearing for the first time. I also think there are going to be a lot of water sports that I’ve never experienced for 28 years. I’m trying water sports for the first time in 27 years. Really? I’ve never tried water sports before. Okay, let’s go. – Where did you go? / – We went to Seongju. – Seongju? / – Seongju? Can you do water sports there? They have that attached to the inland. – It looks amazing. / – B. (His legs mess up right from the start) – He doesn’t disappoint us. / – TO. – That looks cool. / – B. Hello, we are… – 3, 4. The Best Water… / – The Best… Let’s do it again. (Totally unusable) B. TO. – That’s it. / – They’re doing good. B. Okay, we are… Best Water Sports Tour! – They did a good job. / – Welcome, Battle Trip… Viewers. We brought trophies because we’re the best. That’s right. We’re going to enjoy the best water sports. We named ourselves perfectly. I told you they have stuff from “Dream Team.” They have this. It’s like a set. You can see that person riding something. – That’s amazing. / – That’s wakeboarding. You can also water-ski. That looks like a movie set. Best Water Sports Tour. Let’s go! – Let’s go. / – The facilities are amazing. – Let’s have fun. / – It’s really big. You can choose whatever you want to do. They have over 40 water sports. – That’s right. / – They have everything you want. – You can do whatever you want. / – That’s right. – Are there 40 water sports? / – It’s fun to choose. – Do they have that many? / – Yes, there’s a lot. Water sports at the sea and inland feels different. It does. They even have canoes. They have everything. (Water-ski) – We can water-ski here. / – Nice. They are really skis. That’s really hard. – Water-skiing is… / – But they’re BTOB. The safest and easiest water sport. It’s easier than it looks. Isn’t it hard to straighten your legs? Men can do it if they learn it. Wakeboards look cooler. This is it. I’m going to try it after seeing how Minhyeok does it. I don’t have the courage to do it first. In our hearts, we’re imagining him getting up and succeeding in one take. Up, up. (Minhyeok succeeds in a barrel roll right away) I’m the next sportsman idol. Was that your first time at water-skiing? It was the first time for all of us. Go down. Lower your knees and feet forward. – Put your knees forward. / – So cold. Hold on tight. You have to grab that pole first to learn. That is how you practice. How is it? It feels different from doing it on land. – Does the jacket help you float? / – Once you start… – Waterskiing is really addictive. / – It feels strange. It’s so cool and thrilling. Was it really deep? Totally. 3m, I think? Is it hard to stand the first try? Why? Why? Why? (Wow) Is that possible on the first try? Minhyeok is really good at sports. He’s very athletic. That looks so cool. – He stood. / – What the? He stood immediately. – He’s so good. / – He’s really stable. (Beginner level mastered) It feels so cool. – Actually… / – Finally? – Right away. / – So that’s next. I think he will stand up on the first try. As if. Wow. More, more, more, more. – Acknowledged. / – He was really good. – That’s really good, right? / – Yes. That’s really good for a first try. So refreshing. (So much fun) He’s really good. (He returns safely) – Nice, nice. / – It’s really refreshing. That’s amazing. This is why people love this. It’s so fun. I’ve never felt this before. – Really? / – It’s really cool. Minhyeok will water-ski forever now. It was really fun. He’s going to continue water-skiing from now on. The wind is blowing on you… – He looks scared. / – It’s only the beginning. (He’s about to cry) Why am I so nervous? – I was scared. / – Why does he seem like a fool? – His voice is shaky. / – It’s my first time in 27 years. I was so scared. Put your feet forward and relax. Go in slowly, don’t rush. Sit down and don’t stand up. (Take off) (Mood change of a common coward) (He succeeds at the beginner’s course easily) (Wow) He’s good. They’re all good. That’s it. Hey! This is fun! Hey! This is fun! (So much fun) There’s so much space. He’s good at it. It’d be better if he straightened up. It’s a complete workout. Did your back hurt the next day? My whole body ached. It’s really fun. But I’m scared. (What?) – This is important. / – This is… – If he stands up right away… / – It’s the next step. You get a huge confidence boost. Here goes! Changseob! Here goes! Changseob! – Stand up. / – You need to gather your knees. Gather your knees. – His butt must hurt. / – You shouldn’t grab too tight. He’s standing up. Did he stand up? (This is the fun of water-ski) – I think he did it. / – He did it. – I think he did it. / – He did it. – Splash. / – Oh, my. That would’ve hurt. You need to control your strength. It’s scary when you fall into the water. It’s still cool when you fall. – It’s refreshing. / – You have to fall in the water. – It was more refreshing than painful. / – Don’t you sink? Since you have life jackets. It’s safe. I felt confident after seeing you do it. But after watching Changseob… Minhyeok was too good at it. It’s really fun. – Are you tired? / – It’s tiring.

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  1. 2:32 wait but look at btob's faces when the lady tells eunkwang which gfriend members are there hahaha 😂

  2. i actually went to gapyeong to go wakeboarding and jfc it was rly hard lmao i drank a lot of lake water that day 😂😂😂

  3. Why so handsome and cute Minhyukie, Changsubie and Eunkwang leader-nim? 😍💙 I'm happy to see them enjoying like this. 😊

  4. The way they discussed to decide where to go and what to do just soooo btob… sooooo out of the box!… Eh wait, they had never been IN the box in the first place hahaha

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