Build Water Slide House Around Underground Swimming Pool

Build Water Slide House Around Underground Swimming Pool

Build Water Slide House Around Underground Swimming Pool

85 thoughts on “Build Water Slide House Around Underground Swimming Pool

  1. He is John cena now he can pick up a bamboo stick
    AND HIS NAME IS peppa pig :0
    He looks like he is in minecraft but with CIRCLES jk there’s only 1 circle in minecraft suspicious right because the game has to be square :p

    Me looking around other videos and seeing the ad and it says


    How this guy would get water a different way grabs an elephants from the zoo puts millions of gallons of water in the elephants nose travel here climb in the elephants nose and pull the water out or you can get ice and wait a million years to make it melt because Elsa will use her powers to keep ice alive lol

  2. On each of this "primitive" builds, how many of you recognize mechanized scrape marks on the hole; chain-sawed bamboo logs, and differences in lighting designating more than a singled days project? Nice project but massively misleading.

  3. i dont know but thanks, i remember the happy tree friends if ever you accidentally lay your back on the slide then peeling things happen haha. Nice tho..

  4. and these are the same people who build if so how many houses have you built that it is customary to build houses for yourself

  5. けエスわらやまはなたさかあ?をりりやみひにちしきい!んるゆむふぬつすくう、ーれゆめへねてせけぇろよもほのとそこお

  6. Look, these are interesting projects and really the results are quite pleasing but in all reality they won't survive the first rain. There's no shoring or benching, the walls are exceptionally steep and honestly it wouldn't be allowed as a work space due to these factors. It's packed dirt but pretty loose at that since you can get through it with a sharp stick, and really pretty dangerous in some of the cases that get very deep as the caving would absolutely trap a person at the bottom very quickly. The spaces he makes for sleeping are especially bad as they could just cave spontaneously without shoring. That thin veneer of mud/adobe won't make a bit of difference. They're inverted sand castles; not a bad little bit of art, but completely ephemeral and doomed to disappear without a trace.

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