Butterfly swimming important detail :: Wide vs narrow entry

Butterfly swimming important detail :: Wide vs narrow entry

Recently I noticed something was off with
my butterfly. It was taking me too much effort to get my
arms out of the water and into the initial position of the pull again. So I made a few changes, but the one that
I think is most interesting is a wide arms entry vs the narrow entry. This is how I use to enter and this is how
I now with a wider entry. This seemingly small change allowed me to
put my head in the water a little bit faster since the arms didn’t have to travel that
far anymore. Because of this I had a better momentum and
was in a better horizontal position. My hips moved up higher in the water and I
had a stronger kick. I also saved a little bit of effort underwater
by not doing this movement in the pull, since my hands were already here when I started
the pull with a wider entry. Overall I increased my speed, my tempo and
I was a little less tired with each stroke. However, since my tempo increased I did one
or even two strokes more with this technique, so I felt that at the end of each 25 meters
I spent the same amount to effort but with a better time. These small changes are almost impossible
to catch with the human eye. That’s where technology helps. By using slow motion underwater footage and
our expertise, we have been able to help swimmers perfect their technique and become faster
with less effort. That is what we will do for 15 swimmers that
decide to join us on our swim camp. With lots of underwater footage, drills and
exercises we will help you improve quickly. If you are interested please go to skillswimming.com/swimming-camp
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swim fast!

44 thoughts on “Butterfly swimming important detail :: Wide vs narrow entry

  1. Hi sir pls upload a video regarding about pull buoy and which type of pull buoy we select.and pls reply me its nabaiji pull buoy is better to buy or not,tq

  2. How about a swimming camp in the UK. Its unbelievable how good I have got from the your videos n others on here. Now i tell everyone learning to swim a few minutes on youtube b4 getting is better than the 30 min lesson they get.

  3. This one kid in my school bullies me for being a swimmer and said swimmers sick. What should I do? I tried ignoring him but it's hard cuz he tries to suplex me every day.

  4. Very good points. In the video it is mentioned that you took one or two strokes more with the wide entry. I think you ment "one or two less strokes".Otherwise you should be slower. I follow each every video you publish. They are all great and just up to the point. Regards.

  5. o sea si pones las manos a la altura de los hombros te ayuda tanto en mariposa…excelente y si la aplicamos en pecho tambien funcionara mañana lo hago en la alberca gracias por el tip, y tu gorra azteca maravillos se las recomiendo mucho

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  7. I have a problem in butterfly and that is my tempo when my hands enter i pause alot then pull the water (what i mean by pause is that i do some sort of small sculling and pull) and i know it is a slow tempo but what should i do to fix it?

  8. bro, narrow or wide arms doesn't matter .The way u catch the water is crucial.
    have u seen Yajima Yuya butterfly stroke? gliding butterfly ? by using this technique, swimming butterfly 1000 m within 20~30 minutes is not a big deal cause u r skidding under the water and formed a better undulation. It is a bit slower but if u r targeted for a long distance butterfly without stop , then this is the only way .

  9. I agreed with you 100%. I noticed if you have more muscle build up near your shoulders, and its more freely to move your arms with less tension if you had a wider entry. Basically a superman flying style would do the job, just keep the arm in a straight in line with your shoulder width.

  10. You swim like Phelps, he uses wide entry as well, and his shoulder is incredibly flexible, like yours. Wide entry allows the undulation to be more consistent because your hip will not drop that much. It's a great insight! Thumbs up for the video!

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