Buying EVERYTHING In Alphabetical Order – Challenge

Buying EVERYTHING In Alphabetical Order – Challenge

Hello guys It micah Okay guys as you can see we have made it into the Apple store But the question is what am I gonna buy on one’s credit card? Morgan why don’t you get a Mac saved to Mac safe to convert sir. It’s only four pound mom I’m thinking of buying something a lot more expensive Check it out. Mama, I could get a brand-new and Mike Book Pro Morgan why do you need one of those you’ve already got one or I could get one of these giant? 27-inch iMac Morgan is really bigger than me Well mom now that I think about it I can think of the perfect thing to buy How about I buy one of the brand new iPhone? excess maxes on your credit cards Heart attack llama quickly games that’s not gonna work Let’s just go there You go Morgan – your brand new iPhone. Thank you very much Right guys after what Morgan just did making me buy the brand. I fo I need to get married, babe I need a good blender. Maybe I’ll get a this time then I can give Morgan a taste of his own medicine Oh, maybe I’ll get the wild card Let’s do this, okay guys, here we go What is it what is God tell us Hey guys, we’ve arrived at McDonald’s now All I need to do is decide what I could get some chicken selects or a Big Mac. Oh Yeah, I’d like to order everything on the McDonald’s menu, please I’d like to order everything on the McDonald’s menu Everything. Oh my Goodness mama, how are you gonna be able to eat all of that food Morgan watch me Hmm bye guys after Morgan refused to buy me that one beginning a by whatever you spell challenge I know exactly what I’m aiming for today. I want that letter L so I can get my hump agini Okay, guys, this is it. I am gonna go for This one It says see only mama Martin just got a see that means he could dad call or even a cruise ship Martin are you ready? I’m ready Morgan. I can think of some good ones. Well, then Martin time starts now ha ha ha provides my blind see You in that time? got a Carrot Did I think you just said Cara. What’s up guys? What’s the problem? I love carrots bull Martinez You could have had a camper van and Chris oh, you literally could have just taken the final three lies out of Kara and got oh Darling, I don’t believe this I could’ve had a car Carrier, well Martin, I know what will cheer you a nice big carrots Thanks Morgan Okay team malt it is my turn and I’m hoping I’m gonna get another good letter T marks Let’s do this guys I think I am gonna go with this one right here in the middle. Oh My Gosh, guys, I got aah, ooh Movin maybe you can buy some friends malson. Don’t get home So we have an ID of money to buy people who will actually wants to be friends with Morgan. Okay. Are you ready? Yes Okay, I could get food I could get a football oh He was good with that stupid game Muncie as you hate it when I play for night. How about you come with me and buy me some evil hey move Chucky now is your Favorite game. No, it isn’t Morgan. I hates it what you think ball. Shall we go and check out the store? Morgan I’d rather jump off a cliff and going that stupid stole too bad what you think more should I get 1,000 ebooks yeah, well again, that sounds fine Oh should we go for the 13,500 be books Too bad mama is my choice and I’m gonna go for the most expensive one free What guys looks like no more for light for me right guys, this is it oh It’s a PE Martin she looked at a painting or even worse wash More you better hope you go your thinking cap on it because tied stars Few seconds gold four seconds left You reckon your credit card out loca because I’m gonna get a Domino’s Pizza with every single topic Guys the pieces here Thank you Check it out guys p-set fit for a queen Guys I know how many have not doubles but I don’t feel like sharing I don’t think I’ve got any other choice Myself so they can’t cut any mm Okay team bow it’s my turn again and after a while between the last round I hope this one goes better I’m hoping for a good lesson What will give me lots of choices of items to pick I know filet I’d be able to get that wild card This is hey guys. I’m going to pick This one Oh No, it says add Just got the worst letter You don’t want Martina to cheer your pervert will even give you twenty seconds to decide what to pick Martine time starts now 20 seconds seconds 15 seconds Martin China seconds 9 8 7 6 Well mama looks like you did manage to pick something Come with me Martin, I think I have an idea Here you go, Martin. Check it out. It’s your brand-new friend. I’m a grown man. What am I gonna do with this? Well mom, I guess he doesn’t want it. Let’s just leave him alone. It’ll save us some money anyway Listen, wait a sec. Welcome our team. Oh My gosh, what’s he doing with my things it’s just embarrassing Okay, guys It’s time for round three and I’m hoping I can kick it off with a bang and get an awesome letter with lots of possible items or maybe even The wild card team balls. Here we go. I Think I’m gonna go with that one No Come on tell us what it is. We’re called a mole can tell us guys. I just got Donald’s share it with me mother they get them at Donald’s. I think I have a better idea anyway That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I’m gonna guess some of the new custom Shopping this Saturday a move seen as I already have some I’m gonna get you so Okay, mom as you can see a we’re gonna customize one of the new t-shirts just for you. That sounds good Let’s start by going with a nice orange color to match your orange skin It’s a Sun Tan Morgan. Well, I can see you’ve gone for the Donald Trump. Look Makes the waist the size and we’ll go for an XXL Well, it doesn’t look that way Next up. What name would you like on the back of your custom box t-shirt? Maybe just Jill Jill I think I got a better idea Instead of Jill. How about we go with loser? Loser Loser on it Oh finally for the lumber. How about we put 70 on that because that’s your age Is not my age. I’m not 70. I’m not a day over 45 now that I custom ork sure is complete. Let’s buy it Thanks Morgan, but I won’t be wearing that anytime soon. Make sure you guys call your own custom team Ugh sure this Saturday of moulds doctor It’s my turn again now. I’m Helping I get a good letter so I can buy something expensive Using Morgan’s credit this is it guys. I’m gonna choose Wait Morgan Jill just got a chain, I think one thing Okay guys as you can see we’ve arrived at the Gucci store This is my one chance to get some free duchi using Morgan’s credit card, and I’m not gonna let that go to waste Tricky out guys, I could get something casual like this Gucci t-shirt, or I could go for some Gucci tracksuit bottoms These would look nice or I might just go all out and go for this fancy Gucci jacket. Check it out guys I look like a baller in this but wait guys The clothes are cool, but I think I could go even bigger and get something more expensive So I’m gonna go and check out the Gucci shoes. Oh my They are the nicest shoes. I have ever seen check these out guys Imagine our cold Big Chill with look wearing these I think these are the ones and more Your pee wait, wait, wait before you buy them. How much are they Megan? I don’t need you’re gonna be too happy about this I’ll be wearing these on the dance floor tonight So far guys, I’ve had a carrot and a stupid toy zebra So I need a good letter this round so I can finally get something expensive You know dude come on al come on al come on out come on out B this is worse than it said what am I gonna pick with a V? Hey moe, we should give him 30 seconds to pick this road Time starts now double C 29 28 27 26 25 Well, so low what cannot beat with a V Moulton, I’m sorry to say I only got 10 seconds left Jill I think I’m gonna quit I can’t think of anything but begins me v6 Oh I’m good. I’m good. Forget Gucci. I’m gonna Get this RG Okay guys as you can see we’re just a rabbit the designer shop and I have just bombed the for Sage what you mean Versace is a facade she Say thinking to check out this pants. Appreciate sure. How about I buy this? Smarten firstly it’s Musashi not the sage and secondly that looks really expensive How about you look at something else instead of going for the fascia? How about we go for this black pants if you say jacket and it’s got a hood to cover my whole head that’s perfect for me Martin the jacket is 555 pounds. What are you trying to do Bank Rachel’s? Alright, I won’t go for that But the next thing I see I’m gonna buy. Oh These are perfect check these out brows yellow just now I like you I bet I get all the ladies in these Hey don’t make me lock you at home again or game Jill I’m gonna go for these but the question is who’s gonna buy them for me? Rock paper scissors rock paper scissors shoot Yes, I would and it looks like mom you’re payin Donnie. Let’s go and pay I can’t wait to wear these and I all the ladies are gonna love them Hey Ladies and gentlemen – Monty Monty ball this is it it is time for the final round and ladies and gentlemen, I’m going This is a tea mugs. I am gonna go Oh My goodness It’s a hey this is it Martin. Let’s see what Morgan picks in the final round Okay H I could go for a horse or maybe a Holiday, I think there’s a bigger something bad at all the day. I’m gonna go with a house That’s ridiculous Morgan. That’s way way too far that it’s not right. You cannot do that to your mom I have an idea. Wait a second. Mom. This doesn’t look like the type of place you buy a house bomb What are we doing here? And you’ll check it out Morgan Brand-new house Movers you better be joking. That’s not a house. That’s clearly a Lego house Well Morgan, all you said was house. You never set out to be a real house So this is what I’m buying whether you like it or not Thanks. Mom. I can’t wait to live in this So far nobody’s got the wild card and I want it I want it bad show everybody like the video and comment down below To give me some good. Look. Here we go guys. I’m gonna go away This one It may not be the wild card guys, but it’s a good one. It’s a letter Let’s find out what she’s gonna pick on a final go move time starts now I’ll open the car You do realize iPod starts women I talking about Well mom, I hate to break it to you But they’re not the same thing and the one you spell is not the expensive one Well, looks like I’m going to get IPad then here you go mom. It’s your brand new iPad. It’s 13 inches It’s got a runner display and it comes with 4 gigabytes of RAM enjoy Really? Good, but it was due for this not happy to look at your ugly face Okay team. Beau. This is it. It’s the final round and that means it’s my last chance to get the Lamborghini Okay team Bowl. This is it. I’m gonna go with This one oh No, it’s not the L McGee D for you. Whoa, whoa. Whoa guys. You didn’t let me finish. It may not be the L, but it is the wild-card Yeah And guys it’s gonna be an obvious choice, which letter I am gonna go for I’m gonna go for thee Which I to be gonna go for starting with the letter L who us a real difficult choice, oh No, it’s not. I’m gonna go for the Lamborghini And now I guess there’s only one last thing to do. Let’s go to the dealership’s. Oh My goodness, look at all these supercars I could see Porsches Ferraris MacLaren’s but most importantly and bikinis. Let’s look around and see which one I want Oh My goodness, that’s the nicest car I have ever seen in my life check it out My Favorite, he’s got white elk rims the giant carbon-fiber spoiler and check out this engine I bet that goes faster than my Porsche. It’s even got lots of fly doors and an all black interior What do you think guys? What do you think Martin? It’s a beautiful car, but it looks expensive well guys, I don’t think you’re gonna like what I’m about to say, but the car is 500,000 pounds Ridiculous Starts with the letter L. So you’ve got no other choice but to buy it for me The only question is which one of you are gonna do it Oh buddy, please come on you too. Come on. See you later modern metal. I’m beginning for you. Sorry for you I Don’t believe you guys you’d do it again. Everybody subscribe to the channel right now and comment down below get Martin a Lamborghini

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