Buying Ice Skates – Tutorial

Buying Ice Skates – Tutorial

Hey guys! The most frequently asked question I get is:
Hey, what kind of skates are you using? And my answer is: it doesn’t matter! Your and my feet are probably different, but
if you need help in this topic, this video is for you! It is very important to wear proper skates. If you are doing advanced tricks on ice or
just started to learn anything, or you’re pushing your moves to the limits … it IS
a requirement to have perfectly fitting skates on you. There are no best skates. There are different price categories though. I do not recommend buying the cheapest ones,
because the materials being used there are very soft and your skates can easily collapse
after a few months. Your main priority should be comfort. You need to go to a store in person, and try
on different brands. One / from each of their models. So for example we have 2 famous models, let’s
just say yellow and red. These are designed for different types of
feet. There are guides on the internet, but if you
have the possibility it’s better to try them personally. If your feet are usually cold, and you put
more socks on for skating, you can bring them to the shop with you. Let’s talk about the width now! Hockey skates come in different with variations,
even inf the length are the same. The width size is related to the length. Starting from the narrowest, these are: C,D,R,E,EE. Maybe it’s the width you need to adjust instead
of buying a larger or smaller pair. Watch out for the backlash on the top. If you can lean on these edges too much, they
might cut your leg. All in all your main focus should be the comfort. Lightweight is also a nice to have feature
for freestylers and if we are at features.. more expensive skates usually have more of
them. Just ask around the shop for specific models. Also more expensive skates are usually made
of better materials, so they are more resistant to puck shots, but also lightweight in the
meantime. You do not need this much resistance for freestyle. And lastly a good advice for you: Don’t buy
the latest models, they are usually more expensive, but not that much better. Buy a one or two years old model if you’re
buying skates. And don’t forget guys, I already have a video
on how to lace for freestyle and a sharpening guide, also from freestyle perspective. If you want more, subscribe! Have a nice icy day!

28 thoughts on “Buying Ice Skates – Tutorial

  1. Ezaz!!! Végre koriszezon!!!! Valamikor el kéne mennünk közösen egy közönségkorira a Jégcsarnokba. Tavaly ott ismertelek meg 😉

  2. Aww i wish i saw this video before i bought mine :/ I think they are too wide. Also, is it bad if they are a little bit too long? The man in the shop said it's not, but i trust you more than him. Back then i just had to buy new skates, i didn't freestyled(?) yet and didn't knew how they should be adjusted, so i listened to him. Besides, i love your videos, you help me so much in learning! Thank you! 🙂

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