Can-am XMR 1000 in swimming pool, SEND IT

Can-am XMR 1000 in swimming pool, SEND IT

All right, a few years ago I took this here four wheeler into a pool Well, I bought a new house I got straight access straight to the pool Wooooow I have a bunch of people here, so I’ve been challenged to do it again. Of course it’s okey So, we’re gonna drive Can-Am XMR 1000 2013, drive straight thru the house My wife’s probably not too happy about it right now and i’m taken the pool and I’m drive back out This is the four-wheeler and the pool challenge Four-wheeler and the pool challenge, four-wheeler vs pool Take two….. Alright, here we go… (Engine Rev) Four-wheeler in the house yeh, it’s better to go backwards How am I looking on the steps?… Good, straight back Woooooh…. she’s still running Hey you might need four wheel drive… in low hey water wheeley…. Water Wheeley right here…. (Engine Revs..) (Laughters on the background) you’re halfway there… Hey while here, we’ll have real fun Take it in the deep end It’s a boat Alright, hmmm… should be dumb pressing my luck here, getting out the pool… Deep in, deep in, deep in would you like me to hold your beer? I got this… Alright Let’s see how well it floats Owww Uh Oh It’s a Can-Am baby, It’s a Can-Am (Laughter on crowd) Bad Idea reverse wheely That was awesome.. *Burp* Standing up on it’s tail Ohhh (Laughter on the background) This is some good footage Let’s see if I can get out four low have practiced He’s testing it Ok, it scared me… you gotta put it in four I wanted to pick it up.. Jimmy grab the front Jimmy, go Need something winch it to The pool screen, the pool screen Noooo somebody has to hold him down tom jump on it somebody needs to sit on the front Golf cart it you gotta bring the golf cart like the man said Golf cart… golf cart….golf cart You got it (engine rev) get the gas… Alright! (wooooh)

100 thoughts on “Can-am XMR 1000 in swimming pool, SEND IT

  1. Wife can’t complain cause she’s spending that YOUTUBE MONEY AS WELL, ALL HIS SUBS HE CAN AFFORD TO DO THIS, NICE JOB👍🏼

  2. I wouldn’t swim in that pool u better have changed the water in that cause oil gas or anything could get in there

  3. Guy lists house for sale

    Potential buyer : hey arent you that drunk hillbilly that drives his atvs in this pool?

    Hillbilly: ya thats me

    Potential buyer : well pass

  4. Now that's how you wash your Can! lol life is short, have fun! Destroy some toys. Can't take none of this material crap with you when you die. 🤘

  5. People on here salty. Man played his cards right to have some things in life he can do what the hell he wants to with it. Rock on brother!

  6. I would do this but my parents dont let me btw That four wheeler has a snorkel so it can breathe the air instead of the water

  7. So it can still run in water. But it can’t get out of the water. I will use mine it can get out of the water for ten grand less !!!

  8. Anyone else hear the annoying kids keep yelling "park iiiit" "watch out for the pool noooodleeee" "no staaawwwpp"

  9. Now the pool is contaminated, hopefully he replaced the water, I dont see the fun there. Just a drunk guy acting like a kid….

  10. Hill Billies. Alcohol and low I.Q.. Now, let the kids swim in that nasty pool. Not like it's any different than the brown water down south.

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