Canucks Home Opener – Behind the Scenes of the Historic Night

– You’re always excited for your first home game of the year. Extra special tonight with the naming of the captain and kicking
off the 50th anniversary. So it’ll be a special night
for our fans and our players. – It’s not hard to get up for this one, it’s exciting. Obviously when the captain is announced, you know, that’ll fire the boys up. We just gotta make sure that we come out and dictate the game right away. (instrumental music) – [Bo] There’s a lot of history here, a lot of great hockey players have been to the organization. And hopefully we can continue
that over these next 50 years. – The moment I met him last year, I thought he was older
than me, so, and I’m old. So that was a little
bit (laughs) shocking. He’s just got that
maturity that you don’t see from a lot of young guys,
that’s hard to have, and I think it’s just
something that is special. (instrumental music) – My parents kept me
humble and kept me focused on my goals and I think that could of stemmed how they brought me up and raised me the right way. And I think that’s how I
turned out how I am today. (instrumental music) (upbeat music) – I’m looking forward to how Quinn Hughes is gonna play in his rookie year, you know, mesh with Petey and Boes. – Really looking forward to see who the captain is, hoping it’s Bo. (upbeat music) – [Fan] Is it not obvious
what we’re most excited about? The anointing of our captain. The graceful, “Bo captain, my captain.” (rock music) (instrumental music) – [Green] This is the right time. The future is bright, and you wanna have a guy that is leading your group. And we also know that
he’ll be a better captain in a year or two, three, four, five years. And that’ll be important at that time. We’ve talked about not
just making the playoffs, we want a team that’s
gonna win the Stanley Cup. And I think having a
leader that’s been there for a while, will help you at that time. (instrumental music) – Come on now, here now. Come now. – Come on Bo. – Now Bison, yeah Bison. – What’s up? Good to see you. – I’m good, how are you buddy? – Good, good. Showin’ up late for a game again, eh? – Always. (laughs) – At least I can get this on by myself. You should of seen me
earlier trying to get it on. There are the five of us that are involved in the opening ceremonies
with the player introductions. One from each era. The five eras of the 50 years. – When you’re a Canuck, you’re
always will be a Canuck, no matter how many games you play. 50 years, a lot of great
players have come and gone. And we’re representing the players here. And it’s a real honour, I know for, for all of us to be apart of this. – I think they’re gonna be
pretty hyped for everyone. I think they’re seeing
a beautiful collection of jerseys from all the different eras. Young and old have seen a lot of us. Might be a little outdated with the young fans and all that,
but I think they all remember from their parents and all that. But I think it’s gonna be a great night. – Look at that. Few moth holes. – It’s gonna be interesting ’cause I haven’t worn goalie equipment
since the day I retired. Which is 17 years ago, believe it or not. So, I had to go out for
a couple of practice runs on the goalie skates, for one. Because I don’t have any equipment, a lot of this is borrowed. – Everyone that I talked
to, especially my family and friends with Travis
and the coaching staff, said just don’t trip and fall. That’s all they’re saying. So the pressure’s on with them there. – Few guys I wanna introduce They’ve been a huge part of
our organization for 50 years, there’s a lot of history with this team from the 70s, Dennis Kearns. (clapping) From the 2000s, Todd Bertuzzi. (clapping) And passing it off tonight,
you guys all know him and love him, Hank Sedin. (clapping) Boys, thanks for being part of it. Let’s get our first win tonight. (instrumental music) – [Announcer] A Canuck from 71 to 81, and still tied for third all-time in defenceman scoring, Dennis Kearns. Representing the 80s, the first Canuck to have his number hung in the rafters, the Captain Stan Smyl. Representing the 90s,
he gave us the “save”, Captain Kirk McLean. Representing the 2000s, the
West Coast Express roles again with the premier power forward
of his time, Todd Bertuzzi. (crowd cheers) Representing the 2000s, a man who epitomizes class and dignity. From Ornskoldsvik, Sweden, Daniel Sedin. Henrik Sedin, our all-time leading scorer. Our 13th captain. And the last Vancouver
Canuck to proudly wear the C. Oh captains, my captains. Please come to center ice. (crowd cheers) – [Announcer] Will Bo Horvat please join our legendary captains at center ice. (crowd cheers) – You know it’s pretty surreal, it’s actually pretty emotional, you know, it’s really humbling
and a dream come true. Never in a million years I
thought I’d be in this position, and it’s a really special
moment, one I won’t forget. (crowd cheers) To have Hank and Danny there and to have Hank give it to me,
that was another special thing. ‘Cause he was such a huge
part of my first four years. And learning what it’s
like to be a captain and how to be a pro, and, you know, that was the icing on the cake. – [Announcer] From the hands of our first and last captain to yours
Bo, ladies and gentlemen, please make some noise and welcome the 14th captain of
your Vancouver Canucks. Bo Horvat! (crowd cheers) (singing O Canada) – [Group] Bo, Bo, Bo, Bo,
Bo, Bo, Bo, Bo, Bo, Bo! (instrumental music) – [Announcer] Here’s Pearson, to the line. Hughes, scores! First career NHL goal. – [Quinn] It’s nice to get that first goal off your chest there. So, really special to
do it on this night too, with everything that went on here. So, definitely a night I’ll never forget. (instrumental music) – [Announcer] Now a
shot by Sutter, scores! (crowd cheers) Brandon Sutter turning with the puck. Across, Pettersson scores! (crowd cheers) – [Travis] It’s not very
often you win eight to two. And it’s a special night for, in many ways, obviously, to win. And Bo’s night as far as the captaincy, home opener, it was a good
night all the way around. – [Announcer] Miller dishes back. Edler with a shot, he scores! Fourth point for Miller. Horvat gets by his man. He’s got Leivo in front. There’s the pass, scores! (horn blows) (crowd cheers) – [Bo] You could feel the
energy before the game. Everybody was ready to go, and the fans were right in it right away. It was a really special
night, one I won’t forget. (instrumental music)

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