Cara Delevingne Ate a Rat for Bear Grylls

-Thank you for coming back
to the show. Thank you for doing
that Scary Stories… -Thank you for having me.
-…with Bill and I. Do you scare easily?
I have a feeling that you don’t. -Boo. -No, not scaring me,
but do you get scared? -I feel like having
older sisters, you kind of — I used to get scared a lot
and especially after — You know that “Friends” episode
when he talks about unagi? [ Light laughter, cheering ]
You know what I’m talking about? I feel like I have
a pretty good unagi. -You do?
-Yeah, yeah. -You do stuff like, don’t you
jump out of planes or something? -Yeah, I jump out —
I did Bear Grylls recently, which was so fun.
Have you seen — -I love Bear Grylls. Yeah. -Yeah, he came to my school,
actually, when I was 9 years old. And he was one of the first
people to climb Everest — youngest people
to climb Everest. But I’ve been obsessed with him
ever since. So when he asked me
to do his show, I was — I just knew, whatever Bear
asked me to, I had to do it. -No, no, no, no.
-No matter what it was. -No, I mean, well, that’s —
Yeah, but no, you don’t actually have to do everything.
-No, no, you do. -No, no, no.
-Yeah. But the funny part was — ‘Cause they usually ask,
like, “Okay, are you scared of heights? Can you ride a motorcycle?
Can you do this?” And every time I get asked this
on a job, like, “Can you tap dance? Can you drive a car?”
I’m always like, “Yeah, yeah. I can do everything.” ‘Cause I
always think I can learn how to. So, like, “Can you
ride a scooter?” I was like, “Of course.” But I didn’t know
that I was going to have, like, start myself this old
Italian scooter. And that was actually the
hardest part of the whole thing. It took me an hour
to, like, get the thing going. -That’s what
the whole episode is, you trying to start
an old Vespa? -It was so humiliating. Goddamn Vespa wouldn’t go. But the funniest part was,
I’m, like, finally hurtling down on this Vespa —
You have to change the gears. And suddenly, there was
this rumbling behind me. I was like, “Oh, my God.
I can feel him.” That sounds weird. But he flew right over my head
on a helicopter. I was like, “Gah, there he is!”
It was awesome. -Really?
-Yeah. -And did you have to go —
You had to go camping. You had to eat bugs and stuff? -Yeah, yeah.
-You did all of it. -I ate a rat. [ Audience groans ] -Cara, what are you doing? -I told you I would
do anything for Bear. -What are you doing?
-I would do anything for Bear. -You did, you ate a rat?
-Yeah, but the worst — -How could you, though? -No, the worst part was is,
we were walking. We had just traversed
down a hill or whatever. -Yeah. Sure.
-I think that’s the word that people use. But I — I saw this tail
sticking out. I was like, “What’s that?
Is that a rat?” And he was like, “Perfect,
that’s our dinner.” And I was like,
“No, that was –” ‘Cause it really —
They don’t set it up. -That was a tissue
that fell out of my bag. -It’s not set up.
It’s not set up. The whole thing —
And I was like — And it had been dead for — It didn’t smell that bad,
but it wasn’t fresh, obviously. But he like picked it up.
He was like, “You can put it in your bag, ’cause you don’t
have a lot of stuff in there.” Like [Giggles] -Oh, my gosh. Have you ever lied before
on other — -No, yeah. No, not —
-I’m saying like to get roles. -I did Victoria’s Secret, and they were like,
“Can you roller skate?” I was like, “Yeah, of course,
it’s easy.” And then we were
doing rehearsals, and I can’t roller skate. And so I was, like,
getting down to the end, and Justin Bieber’s
meant to be there, and I was like, “Catch me!” ‘Cause I don’t know how to stop. -“Justin Bieber, catch me.” -Yeah, but — Yeah, luckily. But then they were like,
“This is a risk, so we’re just going
to have you walk in heels.” -You do a great Irish accent
in “Carnival Row.” -[ Irish accent ]
Thank you very much. -Yeah, thank you very much.
-That was very bad. -[ Irish accent ]
How do you do that? How you just get right into it? -Are you Irish?
That’s actually quite good. -Well, I’m drunk right now,
but thank you. [ Laughter ]
-Me, too. It’s great. -Explain the —
Can you set up “Carnival Row” for anyone who hasn’t
heard of it? -No.
-Okay. -Okay.
-But I mean — -That’s not what I meant.
Yeah, so — -It’s a fantasy.
-It’s a fantasy. It’s a neo– It’s set in this, like,
neo-Victorian fantasy world. It’s like this crime thriller with a not, like, cliche
Hollywood love story. It’s quite this, like, twisted,
heartbreaking love story. But also this — The best part,
in my opinion, is this terrifying, but great —
not great, but terrifying
social commentary, which is what’s going on
in the world right now. There’s so many different pieces
and elements to it. But I think the most important
thing is talking about refugees and the migrant crisis
right now. It’s really interesting
how it’s reflecting. ‘Cause to use fantasy
in that kind of way, I think is the most
beautiful thing, ’cause it just opens up
a conversation. ‘Cause I think the worst things
that are happening in the world just need to be spoken about. So, if we can use art
to open conversations, I think it’s the best thing. -Good for you. I agree.
-Good for us. -I agree. [ Cheers and applause ] It’s you and Orlando Bloom. -Bloomy!
-Yeah. You and Orlando Bloom or, as we call him, Bloomy. -I don’t. I just did now. -Okay, yeah. I want to show — -He’ll be angry now.
-He will get mad. He’ll go, “Why would you do that?”
I want to show a clip. Here’s Cara Delevingne and
Orlando Bloom in “Carnival Row.” Take a look. ♪♪ -You lying — [ Thunder rumbles ] You’re alive. Mima Roosan came to me
with blood on her hands. She said you died in her arms. [ Thunder rumbling ] Why did she lie to me? ♪♪ -Because I told her to. -[ Crying ] We told each other everything. Couldn’t you have at least
told me goodbye? -I wanted to. ♪♪ I never meant to hurt you. -Hurt me? [ Crying ] You destroyed me. [ Cheers and applause ] -Cara Delevingne. That’s how you do it
right there.

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