Caring for a Male External Urinary Collecting System -PostCare™ Patient Discharge Education

When a man is unable to control his urine
for long periods of time he is said to be incontinent.
To avoid soiling his clothes and bed a condom-style sheath can be used to connect the penis to
a closed drainage system in which the urine is collected.
This avoids having a catheter inserted into the man’s urinary bladder and greatly decreases
the risk of bladder infections. The complete urine collecting system consists
of: * The condom style sheath on the penis
* The plastic drainage tube which is coiled on and attached to the bed to avoid tension
on the sheath * The urine collection bag which is attached
to the bed frame below the level of the man’s bladder When taking care of this male external urine
collecting system, the responsibilities of the caregiver are to: * Replace the condom sheath every 24 hours
* Wash and dry the penis * Inspect the skin of the penis for soreness Report any problems to your doctor -Patient
Education The equipment that you will need to assemble
before starting the care task includes: * Disposable bed protector
* Gauze squares * Basin containing warm, soapy water
* Condom external catheter * Can of adhesive spray
* Clean washcloth * Two clean towels, one for your hands and
one for the penis * Piece of material and a safety pin
* Plastic storage bag, gallon size and * Disposable gloves Wash your hands for at least 10 seconds.
Completely dry them using one of the clean towels.
Put on your disposable gloves. Place the bed protector under the thighs.
Disconnect the drainage tube from the end of the condom sheath. Hold it up to allow
any urine in it to drain back into the collection bag.
Cover the end of the tube with a gauze square and place the covered end on the bed protector
away from where you are working. Remove the condom by rolling it down to the
tip of the penis. Place the condom in the plastic storage bag.
Fold the clean washcloth around your hand. Wet it thoroughly in the warm soapy water.
Hold the head of the penis up and gently wash the shaft and head of the penis. Drop the
washcloth into the warm water. Use the clean towel to carefully and completely
dry the penis. Ask the man if he feels any soreness and carefully
inspect the penis for redness or soreness. Any problem should be noted and reported to
your doctor. Apply a thin spray of adhesive to the whole
penis except for the head. Apply the condom to the end of the penis and
roll it down to the base of the penis. Check that the condom is secure at the base.
Gently pull on the end of the condom to make sure it is securely attached to the penis
and attach it to the drainage tube. The connected condom sheath should look like
this. Remove the bed protector. Fold it tight and
place it in the plastic storage bag. Coil the drainage tube on the bed and secure
it with a piece of material and a safety pin. Remove your gloves and place them in the plastic
storage bag and seal the bag. * Drop the plastic storage bag into a thick
garbage bag. It can be disposed of in the normal trash.
* Thoroughly wash your hands. * Wash the used towels and washcloth in the
normal laundry system. In a small notebook, document: * the date and time
* that the condom sheath has been replaced * and any observations about the man’s penis
or his general condition.

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