Carousel Horse Race

Carousel Horse Race

Welcome to Bryant Park and
the 143rd running of
the Bryant Park Stakes. I’m Alex Scordelis here with me is Ben Rodgers.
Ben we have a terrific race on our hands today. Blue skies overhead, really dry fast track out there. These animal are gonna move. And the spectator are filing in Ben
everybody’s dressed to the nines. There’s some heavy duty action at the betting table. Now lets throw it down
to the track for the
call to the post by the trumpeter. [the trumpeter signals the start of the race] And they’re off as “Smiley” takes an earlier lead! Followed by the sleigh! And of course there’s “Kitty-Kitty-Bang-Bang”
and “Linberg’s Ransom.” “Carrots on the brain” followed by “General Washington.” Of course that frog is there.
There’s “Grandma’s Foley!” Going into another curb.
The sled is making a move for it now. I don’t understand how it’s moving! And “Carrots on the brain” that is one fast rabbit. “General Washington,” The jockey really
giving it to “Grandma’s Foley.” And there’s “Ali Baba,” no ones riding that deer.
But it’s some how in the race. “Kitty-Kitty-Bang-Bang-” and here comes the frog,
these animals are giving everything they got! I have never seen a race this exciting.
This is spectacular, “Littlest Tycoon”
by a one leg right behind him. Is “General Washington” creeping up?
“3 Times the Lady,” and there is the frog
The frog is still in this believe it or not. Then “The Miracle rider,”
we’re in the final stretch. Who’s it gonna be?
At the end, it’s “Carrots on the brain!” It’s “Carrots on the brain,”
it’s the bunny at the wire! Who would have thought?
What a hare. The hare wins by a hair. This was a historic race.
The rookie jockey upsetting
the veteran jockey. And we’re going to throw it
down to Ben Rodgers at the track. He’s down at the winner’s circle
with the winging jockey, Ben. We are here with the winning team.
Of course a lot of people didn’t pick the rabbit.
What amazing riding. how do you feel about the race today. Good! You feel good. Any ah any tips for any other riders.
How do you think you pulled off the victory. Good! Very good and good enough for me. And why ah why did you pick the bunny? Cuz I wanted to. He wanted to and he did it!
Alex Scordelis lets throw
it back up to you in the booth. Thanks Ben, what a thrilling race.
For Ben Rodger I’m Alex Scordelis
signing off from Bryant Park Stakes. [Captions by Stargrave]

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  2. I can't get enough of this. Clever, funny, and just smiles throughout the whole thing. Best one I've seen and will be watching again should I need a feel good moment. 😄

  3. I love when they surprise the kids and make their experience feel like the real deal. Fun stuff 🙂 This, the golf open, and the baseball game are my favorite improv videos. Hope you all do more like this.

    I died when I saw he had a crop with him…

  5. This is probably the best prank video I have ever seen in my life…..Everyone in the park was surprised and shocked like what the fuck is happening there I must go and check out…..Thank u for making this amazing video, u all are the best pranker I have ever seen…..Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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